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Rep. Louie Gohmert calls out Democrats in proposed COVID-19 relief bill

2020-07-26 | 🔗
Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Pete love it Jedediah. Thanks Rick, we appreciate it were going to Brung in Texas, Congressman Louie Gohmert live with an update, as major flooding is expected today in Texas. Welcome to the show, as always, can you give us the Heatest on the clean up effort latest on the clean up effort with respect to Hannah and whats going on right now in the tough part? Is that it comes on top of Covid and South Texas has been hit pretty hard. You know a lot of people have come across the border and brought covid in thats. An area thats really was already hit hard, but it youll recall whether its Harvey or other Hurricanes Texas does pretty well in dealing with emergencies. Governor Greg Abbott has been completely on top of it. As you know, the hurricane was downgraded since it hit land are, but its till brought a lot of rain and thats been the biggest problem. The winds have been downgraded, but the rain keeps coming its headed toward Northern
Mexico, but you know weve got the emergency personnel there ready and helping Griff Congressman. Let me ask you, obviously, being here in Washington and covering Congress, well all be watching to see whether or not Mitch Mcconnell unveils. Finally, the Covid 19 plan looks like the White House and Republicans in the Senate are getting closer to agreement. What are your thoughts, as you see it, on the house side well were concerned about the giveaway programs to help the Democratic party weve seen some of those in the prior covid legislation and, of course, both republican senators and republican House members are are concerned about the efforts of Democrats to stifle the economy by leaving open the door to litigation just overwhelming employers and businesses that open so thats been a top priority,
and the question is how much giveaway programs that dont necessarily help the covid victims, the House, Democrats and schumer- are going to demand in order to get the immunity from liability. Pete congressman ive got to get your take on one more thing: youve never been accused of not being a fighter were in this moment where statues are being torn down, cancel culture everywhere, and I actually had this video sent to me by a couple people. You took to the house floor and introduced a resolution that would ban the Democrat Party, explain. Well, everybody knows, or they should, if they dont, that slavery has been pushed and protected by the Democratic Party thats, where it come from thats where the defenses come from and it wasnt just in the 1800s after the civil war
theyre the ones that have been protecting it theyre, the ones that pushed Jim Crow laws theyre the ones that did not support the 14th and 15th amendment at all. No support from the Democratic Party and even the nineteen twenty four democratic national convention was called the Klan Bake because of the I Ku Klux Klans influence. They were an extension of the Democratic Party, so were going to hold the Democrats to the same standards that they want to hold everybody else to and get rid of anybody vestiges of slavery. It means getting rid of the Democratic Party, so were just trying to hold them to the same standards. They want to hold everybody else to Griff. Somehow I suspect that the speaker, Nancy Pelosi, disagrees with this
im, not sure thats, going to see the light of day laughter laughter, just finally just finally devastated just just finally devastated just so they can get back in power. That is horrendous. The Republican are never felt that way and have never felt that way and still do not.
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