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‘Redline Steel’ owner reacts to Biden’s economic plan: It should be ‘people over profit’

2020-09-10 | 🔗
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden promotes his ‘Make it in America’ plan in Michigan; Colin Wayne, Combat Veteran turned CEO and founder of Redline Steel, reacts on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Brian Joe Biden unveiling New Brian Joe Biden, unveiling new made in America plan taking a few shots at the president along the way President Trump has broken just about every promise he has ever made to the american worker companies that cut jobs and failed to invest here at home, with billions of dollars in tax breaks were going to impose a tax penalty on companies that avoid paying? U dot s taxes by offshoring, jobs and manufacturing. Im not looking to punish american business, but there is a better way Brian. He just hasnt shown it yet combat veteran and Redline Steel, Collin Wayne was featured at president trumps made in America event at the White House last year, very similar to Joe Bidens theme. He joins us now to react to Joe Bidens plan so from what you heard yesterday clip. Does it sound like something promising? You know my biggest concern? Is you know, after 40 plus years in office, the actual execution behind it? You know, I think, its an incredible plan
that he is kind of you know everything that he is putting together. Some of my you know anything thats going to help stimulate the jobs and the economy, which is exactly what President Trump has been able to do. So there is definitely concerns on execution like he said he wants to do that within the first week in office. I am skeptical to answer your question. Brian four hundred billion to increase government purchasing of U Dot S based goods, make it here and buy it from ourselves. And if you want to move your company out, there is a ten percent surtax on: U Dot S, companies that make products overseas. The problem Collin is logic. If we are a capitalist system, why would you be incent size advised to bring business back if you are going to raise Everybodys rate to twenty eight percent yeah? I think at least speaking for myself at red line, its a massive offensive play for myself, the major component of that ten percent of advancable tax is going to limit. You know the amount of knock offs that end up taking
place, direct impact on my business redline and then also his overall reward of american companies that increase their manufacturing payroll. I think thats going to be big for us. You know, I think that I think it should be people over profit in general, instead of only looking at capitalist. You know, President Trump supporting small businesses and purchasing. You know he actually bought my flag that you see right here from me. I wanted to donate it to him at the White Houseed made in America event last year. He wanted to buy it instead of donating it, so he could take it with him whenever he leaves the White House, so that really just shows that he wants to invest back into growing businesses. Brian Collin. Do you use union workers? No, we dont not currently, but we have speaking of employees. We have actually doubled our employee count since Covid, so yeah its been really big. For me,
on top of that, you know we covered all of the employees House payments when Covid just started hitting in March going into April. So we wanted to make sure and kind of live by that you people over profit deal Brian one of the problems Collin, and there is great people in unions. I get it if the former vice president is going to go with only union workers, its going to cost too much to manufacture here, and we are going to be in the same hyper space. No, I agree and I think there could be an offset so if there is definitely concerns everything is within union and regulated by a new organization. The White House wants to create specifically for this. Maybe the tax benefits of doing that will be a massive offset. It will be interesting to see how it reveals itself. Brian, you know, Michigan took we had forty three thousand two hundred manufacturing jobs and went down to twenty two thousand in April back up to just about thirty. Seven thousand, now,
Colin glad to see you are okay, you are suffers, staining yourself, thriving and still.
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