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Rep. Collins: Pelosi 'played politics' with people's lives on COVID response

2020-12-06 | 🔗
Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., discusses the importance of Georgia's Senate runoffs and Congress passing a coronavirus relief bill.
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Pete Jillian, thank you very much now lets bring in someone who was there last night, Georgia GOP congressman Doug Collins, congressman thanks for being here this morning the president was in familiar form. Last night we got you almost take for granted. How often he did rallies like this. I believe this was his first post election. What was it like to be there and set the stakes of these key Georgia races? Well, thank you, PETE its good to be with you all this morning. Yeah this president, in his form, is doing these rallies and last night he came to Georgia and brought the truth of the fact. These two Senate races are so important in the future of America. This is not just now just two Senate races in Georgia. This is actually about changing the direction of the United States Senate and putting it in the hands of Chuck Schumer and an agenda that is so radical left that we cannot allow this to happen, and the president made it very clear last night in everything thats going on, he set the stage and said no matter what you may feel about the election and how the controversies have been going on. He made it very clear,
David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler need to be elected because John Ossoff and Raphael Warnock would take this country down a path thats too far extreme and left, and he was in good form. Last night will congressman the president was in good form when it came to you. He had very complementary things to say about you lets play a clip and then ill. Ask you a question. Watch this president Trump Doug. You want to run for governor in two years. Applause, President Trump, a good looking governor will congressman. Let me ask you a pointed, but also a broad question as well. The pointed question is: do you want to run for governor in two years, but the broader question is this: what should Georgians make of to some extent some messages that can seem conflicting, in other words, theres? Some doubt out there about the trust in the system, the voting system and, as you can hear there, some frustration with Governor Brian Kemp, the Secretary of State as well, but also recognition of how important these two senatorial races are.
So the broad question is what should Georgians think about the entire state of these messages and what they should be doing and pointedly? Are you interested in run r fog governor? I appreciate the president hes a good friend. The only political decision im looking at right now is helping David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler get elected, and I dont think theres two messages here and two conflicting messages: its an anomaly to actually say that you have to decide and make sure that our elections have the integrity. They need that everybody show up and everybody vote and, at the same time, make sure that everybody does show up and vote for Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. Those are not conflicting messages. Those are honest messages. Remember weve, just I just dealt with four years of the Democratic Party that, to this day still never recognized Donald Trump as the President, the hashtag notmypresident all of the investigations, and this president was never accepted, and the election was never accepted a few years ago. Why dont? We allow a little bit of time to go through where the president can have his legal challenges and make sure the elections are safe, secure
and every legal vote is counted especially here in Georgia, as we have two election races coming up for Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. But again I think the president just making the clear point that we can do more than one thing at a time we can make sure our elections are safe, while at the same time ensuring the Senate does not go to the radical left. Jedediah congressman lets talk, Covid, 19 relief, a lot of businesses around the country getting increasingly concerned increasingly desperate for that relief. Nancy Pelosi now coming out saying that shes, okay, with a smaller bill, the timing of that obviously terribly interesting and highly political Bernie Sanders now saying, though, a new nine hundred dollars billion bipartisan workers tells me that this is not a bill that should be passed Jedediah. So the truth is here that, while politicians are arguing about it, people are just out there needing help. Where does this land? When does the help arrive? Well, thats, a great question, but you know look there will be no bill acceptable to Bernie Sanders if it wasnt a government takeover of our economy. So lets just be honest about that and put him to the
side and then look in the dictionary of political hypocrisy, be Nancy Pelosi. The speaker who all through the fall would never come to the table and discuss getting relief before the election and then miraculously now that she believes Joe Biden won. The election and vaccine is around the corner. Okay, ill! Look at something different. That is despicable. What the speaker said the other day in not playing politics and now playing politics. There are people out there who are hurting right now. We wanted to see relief target, our businesses and those communities that need this help and the president last night spoke about this in the rally when he said he wants to see this relief happen. Speaker Pelosi should be ashamed of herself for actually now showing what weve known all along, and that is that this is a political decision for her. That shes been saying. The only thing I get from Speaker Pelosi is now. She just admitted what weve known all along. She played politics with people. S lives on Covid response, PETE, absolutely she said it couldnt be lower than two dollars trillion and now here we are
at nine hundred billion and it makes no sense other than through a political lens. Congressman Doug Collins come back after the special election and well ask you the same question and force you to actually answer it about whether you want to run for governor laughter.
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