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Rep. Cawthorn on future of GOP: 'Time for Republicans to go on the offensive'

2021-01-09 | 🔗
The youngest member of Congress, Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R-N.C., on the future of the Republican Party.
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Speech stabbed and how stand now that Democrats have the gavel. Freshman congressman, Madison Cawthorn was sworn in a week ago and he joins you now. Thank you. For being here. You gave a famous speech standing for liberty, as you did, metaphorically and physically how, in this age, where Democrats control so much not just political power, but also social media and in our culture whats to come for freedom, loving people, you know what PETE, I believe. The answer is some form of trust busting. We have got to reform section. Two hundred and thirty. We have to allow the free market to do its work. You see when you rip the tongue out of somebody who would speak against you, you dont prove them to be a liar. Rather you just prove that you are paralyzed with fear on the altar of oppression, that you are terrified of what they are going to say against you. So these sixty thousand conservative accounts on twitter that have now been permanently banned. I will tell you this sets a very dangerous precedent and something we have to fight against PETE Congressman. How do we do
anything about it? The president was right to focus on two hundred and thirty MDNA at risk. Democrats control all the levers and social media has made effectively inkind contribution to them before and after the election, by censoring and blocking people. Why would they then turn around and neuter the very industry that has benefited them? You are absolutely correct. This is where it is going to have to be a grassroots movement during the twenty two election. So we can take back the House and Senate without the House and Senate. There is very little we can do to actually have any reform. On section two hundred and thirty, we are living in very dangerous times, PETE Pete, we really are. You mentioned ballot box in twenty two another area, bipartisan consensus to fix something concerned about the ballot box, the use of mass mailout mail in ballot, no signature requirements, no voter, I dot d. There is very few democrats you are going to find. I would suspect, on Capitol Hill prepared to come to the table in good faith. To really say voter, I dot d is important.
Signature match is important, lets not have election months. Maybe we should have election day again. How do you protect the ballot box in 22? So you restore faith in voters. If Democrats again dont want to come to the table. Well, the one thing we can take heart in is that the majority of the state legislatures in the United States, PETE thats, a good point are held by Republicans. I believe this battle has to be fought at the state level being able to fight it. You know I fought as hard as I could objecting to the states that I believe broke their constitutional mandate in the way that they ran their elections. I did that on January. Sixth, but unfortunately, it was not enough to prevail. I think this battle has to be fought on the state level. Pete thats, a great point. The government that touches people, the closest off has the most power over their lives and the actions they can take the state legislatures certainly should be on notice. I have to ask you exit question here: whats, the future of the Republican Party, as we sit here in January of twenty twenty one. Well, you know what I think the future of the Republican Party is bright, PETE,
its, not one thats going to be so reactionary, im, not sure if you have been paying attention for the last two or three decades. Certainly my entire life. We have been the party of no said no to the Democrats in reaction to what they do. I believe we need to be the thought leaders. We have the greatest ideas, weave have the best form of government, and I think we can enable Americans to live their life the best, and so I think its time for Republicans to go on the offensive when it comes to ideas. Pete, you are right, do something about the classrooms: the curriculum school choice, thats, where they get the kids first. You know that as well. Congressman Madison, Cawthorn.
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