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Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, previews stories from her book 'Frontier Follies'

2020-11-18 | 🔗
Drummond tells 'Fox & Friends' stories from her new book 'Frontier Follies' about parenting during the pandemic and previews a new recipe.
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Delicious woman cooking up delicious recipes from her ranch in Oklahoma, but in her new book, Rhee Drummond is opening up about her marriage and raising kids, motherhood and what life is like in the country in the book. She also reveals a new addition to her family. She has a foster son named Georgia MAR and joining us. Now. Is the pioneer woman, Rhee Drummond, Hey Rhee, good, to see you good morning. How are you Ainsley e, the Ainsley Good morning? I love this story. You reveal in the book about your foster son. Tell us about that experience! Well, yes, thats! Really, the first time that ive introduced Jamar to the world laughter hes been living with us for about a year and a half, and it wasnt something that my husband and I had ever really sought out to do necessarily felt called to do, but the circumstances presented themselves to us and hes basically been a full fledged part of our family
for over a year and a half because of regulations with state agencies. You know I needed to not talk about Jamar publicly and also I was pretty protective of him and I didnt want to just suddenly you know, put him on my social media and then put him in the public life but hes. Eighteen now and he started sort of saying I feel like youre, hiding me from the world laughter so once he turned eighteen, I felt like it was time to share and hes very happy to have his story told Ainsley yeah. Well, I know that you are so blessed to have him in your family, but gosh he got a great family too. I know he is just pinching himself. This is probably a dream. Come true for him, a beautiful story and in the book you talk about your marriage and parenting during Corona share one of your favorite stories with us. Oh ors, gosh well see. I was writing this
book when the sort of shutdown happened and everything went down in March, and so you know I had sent two girls off and the boys were really busy, we football and school. So I had this nice life for myself, where the house was empty most of the day, and so I was writing this book essays of my life and then everybody came home and it was you know my adult daughter, my college daughter, my adult daughter, Alexs boyfriend, my nephew and then, of course, my two teenage boys plus my new son, Jamar laughter. So our house was full. I have to mention that all of the aforementionedded kids are over six feet tall, pretty much laughter. So you know it was Ainsley. Look at that gorgeous family all right. I know youre making something. What is that is that a recipe you came up with during quarantine? It actually is Ainsley.
So I call this sandwich the best sandwich I made during quarantine, but its actually probably the best sandwich ive ever made and its one of those things that feeds a crowd, its chuck roast. You dump a couple of bottles of pepperoncini in some italian seasoning and you cook it down low. So I put it on top of a toasted bun and I toss it with provolone. Stick it under the broiler and then Heres what really makes it the best sandwich ive ever made. I caramelized onions and I put those on top of the melted cheese laughter, and so my daughter, Alex her boyfriend Maurice, owe was home during this march, Slash April time frame with us, and I made this sandwich and then he proposed to my daughter so id like to take credit for that laughter. Ainsley. Oh, congratulations! Now you have a wedding to plan. Well, congratulations!
The book is called, I know its so exciting. Gosh you did a great job. Raising those kids all right, frontier follies is now on sale. You can pick that up. Please go support her career shes, a.
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