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Rep. Kevin McCarthy reacts to protesters unloading riot gear, anti-police signage in Louisville

2020-09-24 | 🔗
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy joins "Fox & Friends' to weigh in on ending unrest in America.
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People will show up to protest later on today, Steve Ainsley and Brian back to you. Ainsley lets bring in House Minority leader Kevin Mccarthy Good Morning, good morning, Ainsley whats your reaction to this. You probably saw the U haul, truck being unloaded with shields and riot gear and anti police signs. There is the video right there. It looks like this was coordinated. This particular protest more than coordinated you have a? U haul, ready to go before the announcement handing out shields its planned here. We go corporate Compton C, where someone walks up and shoots two sheriffs sitting in are ACA. Now this is this: what AOC meant when she asked everybody to be radicalized at this moment instead of trying to reunite this nation? This is very concerning to me not just here but throughout the nation. What is going on from Portland Chicago to New York and now in Louisville that these are planned, orchestrated events that people cannot be safe and secure in their own streets. Brian. There is a couple of
things we have seen the pallets of bricks being dropped off in New York. A couple of months ago. We have seen a van pull up with bats in it, also in New York, and then yesterday, this video of a? U haul, pulling occupy opening up the back. Everyone knew where it would be and where to go, show up and out come shields and signs, and mostly anti police signs and riot gear. What do you think about that and im going to factor in this Christopher Wray says the other day that Antifa is an ideology. It is not a group or organization im wondering what he means by that, and does that play a role here. Lets look at the license plate of the? U haul, who rented that? U haul! Who is funding this? You cant just supply people with this type of armor, without resources, without funding. Where is that funding coming from, and why is it being used? How are these people knowing to come? Are there training facilities
that are teaching these people? How to do this? This is a grave concern, and this is something that the FBI should be focused on and we should be opening up today. Know hog funded this behavior that is causing this problem. That peoples lives are in danger, Steve. You would think that would be pretty easy to go over to the U haul place and ask and figure out who rented it. And then you start connecting dots Joe Biden put out a statement. He said in the wake of her tragic death, we mourn with her family, her mother and community, and ask ourselves whether justice could be equally applied in America. I know for so many people, todays decision does not answer that call. What do you think of the form other? Vice president wants comments. I wish the former vice president. Would you speak out more in this process? He has been silence for so long. That is why this builds thats, why they can rent a U haul and raise money when you have a campaign that has thirteen members of your campaign that actually funded bringing
people paying their bail to get out of this activity or your vice president nominee had done the exact same. That is a real concern. Steve, you are saying Joe Biden needs to you, know finally appear on camera and live say, look its got to stop. The violence in the street has got to stop thats. What leaders do leaders stand up, especially if you wants to be the leader of the free world. You can confront the press, you can talk to the nation, you know the first question that should be asked: are those thirteen people on your campaign still working on your campaign that put into a fund that released people from jail paid their bail to get out for these type of activities? Why wouldnt people continue to do this? They think they are being rewarded for this Steve. Let me justed a one thing. The former vice president did add that violence is never acceptable and, in brief comments to reporters, he said. Peaceful protests should be peaceful, do not sully her memory or her.
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