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Rep Doug Collins on the House passing $25 billion USPS bailout bill

2020-08-23 | 🔗
Georgia Rep. Doug Collins, Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee and candidate for the U.S. Senate, joins 'Fox & Friends' with insight.
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Mine question would be to the speaker: why is she here on a Saturday talking about a slimmed down version of the postal service? Is she saying the postal service is more important than unemployed Americans? Is she saying that the postal service is more important than help to small businesses? Is she saying that the postal service is more important than sending payments to people? She is here doing a slimmed down version, very slimmed, down version of a negotiation that took place a few weeks ago when we made the ten billion dollar offer for postal, it doesnt seem to correspond with the action that is being taken, Jedediah that was Mark meadows weighing in on this bailout bill. We see unfolding a lot of controversy surrounding the post office right now well bring in Georgia, GOP, congressman, Doug Collins, a member of the House judiciary as well congressman welcome to the show, as always, want to get your take. What happened in the house with respect to this vote?
What was it really all about? It was a Mr Bit call theater political theater. That is all it was Speaker Pelosi trying to extend the national convention one more day to take more headlines to get a hit at the p. To make a case, there is vast conspiracy out in the pose Sal it was. Postal service is solvent until August next year they highlighted states who were trying to get too close to an election, counted their votes, putting a time too short to actually get the votes in, but the real reason here they simply this is. I have said this before this is democratic. Voter suppression theyre trying to make people scared to vote. Speaker Pelosi said it. You dont need to take your life into your own hands to go vote that is so false. A narrative it needs to be put out there. This is nothing more than political, theater, basically Speaker Pelosi, putting a political statement over the american people in this crisis. Right now
will congressman im glad you bring up political theater. I have questions about appearances. This story gets more and more complicated. This is reminiscent of the Russia story that drove the news cycle for years. I had to do a lot of research bearing into the details. There is plenty of cash for the postal service. There seems to be plenty of capacity. Mail parcels are way down. My question is about appearances. There has been a slow down in mail service since July. Apparently, consumers have noticed it admitted by the post office. The postmaster general said he wants to put off any of this streamlining until after the election to avoid the appearance much any improprieties. How do you explain the way this is coming off to a lot of Americans? Well, explain it by the way. Welcome to your new place at Fox good to have you will tou so much really im glad you hit it, because there has been two narratives here: ive been at the forefront of this fake Russia, narrative and whole impeachment sham weve been dealing with for a long time. The real issues at the
Department of Justice. There is correlation here. The Democrats are coming up discussing this. The postmaster general did. What I think is right. Unfortunately, I say this many times. Perception is reality to people perception generated by the Democrats. There was this massive collusion among the postmaster and general to throw the election. The reality is during the virus. You have folks, mail system is working, but you also have the normal outside cycles, with people not being in work and post office doing the best it can theyre doing a good job of getting delivered to the people that need it. That is the concern as were coming into this. There is nothing being taken off line, go deeper here, theyre talking about taking sorting machines off line, taking mailboxes and moving them. Some pictures used by mailboxes stand alone, mailboxes taken off line were years ago, and they were reusing them now to show something happening now. This is deeper process. We have to look into it
November. Third will be the election. People will be allowed to go vote. They have a chance to say what they want for the country. I think we need to take fear out of it. Theyre using postal service, like the Russia impeachment to get to this President PETE absolutely preview of the Rnc Joe Biden said it is a battle for the soul of America. What do you expect the core message to be this week? I think. Last week we saw Joe Bidens message was a sunset speech. He sees America in the sunset of its greatness, where I believe President Trump sees it in the sunrise of the greaters in he will talk about the land of heroes, a land of opportunity, a land of hope, a land of greatness. We can overcome the virus and greatness in this world. We focus on what can be done. Not what the Democrats saw is a land of disopportunity well see a land of opportunity. President Rnc will put that out in our convention Jedediah. We look forward to see
what the Rnc has for us.
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