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Rep. Cheney: If the Democrats prevail we will not have an economic recovery

2020-08-19 | 🔗
Democrats take on Trump's foreign policy, economy; Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney reacts to DNC talking points.
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Delaware again, they should do it in front of the guy mowing. Brian lets bring in Congresswoman Lynn. Cheney won primary last night, expected to walk right away with that turned down run at Senate congresswoman. Welcome back. We have to bring you to foreign policy. Here is what John Kerry decided to do with his time. For the eight years of the Obama Biden Administration, we led by example, we eliminated the threat of IRAN with nuclear weapon. We built 68 nation coalition to destroy ISIS. We forged 185 nation agreement to attack climate change. We stopped Ebola before it became pandemic, Donald Trump inherited growing economy and more peaceful world, and, like everything else, he inherited he bankrupted it. When this president goes overseas, it isnt a good will
mission, its a blooper reel Brian congresswoman. He wants to point out the IRAN deal Paris, climate change and how he reacted after they created ISIS by leaving Iraq, your witness, congresswoman, im, sorry im still stuck on Bill Clinton, calling the oval office the command center thats thats, not what I think of when I think of Bill Clinton Brian. We all had to pause for that. Congresswoman, exactly John Kerry dont forget John Kerry. Was the architect of the IRAN deal the IRAN deal, which has no verifications in it? Not only that John Kerry traveled around the world, acting as the head of the Chamber of Commerce for IRAN trying to get investment money into IRAN. What President Trump has done is absolutely the opposite. He has said we are not going to be part of a deal that gives us
false comfort and gives pathway to a bomb and impose strict sanctions maximum pressure campaign. It is exactly the opposite of the disastrous policies to have Obama Biden Years and John Kerry. You know is an example of the failed past and im frankly surprised that the Democrats had chosen to highlight so many of the failed leaders of the past at their convention this week, Steve well more tonight and tomorrow as well congresswoman. The number one issue obviously facing America right now is the coronavirus when the coronavirus really hit and we realized things will have to get shut down for a while the stock market. Absolutely tanked yesterday marked the end of the shortest bear market in history because, like the President said it was going to be a v, it went up and it has gone clear back up its right on the edge of record highs as well, and one of the things that Democrats thought for the last couple of months.
Okay Donald Trump wont have the economy to run on aside from unemployment, which is staggering, the economy is doing. Okay. Well, look, I think, its absolutely clear to the american people. The Democrats have combined failed policies of the past with fraud of socialism that they see as our future. And if the Democrats prevail, we will not have an economic recovery. Every single policy theyve put forward is one that will make it much more difficult for us to recover from the pandemic to get the economy back going again, where we need it to be the economic policies that we have seen from President Trump and the Republicans in the House and the Senate over the course of last three and a half years, the cuts in regulation, the cuts in taxes. Those are the kinds of things that we have to see: to bring the economy back again to get people back to work, socialism, which is the promise of Bernie Sanders and AOC. They have a chokehold on the democratic platform and they are
the ones that will be setting policy into the future. That would be an absolute devastation to the country Ainsley. The president spoke to Arizona while Dnc was having night two and Bernie Sanders is the real boss of the Party and Bernie said at the Dnc get up to Washington, and then we will define the party and what direction we are going to go in Joe Biden is the puppet of the radical left wing movement. I guess his new boss is Bernie Sanders. Can you believe it? Our job is today after Biden is elected, is to mobilize our people in the fight for aggressive agenda if we can elect Biden and turn the? U DOT S Senate Democrat, and if we can retain democratic control in house theres, a path open for
us to really bring about transformative change in this country. Ainsley whats your reaction to that Congresswoman look Bernie Sanders AOC Joe Biden. They are advocating the quick sand of socialism, they will actually sink and devastate the nation and they talk about giving power to the people. Kamala Harris Slogan is for the people every time I hear that I remember what they are actually doing is taking power from the people and giving it to the government. They are taking freedom, socialism, doesnt work, it has never worked, it will drive the nation into the ground and its crucially important that we dont give them the opportunity to do that. This fall. I think that the president, being at the border, reminded people once again, for example, of how important it is to secure the border, but also that the Democrats want to use taxpayer funds to give free health care to illegal immigrants that come across the border. Those kinds of programs would be devastating. We have to get the economy
growing again and the Democrats are not the solution that Brian and then go to college for free itll be a great plan. John Kerry pulls off. It is a good song. I dont think France needed that they speak French. They dont know what he was talking about, Congresswoman exactly Brian, congratulations, congresswoman! Congratulations on your win, not a surprise! Is there a strategy to win back the house? All I hear Republicans talking about holding the Senate and Democrats taking the Senate. I dont hear about a plan to take back the house. Is there one? Oh absolutely we have amazing candidates all across the country. You guys had Sean a while ago and the Democrats theres something thats similar between Joe Biden and his method of campaigning and what we are seeing from vulnerable house
members across the country they are in hiding. They cannot go back to constituents and districts and talked about anything that they have accomplished because Speaker Pelosi has fundamentally failed to lead and they do not want to describe that back home and we feel good about taking message to the american people that we are the party that will bring back economic recovery. National security defeat the virus and get the economy going. Steve congresswoman, since this is the post game show. Is there anything that you have seen so far that you would like the Republicans to to next week or something that you would like to see them do that they havent done so far by the Democrats congresswoman? Well, I can guaranty you that our convention next week is going to surpass viewership its going, surpass, inspiration Steve. How are you going to do it congresswoman everything that youve seen this week? I have to hand it to Rhode. I have to hand it to Rhode
Island for the Calamari Brian we saw Colin Powell. Is your dad going to endorse the president congresswoman. I dont see that as any big surprise there, Brian your dad going to endorse the President congresswoman my dad has always supported the nominee of my Party and im confident he will do so this time around and had great event for the President here in Jackson, hole last summer and raising money for him and Rnc. We are looking forward for great next week and great November victory.
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