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Rep. Jeff Van Drew on Pelosi facing narrow path to keep House speakership

2021-01-03 | 🔗
Democrat-turned-Republican Rep. Jeff Van Drew, R-N.J., says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not getting the work of the American people done.
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Jedediah thanks PETE, the 117Th Congress will be officially sworn in on Capitol Hill today before voting for its new leadership at least Nancy Pelosis State of House speaker on the line. As Democrats, thin majority threatens her re election before switching parties. My next guest, then Democrat, Congressman Jeff Van, drew voted against Nancy Pelosis Bid for the speakership. He joins me now to discuss congressman, welcome and thank you so much for joining us today. So two years ago you were a Democrat. You voted against Speaker Pelosi in her bid for the speakership. Why, for the reasons that turned out to be absolutely accurate, I was worried that she wouldnt have the ability to bring people together to show that strength of leadership and work with Republicans, I felt that she was going to focus on issues that werent the main issues of the day, which is what happened we got involved in impeachment. We got involved in hearing after hearing after hearing we were involved with bills that we knew were never going to go
anywhere instead of really trying to work with the Senate work with the Republicans put everybody together and see. What we really could accomplish. Congress is about getting a work product done, just like anything else in life is, and that work product was not really done, and we even when it comes to the simple you know the corona bill that we did the Covid relief bill. It took so long to get a bill done that we werent really even totally satisfied with, and then it got jammed together with another bill that many people didnt like in an omnibus and at the end of the day almost everybody was unhappy. This is not leadership. This is not what we need. This is even more than Republicans and Democrats. This is about forging forward to do the work of the american people and shes not getting it done, and you know I hope we do something better and something different and thats going to be to a great degree up to Republicans and Democrats. But
certainly the Democrats have the majority, although its much much thinner, and it is going to be interesting because some of the folks who were not in support of her before some of them are still here. So how this is all going to pan out, I dont know im sure shes thought about it. Im sure shes worked on it and im, knowing her im sure she has a plan, Jedediah yeah, several Democrat S have come out and already said they will not support her shes been in this position before, though, where people have said: oh shes facing a lot of resistance and she eeks out the win. So what do you suspect will happen a and b? What do you think her speakership will look like given she has so much resistance from Republicans and now Democrats and the hard left wing of the Democrat Party that expects her to bring about substantial change, well, shes going to have to work with people more and keep her word last time she said she was going to be moderate and work with the moderates. You saw that. Obviously you know she didnt.
She said there absolutely would not be impeachment. You saw that there was. She said there absolutely would not be. You know just a series after series, after series of investigation that would really get down to doing work. I want to work. I want to get things done so does most of Congress lets. Do it lets work together. Lets get things done. There are some areas where we can agree. There was some areas where President Trump was willing to do more and willing to help out, and it just didnt happen, so I dont know whats going to happen here. This is close. I dont know if theres a democratic plan, theyre not going to share that with me. You know if I had to bet money on it. I somehow think Shell squeek it out again, but shes going to have a heck of a speakership, because you really pointed out something good. We have a stronger group now and the republican side who want to see moderation and some more conservative values and theyre going to push and theyve got room to do it now, because the
numbers are very close. Yet you have people with new leadership in the Democratic Party where the Democratic Party is going is more of a socialist thing, more of a left wing thing and certainly more progressive, so shes going to have a tough time balancing all of that Jedediah yeah theres the force, the vote challenge that has come her way. Its definitely going to be a challenge, even if she gets the speakership shell have to figure out how shes going to do that job and somehow make everyone happy which we all know is impossible. Congressman Jeff.
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