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Rep. Devin Nunes warns of Big Tech censoring conservatives

2020-08-02 | 🔗
California congressman Devin Nunes weighs in on Big Tech facing allegations of political bias on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Were not planning on going were not planning on going anywhere? We appreciate the support were here for the long run and continue to share your voice here and lets dance to Tiktok when it comes to safety and security were building the safest app. We know its the right thing to do. Jillian Jedediah, Tiktok executives, saying theyre not going anywhere lets bring in congressman Devin Nunes to weigh in on that. Do you think tick Toke should be tiktok should be banned, absolutely go back to twenty. Sixteen remember. We were concerned about foreign influence in our election. We spent tens of millions of dollars to discover on Facebook that the Russians had spent millions of dollars that went against Trump went for Trump Tiktok is from China. Any company thats in China over fifty percent of it is owned by the Chinese Communist Party. If you want your data, your
its data, all of that information to end up in the hands of the Chinese, not to mention the fact what, if the Chinese decide to run a propaganda operation into this years, election, that would be very, very disturbing and we would have zero control over it. We wouldnt be able to do an investigation. They wouldnt turn over any information, so theres a reason why the indian government has banned this theres a reason why our defense department is not letting our military men and women in uniform use this, and I think for one we should all, as Americans not be using an app like this PETE were going to get in a moment to the type of bias we see from american tech companies against conservatives. Imagine what the communist Chinese can would and will do wielding the same power. Some people have. This is not what its about for President Trump, but some people have opined about video. Whether or not this have an influence on voters in two thousand and twenty
young people that use Tiktok. You think there would be enough information about why it should be banned, theres only one person that is tough on the Communist Chinese, who have a different dream than we do. It has nothing to do with freedom. Look PETE one thing I havent heard this has been out for forty eight hours and youve heard the Secretary of State Pompeo hes been talking about this for several weeks. What have we not heard? We havent heard a peep from the Biden campaign. We havent heard anything from the Democrat leadership in the House or the Senate. I think thats very, very telling, for whatever reason, theyre scared to take on the Chinese Communist Party. I dont know why, but I know that Donald Trump and Republicans are willing to do it. Griff congressman. Let me pick up what PETE was talking about on Wednesday, the heads of Amazon, Google, Facebook all taking a brow beating from both sides of the aisle. Really you had the issue of silencing censoring conservative voices. You had experience personally in
this yourself firsthand. So what now? What comes out of that hearing we saw? Will they be with thrill, be recommendations? Will there be laws? Well, look the easy thing to do would be to pass and change the law, so they cant censor us, but you have to remember the censoring always goes against conservatives. So the only thing we can do between now and the election and what I like to call this. This is a you, have ninety percent of the content being shoveled through this disinformation funnel that ends up right here on our devices. So what I tell people is you really have to practice good hygiene, and that means that you have to join places like parler, which is essentially like an instagram and twitter combo thats, a great company to be a part of. I try to not do anything on Youtube. Now, theres, a channel called rumble, so its learning the sites that arent going to steal your data arent going to censor your
content, especially skeans sore conservatives, censor conservatives thats my recommendations to the viewers out there today Jedediah. What do you say to those that acknowledge the problem of big tech, potentially silences conservatives, but are worried about big government coming in and potentially censors big tech? Well, look. The challenge is, we have given them. The government has given them a really good deal that I think, is being abused, and I think the court should step in and not give them this good deal. So in fact its the opposite. These guys get a special deal because of the government that, for example, you dont get theres certain things that you cant say right now on the air, because your company would get in trouble, but yet the internet companies can skeans sore and do censor and do whatever they want. Tiktok can do whatever they want, because theyre housed in China thats going to be the problem moving forward. We cant have tech companies, big tech, oligarchs that control,
so much of our daily lives have a special deal that most Americans dont enjoy. Pete tech companies believe they can have it both ways. They can be neutral platforms, also publishers and have consequences for neither thats. What a lot of folks are.
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