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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pushes progressive agenda, omits Biden during DNC speech

2020-08-19 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce discusses the Democratic Party's push to the left.
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But in America we are, and that played out last night. Tammy Bruce is with us now Fox NEWS, Tributer Fox nation host and president of the independent womens voice. I dont understand: are they embarrassed by their agenda? Are they covering up their agenda? Bernie Sanders and Alexandria. Ocasio Cortez seem to know something that we dont. Yes, its interesting also about South Carolina. They needed Clyburns machine because Biden had no money. That was the issue really was organizing, and that remains an issue when it comes to enthusiasm. But what we do have here- and this is what is very- concerning they needed Biden to be the nominee, because that keeps them have having to discuss what the platform is and what socialism is. If Bernie Sanders is the nominee, then we would have a real discussion, because people who you know Ainsley, you are right. People like the message, but they have no idea whether a it means and how it works. This allows socialism to move through without having any
conversation. Frankly, this virtual version of a convention also has kept us from being brought to the american people, because there has been no floor fight. Normally, you would have had Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez on the floor of a convention, organizing people and there would have been interviews that were live and would have been a lot a lot of different energy and that kept them from having to do that. So I think its the deliberate gaslighting and I have to say its because I dont think Joe Biden is making any of these decisions any more than he made the decision to have an interview with Cardi B. I dont think he knows what that means. Jill Biden is involved in that it tells you someone else is making the decisions. They are not good now and they are not going to be good. Steve AOC complained only got one minute, whereas John Kasich
got sixty seven more much more time there. She is last night she was recorded, so she would not go long. Brian or Rogue Steve go crazy and say something else here. He is talking about the little bit about the progressive movement that she is pushing, which is probably way to the left of what Joe is watching, watch infidelity and gratitude to a mass peoples, movement working to establish 21st century social, economic and human rights, including gainer, teened, healthcare and labor rights for all people in the United States, a movement that realizes the unsustainable brutality of an economy that rewards exclusive inequalities of wealth for the few at the expense of long term. Few, at the expense of long term
stability. For the many who organized democracy Steve. She was given that one minute Tammy love her or hated her. A lot of people feel she is the future of the party we are going future of the party. We are going to be seeing her a long time, Joe Bidens problem, telling people what you are going to do. Biden and Obama had eight years. We saw the economic destruction, we saw the social destruction. We certainly saw the foreign policy dynamics and pallets of cash to IRAN. Donald Trump is the put because we didnt like what we saw for eight years or perhaps twelve years or even sixteen, and now last night at the convention, you have this young woman, who you know can put a sentence together these days that apparent slay, very big thing in the Democratic
Party that you can sound coherent, but we have got to have more than platitudes and things from textbooks that people dont necessarily know how its going to be implemented. I would say that she went along with this and it means she has been promised something. So you have got to consider Steve good Point. Consider what a Joe Biden Cabinet is going to look like its not going to have Colin Powell or Kerry or Susan Molan Nayeri, although they were a symptom of what was horrible about the old regime and swamp its going to be rarkd and Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. What is she going to be? What in the Treasury Bernie Sanders? These are serious things, but you notice that you dont, you are not getting any specifics, its all about hes, not Donald Trump. Well, the fact of the matter is Donald Trump is delivering and so its good to know that all they have got is vote for us. We are not that guy, but you cant run the free world with that kind of an attitude.
Ainsley lets talk about some of the issues. The presidency has been traveling all around the country, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Arizona this week, while the Democrats have been experiencing their convention an issue very important to him, as you know, is immigration building that border wall. So when you talk about that issue, the Democrats, like Kamala Harris, have said she wants free healthcare for illegals and she wants to stop construction on the border wall. Here is what the president said about immigration yesterday, down at the border in Arizona, Joe Biden has pledged to abolish immigration enforcement, suspend all removals provide free government healthcare, and you know they want to give it to illegal aliens. You dont get it you dont, get it restore catch and release shield violent criminal. Aliens bidens plan is the most radical, extreme, reckless dangerous and deadly immigration plan ever put forward by a major party
candidate. It must be defeated and it will be defeated on November. Third, it will be defeated, it will be defeated, cheers and applause Ains Tammy. What do you think? Donald Trump ran on issues in two thousand and sixteen he was consistent from the primaries through the general election. That was unique. Normally you have what you see with the Democrats now, which is a switch over when they are trying to pander to everybody. But this. What we dont have to do is guess really about their attitude about the border. We saw what the Obama Biden Administration did and it was complete chaos. We know what Kamala Harris represents from California, San Francisco and her own statements directly at the Democrat debate. Her hand went up when it came to free healthcare for illegal aliens. Again, there is no explanation about how you are going to pay for it, but the main issue that the Americans, american people are
worried about is safety in their communities, and she was, I believe, the DA there in San Francisco when Kate Steinle was murdered and which really sparked understanding that Donald trumps concerns were correct and that we needed to do something differently. This is back to the future. For Democrats, that is not a movie. Any of us want to go and experience in realtime, Brian Cardi B did admit. Joe Biden is going to give away free college, which is going to be interesting. We will see what else when fracking stops and the border wall comes down. Lets shift to corporate America and diversity trach, which takes place in a lot of corporations, for example good year, something stood out about good years trainings when they had their acceptable and unacceptable list acceptable in terms of things to display and support black lives matter. Lesbian, gay by sexual transgender, pride Lgbtq, of course, whats unaccept. Somebody supporting policemen, blue lives matter all lives matter.
