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Rep. Jordan sounds off on Democrats' treatment of AG Barr at House hearing

2020-07-29 | 🔗
Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee, joins 'Fox & Friends' after the attorney general's heated hearing on Capitol Hill.
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For months you have tried to for months, you have tried to get the attorney general to come. He is here. Why dont you let him speak and answer the question time after time. Gavel. If you want the attorney general to come at least let him answer the questions and the accusations made against him. The gentlemans rudeness is not recognized. Rudeness is on the other side. Time after time, you refused to let the attorney general of the United States answer the questions posed to him Steve. Your rudeness is not recognized. Unbelievable, bring in the guy screen right, Jim Jordan, Republican from Ohio House Judiciary Committee, ranking member Jim Good Morning to you good Morning, Steve Steve. Can you please explain to me Ainsley and Brian, why the Democrats thought they would look terrific if they would ask Bill Barr a question and then four seconds later cut him off. There is no explanation. As I said in the hearing yesterday, you have been trying to get the attorney general here. Let the guy talk, but they wouldnt. Let us complete our video, they wouldnt. Let him answer questions
Steve. They pulled the plug on the video it wasnt all the way through we had more to show they wouldnt. Let him answer the questions and there was a point where they werent going to. Let him take a restroom break thats how rude they were to the attorney general of the United States of America, because they have been out to get this guy. As I said in my opening statement ever since he used the word spying and called it what it was, they have been so much out to get him. They filed allergies of impeachment against him three weeks ago. Brian people on channels, peaceful protests, are upset that you took them out of context. If people didnt see the video, if you guys were busy during the day yesterday, you opened up to say these are not peaceful protests. I will show you the difference. You talked about the done family and we saw them talk about the death of the dad in that family, the husband in that family. At the same time, we saw everything burning, whats your answer to those on other channels. That said, you took them out of context. Well, how can you take them out of context?
They are standing out of the camera saying its a peaceful protest, Steve, a fire fire burning, maybe its a peaceful fire ridiculous for them to say that thats why we showed it. They keep saying peaceful protest. As the attorney general said. Why wont they condemn the mob? Why wont the mainstream press? Why wont Democrats condemn the mob? Why wont they speak out against this crazy defund? The police policy thats, causing the harm of three officers, went blind were blinded this past weekend because of the mob in Portland, so thats. What were concerned about the attorney general is doing a great job as attorney general. Is he doing a great job trying to protect federal property and enforce federal law? Why wont the Democrats help? Why wont they speak out against it and talk about how crazy it is to defund the police, Ainsley, so Nancy Pelosi? She had this to say: listen. He was like a blob.
He was just a henchman for the President of the United States. Instead of the attorney general of the United States of America Ainsley, she is saying. Is he a henchman- and he said yesterday Barr said yesterday- that the president expects me to exercise my independent judgment to make calls the way to make calls, I think, are right and thats exactly what I have done. He said that he insists that he acts independent of the president. Nancy Pelosi is saying: is he a henchman and a blob? There is a double standard there. What if someone called a woman, a blob whats your response, no its terrible, but this is the same individual. Who said that the President of the United States is an imposture back during impeachment. The guy who is sixty three million Americans voted for. She called an imposture. I dont take what she says about people in the administration very seriously. Bill Barr, as I said earlier, is doing a good job. He is committed to the rule of law. He said something else. Yesterday, thats so important. He said he is tired of the double standard, the one set of rules for the political elite.
If your name is Comey Clapper Brennan, you get one set of rules and us regular folks get another set thats. Why Durham is doing an investigation to find out what happened? I thought that was another great line so consistent with administering the rule of law and having equal justice under the law. Steve lets switch gears just a moment. Big tech, although not twitter, going up on Capitol Hill today to talk a little bit about how some in Congress feel they are censoring points of viewpoint. Donald Donald Trump Jr Twitter was suspended twelve hours yesterday after he shared a video about Hydroxychloroquine. Here. Is he talking about this? If they are censoring, my account, they are censoring others. When I posted that video I didnt say this is the gospel you I said wow this a must watch seems very contrary to the narrative that they have been force. Feeding us for a little while
twitter takes me down for that. But twitter has no problem, saying that coronavirus disinformation spread by the chinese government does not violate their rulings. I just put something out there that challenged the narrative, because I have a large platform im, canceled Steve and just like you said a moment ago on the other topic, there is a double standard. There is definitely a double standard: they censor conservatives, big tech, censor conservatives, its not that we think thats the case. That is the fact, those arecase- those are the facts. Twitter allowed a tweet from IRAN in the tweet. He talks about striking a blow against the United States. They allow that but Censor Don Jr and censor the president. This is crazy. They are going to hear about that today. In the hearing about this double standard, I point out. There were four members of Congress Shadow banned just two years ago.
You think about four hundred and thirty five in the house and one hundred in the state only four gates, Nunes Meadows and Jordan. They said it was just a glitch. What did you put in the algorithm, its, not a glitch? If I had a nickel for every time they said the word ditch Brian. This is not interesting, fascinating or aggravating. This is going to affect the election Jeff Bezos Joe Cook and for Bezos the first time this is going to be extraordinary for Google. They are suppressing conservative writers. You had Breitbart on saying they gave this warning a year ago. The average american not into politics like this is going to be searching different articles to get perspectives, wondering why you cannot get conservative points of view right or wrong. That, I know, is wrong. Yeah, you are right, Brian, particularly in an election year. We have a filibuster of examples that well points out today in the hearing that have happened in just the past few months.
Here we are ninety seven days before the election. The impact it could have on the election process is profound. So that is why this is so important that we Brian you got to score points today. You cant talk at each other. You have got to score points today. I think we have got to show whats going on and how that could impact the election. I think thats critical, Ainsley congressman thanks for being with us. You bet thank you all.
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