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Rep. Jordan on objecting to certifying election results: 'This is about defending the Constitution'

2021-01-06 | 🔗
Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan tells 'Fox & Friends' why he is objecting to certify election results.
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Brian, you made it look easy twenty three after the hour over one hundred lawmakers ready to challenge the electoral college, results and object to Joe results and object to Joe Bidens victory, including Jim Jordan, who joins us now. What is your approach to this? We are in uncharted waters. I watched Matt Gates. He said republican leadership is contemplating taking the one hour. You have to present your objections in each state to giving part of that time to Republicans who dont support the objection. What can you tell me about this? This is about defending the constitution. The founders placed authority with the United States Congress. We should do our duty because we know five states. Five key states that were critical in this election changed election
law in an unconstitutional fashion was Arizona. The first state we debate, Arizona law is clear. Registration date October 5th they went, Democrats went to court Obama appointed judge to say we will extend eighteen days, just change, it unilaterally went around the constitution, and that was the template. They did it in state after state because they knew under the real rules of the legislature. According to the constitution, they have been trying and trying impeachment the Mueller thing: the Mueller, the Mueller thing, the Mueller special counsel, the opening of the crossfire hurricane investigation tried to get rid of Donald Trump and they couldnt do it. So they said you know what we are going to do, change the rules and they did it in an unconstitutional fashion and Democrats never wanted to talk about it. We asked for investigations for nine week so todays the day the founders gave to Congress the ultimate day of the ultimate day of significance, and we will have
that debate on the house, floor, Brian for Pandemic reasons or party reasons. They changed the rules in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia, but why wasnt this brought up ahead of time, your in Ohio and they did without controversy Florida. We always focus on Florida, not this time Florida, not this time. Why, ahead of time, werent we talking about this in September and October, we put out a report in September that this is what Democrats are doing. We let the world know the we had hearings in the summer where they brought in the postmaster general. They were planning this times. The Trump campaign went to court to stop it, but they went to Democrat Judges, Democrat secretaries of State Democrat governors, Democrat County clerks, who unilaterally changed the law and did it in an unconstitutional fashion. When that happened, the only
remedy left according to the constitution is the United States Congress, and that is States Congress, and that is what this is about. They understand this doesnt happen. We dont have this debate and prevail. What they said about the future of this country, the constitutional in our country. What is at stake and people who left this rally get that. That is why they are here. Brian. Do you worry about the future of the party? I worry about the future of the country. Brian. Can I finish: do you worry about the future? A lot of your friends not standing with the hundred a lot of your friends on the Senate side are not standing with the thirteen. Do you worry about them? The next day, as opposed to your group, the next day im focus on the constitution on the country, and we will have the debate. Sometimes in a debate you
persuade people. Imagine that persuading people to change their position. That is what this is about. I am all for having this debate. If you follow congressional with them, you never kick the with them. You never kick the ball off at half the game they wouldnt have showed up. They showed up and kicked their tail, so our job is to present this information in a compelling way on the house floor for the american people to see, and our colleagues Brian. I know you do that for me, so I can understand if they can from the electric college results. Is it MIKE Pences fault? The debate we have in presenting the evidence showing presenting the evidence showing in state after state Democrats took this pattern and template that they would go around the state legislature around the constitution, which is so clear
time and place determining election done by the state legislature convincing our colleagues. They cannot certify those electors. Anyone who saw this congressman from Ohio over the last three and 3 quarter years, we had a chance to see you in different settings and even democrats have to bring to the table that did not go by the president. What is that like? I am grateful. This is something I dont deserve, but I appreciate this president and his leadership has so many Americans do and our family is honored by this and so supportive that my colleague, Devon Nunez received that honor on Monday of this week, Brian too many wrestlers with that metal. It is a problem that was a fun ceremony, a.
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