Cant say that a guy got fired as sportscaster in Sacramento Maga attire. Is he exactly the president? The political affiliated slogans or material im surprised you cant walk in with a Joe Biden hat. If there is one whats your reflection on that, then I will give you good years statement its interesting. I dont know if the Human Relations Department there or the human reels department looked at that reels. Department looked at that. That is effectively a list of marxist attitude or conservative or libertarian or political independent attitudes will get you fired. This is crazy, yet it is what we are seeing within. The liberal framework of you who people are thinking is that deplorables will be punished. You cannot act freely and the we are going to set different kind of standards for the different groups, and you are going to know that you are not welcome here and that you must
sensor yourself that is Anti American, its not. What is acceptable unions should not accept it, and certainly the human resources department and lawyers should have problems with this. That particular video was shown at diversity. Training at Topeka plant came from Akron the home office of Good year, put out a statement trying to explain this Goodyear is responsible workplace. We do allow associates to express their support on racial injustice and other equity issues, but ask that they refrain from workplace expressions, verbal or otherwise, in support of political campaigning for any candidate for political party, as well as other similar forms of advocacy that fall outside the scope of equity issues. Brian no cops, Steve Ban on the Blue lives matter thing also. Yesterday we knew that the president was going to
pardon somebody, somebody big it was announce theyd pardoned Susan B, Anthony who was arrested back in the day when she went in to try to Brian. She looks like trouble Steve. You know, heres what you know. Clearly Donald Trump is making a statement here by doing just that, but at the same time you have got people on the political left who are going ugh. I cant believe he did that. Suddenly some people dont like Susan B, Anthony from a New York Times article on Trump pardoning her they write. She is also an increasingly divisive figure. Brian, exactly Steve, adopted by Anti abortion forces and criticized for relevant gating black suffragists to the sidelines. I did not realize she was increasingly divisive, figure, Tammy, yeah its a little scary isnt, it look, they are trying to cancel her. All we need to do is have President Trump join the Democratic Party and they will
cancel themselves and all our problems would be over. Susan B Anthony was arrested in one thousand eight hundred and seventy two for voting in the presidential election. She was arrested because she was a woman. Women were not allowed to vote. She voted for President grant my ancestor, and so this was the right thing to do. I think the left is frustrated, because Donald Trump is doing things that no one else wanted to do or willing to do Steve. Every democrat president for the last one hundred years has had the chance they have, and even when it comes to racial justice and the first Step act. Why wasnt Barack Obama moving on those things when you are president, can you do a heck of a lot? The first Middle EAST peace deal in twenty six years. What was the difference, its called leadership and called being creative and the willingness to step outside of the bubble to get out of the same things that everyone expects this pattern of the swamp, and this is the reminder that he is also doing things because it matters not to please someone or to
placate or to keep the status quo and thats frustrating to the left, because they imagine that that is who think are. There has got to be a reconciliation for me, as a former Democrat as a gay woman, as somebody who would be considered, libertarian or even liberal on social issues, the Democratic Party has been a fraud we are seeing now and why the left is so frustrated is because Donald Trump represents the nature of the freedom that both Democrats and Republicans crave that American, its in our d dot na its who we are and pardoning Susan B Anthony, was a perfect move. It was very deaf and because it was the right thing to do, and it reminded people that Donald Trump is the creative individual who is committed to american freedom. He is not committed to the system as it exists and its a very exciting time. Brian. I never thought we would be debating the Post office and Susan B Anthony, but we are Ainsley im sure it will be brought up at the Rnc.
I know, victims of cancel culture will be speaking next week.
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