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Rep. Ken Buck says Trump administration, Democratic congressional leaders must reach deal on COVID relief

2020-08-01 | 🔗
Colorado Rep. Ken Buck, Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee, joins Pete Hegseth on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Pete, welcome back PETE, welcome, back emergency talks underway on Capitol Hill between the administration and democrat congressional leaders in a last ditch effort to make a deal those four individuals right now behind closed doors, without staff, with some rather blunt conversations heres what we can expect, what can it be Colorado congressman KEN Buck joins us with some insight. What are they talking about and can they reach a deal? I think they can reach a deal and they must reach a deal to make sure that Americans get some relief. The governors shut down the economy in America. The federal government has come in and done its best to make sure they eased some of the suffering, but we are creating now with this six hundred dollars a week incentive on unemployment, we have disincentivized work and I think the administration understands. Certainly Republicans in Congress understand that we have to make sure that we incentivize people going back to work.
I hear from my constituents in Colorado. They have trouble as theyre reopening getting workers and thats something we cant have in the system. We learned from the Obama administration and the sluggish years during the Obama administration that you cant pay people more to stay out of work than to actually go back to work PETE. I heard that quite a bit myself that six hundred dollars what it was was a supplement to state unemployment, its not as if people are getting nothing its. How much additional republicans saying, maybe it shouldnt be that much in Petter duty liability perpetuity. What do the Republicans need to stand for its important to make sure we dont give additional unemployment benefits over and above what someone would make if they went back to work number two. The liability is an important issue to employers. They want to make sure when they bring people back to work and take reasonable efforts to make
sure those people dont have covid that they are not sued down the road. If someone ends up having covid, so I can see their perspective and theres an awful lot of pressure from the business community to act on the liability issue PETE, it can work the other direction as well. Theres, a restaurant in Colorado, where youre from called Cnc breakfast and korean kitchen its closed permanently. They had their license suspended in May when they opened up on mothers day. In defiance they were forsed, fors forced to theyre suing the state for discrimination. Do they have a case? I think they have a case. Look. We have a fundamental difference of opinion in America over this disease. Many republicans and many people in my district believe that its up to the individual to act responsibly and then take account for their actions and this restaurant opened
people had a choice to go to the restaurant or not go to the restaurant and the governor in a punitive way shut down this restaurant to serve as an example to other restaurants. So many restaurants are going out of business now because they cant operate under the model that we have in Colorado, and so many other states PETE its a great point. You respect the individual and their responsibility. It feels like thats the contrast of the bills being negotiated right. Now too, are we planning to be shut down from the top down, or do we want to empower businesses and people to move forward? Youve got a new book. Out of I want to give you a chance to talk about it called capital of freedom, restoring american greatness from where you sit. What case do you make in the book about how we do that? I give tours of the capitol in the evening we have symbols of freedom in the capitol. The cancel culture were involved in right. Now is so contrary to what made America great. I talk about so many issues we see in the capitol and how the
progressives that are in Congress are just moving contrary to all the great things that this country has to celebrate and its unfortunate, and I think it is very timely that we start talking about our history, PETE told from someone who has been there and is in the middle of it representative KEN Buck. The.
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