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Real attitude for Democrats under a Biden administration is having 'no unity' with GOP: Tammy Bruce

2020-12-17 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce on the hypocrisy from Democrats praising the call for unity after top Biden aide calls GOP a vulgar word
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God bless you both one of will, President Elect Joe Bidens top staffers Jen Omalley Dillon. She praised her boss. Call for will unity, but then told glamour magazine quote in the primary people. Would mock Biden leak? You think you can work with Republicans im, not saying they are not a bunch of blankers. I cant say it Mitch. Mcconnell is terrible. She said Brian thats nice wave to unify joining us now. With that inspiring message. Fox news, contributor, independent womens Voice, President Tammy Bruce Tammy. I guess she was using Heller Inside Voice outside thats how she really feels about Republicans. Should that be? How is that the way you want to plow the ground for a new term yeah? And there is even as an example- there is a picture of with Joe Bidens dogs and using a Donald Trump toy to rip at and to bite are chew toy. There is one message that they have
rhetorical message about the narrative and then in the midst of interviews. This is an interview about. Obviously, the question was about unity that he can do it and then have you got yes, the real attitude that they have no intention of doing so. We have been called for years: conservatives Trump Trump supporters, Nazis and racist and the dregs of society chumps. There is clearly no respect, and now we are about seventy five million people who voted for the president, and so you cant move through years. I think we have got to trust what their attitude is towards people who support the president, which is that they dont respect them, and yet they have this narrative and inevitably its almost the compulsion to Connell Fess narrative. What you really think, and in that interview was perfect, both came out and its, I think, a warning to the american people and a reminder that these
politicians, these grifters effectively say one thing and think another, and we are of course very familiar with that. These days will Steve. I will tell you what we have a vcr here. We have been taping them for the last four years. Here is a montage of some of the things they have said about. President Trump and Republicans over the last four years watch the question of whether Donald Trump is too dangerous. Tooing temperamentally unfit so part of our mission is not just to fight back against trumps, individual, racist and divisive policies, but to remind people why we actually believe in self determination and not let him get away with this potential slide to a different way of government. If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant in a department store- and you tell them- they are not welcome- I really dont see the Republican Party standing up and doing whats right. I have not seen their strength and courage, Steve so Tammy. That is just a
snippet of what has been said over the last four years, but now Joe Biden is calling for unity and despite the fact that his own staff member, is not really following that description, do you think they will be able to turn on a dime and try to unify the country? It no, and I dont think they want to. I mean this is one of the problems. Part of the theme of the Biden campaign is that they are saving the soul of the nation and what are they saving it from from Republicans from conservatives from Trump, so there you are implying that everyone you say you want to unify with, has destroyed the soul of the nation. This is unacceptable to Americans in general. We want a framework and remember what Trump was elected on, which was bringing up the forgotten man and woman. The reason we were forgotten is because they think those things about Us Pretrump. They have had no respect for the
average individual who wakes up goes to work. Doesnt, wear, hair gel gets their fingernails dirty during the week. They cant stand that idea that you actually have to maybe shower a couple times a day because of the nature of your work. Those are people. Will they want you to learn to code? This is the entire elitist attitude, its not good for the nation, besides its not just hypocrisy, its lying and if they are willing to say this, if this is their attitude towards half of the population, my God, what do you think? How do you think thats thats going to translate into governance its, not good news Ainsley? So I was very fortunate. My father worked really hard to pay for my college education, and this is a class he would never pay, for. I can assure you that Tulane is offering a class called feminism after Trump Landia. Of course, it claims to be nonpolitical.
Whrl Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States. Many worried that a new area of will precare at this, for women had begun. How can we begin to make sense of the event of his reign? What do you think of this course? The loos unemployment women have seen as long as its recorded the best financial experience. Women in every other category of Americans have ever had the most security in this nation. The best foreign policy, fewer wars, not one war, started its remarkably horrible thing, no Bell Peace Prize nomination. Thank goodness right, Brian couple of them. This is very much like what we just discussed, which is that they do not even see the other side. They have sole possession of the truth. When I was on the left, it was the issue. It is the issue enough to that. They truly generally have
no interest in what other people have been thinking and doing Brian Tammy. That is why- and I will go back to this theme January fifth, matters so much, because both sides will be forced. It does Brian to negotiate. If not everything is going to get jammed right down our throats. I am encouraged by the fact that they are going to come up with a deal today on a stimulus package. We havent seen this in a long time. The middle force leadership pushed to decide the series of Zoom calls bipartisan and force leadership to sign this deal. If everything goes well, so im going to give our viewers a little bit of hope that maybe this they could hate each other, but they are going to have to deal with each other. So maybe there is some hope. You know why, because Nancy Pelosi knows that she will have no leverage next year because of the election. We did it thats. The reason this is happening its not because they care its because they have to brain Brian, exactly you dont have to like me, but you might have to deal with me and she is about two years away from maybe losing the majority thanks. So much Tammy Bruce.
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