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Rep. Crenshaw on how Texas is bracing for Hurricane Laura

2020-08-26 | 🔗
Hurricane Laura expected to become Category 4 storm; Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw weighs in.
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Steve, not good news, all right, J Dot D. Thank you very much lets bring in Texas Republican congressman Dan Crenshaw. He has got a busy day. Is he going to be speaking tonight at the Rnc more on that Dan? Yesterday, you spent a little time there in Houston at the emergency preparedness office. They are getting ready, because this looks bad yeah yeah it does. We are proud of Houston. We have our emergency operation center thats, where all of the relevant agencies connect and communicate, whether its during a pandemic, whether its during Hurricane Harvey or upcoming hurricane. You know, as far as the track right now, we are definitely worried about a lot of our energy infrastructure thats in the hurricane sights here in Houston. We are still on the edge of the path, its going to be looking like higher winds, but certainly not the kind of rainfall that say we saw during Harvey people need to be ready. We encourage them to go to ready
Harris dot Org so that you understand what needs to be done to be prepared. We are in this together. We have done this before. We will remain Houston, strong, Ainsley congressman. What are your plans for tonight? I know you are going to be speaking at the Rnc. Can you give us a preview sure? So the theme tonight is America is the land of heroes and I think its, which is consistent with what the Rnc Convention has been, which is an uplifting message of optimism about America. This message that America is actually a good place, not this bad place. That needs to be revolutionized its a good place with a good foundation, and we want to build upon those foundations and be proud of our country. We want to be the party that teaches our kids to love America and I think, thats, what you are going to hear tonight, Brian congressman, something that really astounding came out and I think one of the most irresponsible things I have heard a politician say in a long time, Hillary Clinton, we have got to have a massive legal operation and she goes on to say under no circumstances should Joe Biden concede. I think this is going to drag out eventually and I do believe
we will win really. So if Donald Trump wins, the election, Joe Biden will not concede the election, because they will eventually find a way to win. Can you say something more irresponsible than that yeah its eerie? Its eerie is the word and how bold she is with just laying out their plan like that, and we all know thats the plan right, create as much chaos around elections as possible. You should find it very suspicious. Our institution of voting is the one thing Democrats dont want any regulation on. Why is that they have built a narrative, dont concede universal mail in ballots, no voter, I dot d. You know they have started to build a narrative that if Donald Trump gets elected it will be illegitimate and now they are laying out their plan. Okay, whats interesting about them too. Is this: if were all being honest
and got a bunch of problem solvers in a room, we want an election that is verifiable and secure. So we all know our vote counts. Obvious is in person voting and voter, I dot d. Everybody would agree on common sense elements. You should find it very suspicious that these are the things that Democrats fight against the most. Why is that its very, very strange and its because they want to create chaos in the election? They want to be able to tinker with the chaos and claim victory. Even when they didnt win Brian remember Barack Obama had to convince her to concede. He had to call her up to concede. It looks like she regrets it unbelievable Steve, but that was then. This is now lets see what happens Dan Crenshaw. We will be.
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