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Rep. Mast: Biden out to undo Trump's America First agenda to appease the left

2020-08-06 | 🔗
Florida Republican Rep. Brian Mast breaks down Joe Biden's foreign policy agenda, discusses mail-in voting and his efforts to ease restrictions at cemeteries to get veterans the memorial services they deserve.
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It was my dads bag, I guess Brian thats, some questionable parenting, PETE or resourceful lets bring in Brian Mast, members of the house, Foreign Affairs Committee and retired Army Ranger congressman. Thank you so much for joining us this morning, so former vice President Joe Biden conveniently temperatured out to a virtual convention recently now he hasnt talked a whole lot about foreign policy. As we know, his track record is not stellar there. He was asked about China. Here is a portion of the former vice presidents answer. Listen the way trump out way. China will respond is when we gather the rest of the world that, in fact, in open trade and making sure that we are in a position that the world that we deal with, who the right way that in fact, thats when things begin to change PETE Congressman, he was asked about trade with China. I dont know if he Con fueled the w dot ho with the WTO
whats the reality of a Biden administration. When it comes to staring down the communist Chinese, I think for bidens foreign policy, its going to be very simple and totally wrong. He is going to say if President Trump did something it doesnt matter, how much it put Americans first, he is going to go out there and do the opposite, thats the whole problem. With that leftist platform, the president has gone out there and said: look we are going to put Americans first. When it comes to immigration. We are going to put Americans first when it comes to jobs and people working here, no more important time than when the uncertainty surrounded by the committee and coronavirus to put Americans first, he is going to say, lets, go out there and do the opposite of that, because that will apiece the leftist mobs of Portland and Seattle that he is going out there and trying to pander to now its the worst thing that can happen for the economy and America and Business and manufacturing trade and everything else Brian. He has a lot of experience, but it doesnt mean a good thing. Remember when he was speaking. Naturally, he said China is not a threat.
We can eat their lunch. Thats, not true sings that time they have crushed Hong Kong. They are trying to reestablish South China Sea. They are harassing. Vietnam, Tijuana is on a daily threat. We sent our health and human services secretaries over to to Taipei in order to send a message to China. This is no time for someone that cant find a vowel in a sentence. Let alone make a coherent statement on policy. This is too serious. They are doing everything powble, China, the they in this to make themselves a threat. They are expanding themselves from more of a regional military to much more of a global military. On top of what theyre doing with the South China Sea, they are going out there and doing everything possible to buy up ports to buy up infrastructure, to buy up different places around the global. Why so that they can have military access on top of other access into those places places of influence, even in our own hemisphere, our own areas? They are doing everything
possible to be the biggest threat that they can become on top of that they are also working to start exporting, not just their goods but their version of social monitoring of all of the people of communities, their version of a socialist society and everybody should be worried about that Ainsley congressman when the president was asked about mail in voting. This is what he said. Its been a total catastrophe. You cant have that so its okay, able absentee voting great, but this mail in voting where they mail indiscriminately millions and millions of ballots to people. You are never going to know who won the election Ainsley. He is suing Nevada for the way they do this. He is praising Florida. You are a congressman representing Florida. What are you all doing down there? That is working? I have to say this is a caveat. Whole country should know, probably have to wait for Palm Beach county in any presidential
election cycle. People come used to that absentee voting. Vs mail in voting is specific mail. Voting en masse is everybody out. There has a ballot sent to them, thats dangerous. They might send in a ballot and also go to the supervisor of elections or somewhere else and vote absentee voting. You are a registered voter. You went onto the supervisor of elections website and said: send me an absentee ballot. You fill it out. You speak why it is that you want that and you make sure that you get it sent in. You can track it. You can count the ballots each and every night, its much more specific than the process that the president was warning. People about on the other side of this, but an important political point on this for the state of Florida is this: you go back to Senator Rick Scott becoming senator. He won by about ten thousand votes at that time. Republicans wonnable absentee ballot voting by about ten thousand votes right now, Republicans are still behind in the state of Florida by several hundred thousand
requests for absentee ballots. We have got to go out there and make sure get ahead on this PETE. We have seen massive increase in the amount of applications for absentee ballots in a New York City, Democrat primary race alone. Eighty thousand mail in ballots were disqualified. Four hundred thousand second in only three hundred and eighteen thousand counted twenty five pierce. If you are one of the eighty thousand who thought you voted, but your vote didnt count, whats the reality of how that amplifies on election day, look thats. Why you dont, want to put all of those eggs into that basket because of the election fraud that can take place. We see it for our service members. We dont want that to happen, for those that might be abroad in other places, that may not be getting them in the way that they just mass mail it out, instead of specifically requesting where you are going to get it at the right address, because thats, where you are now located, you cant have that take place
and let the elections be in flux. Until January of twenty twenty one thats exactly what the president was speaking about. If every state goes out there and just mass mails everybody, instead of doing the systematically methodically letting voters who want it mailed to them because of specific reasons, request it be mailed to them, do it in a smart way, Brian Brian, you are taking action when it comes to veterans and memorial services. We all know people that cant have a funeral for those that lost their lives in this coronavirus era that we are in or very small ceremonies. What about the military look military in many fronts? They are being limited to no more than ten people to one of these funerals, a veteran funeral and a veteran cemetery like in Palm Beach, county or other places. This is a big problem. I think its a typical example of d, dot. C hypocrisy. When you see Representative John Lewis, he had over fifty members of Congress alone that atengedded his funeral, but we are going to tell veterans you cant have more than ten people,
its hypocrisy, it shouldnt happen. Have you got to let the families go out there and mowrnl and show their respects to the service and life of these people? That went out there and left this world Brian. I West watched West Point: Athan police, huge crowds, but spread out the graduates do the same spread. It takes a little bit of Everett. Listen, we are smart, we are Americans, we are engine knewive, we can figure things out really. Well, I think spacing between people is probably one of the easiest things that we can go out there and master so Congressman the v dot. A press secretary says the number of attendees varies on state and local guidelines for gathering sizes and the ability of the cemetery to accommodate attendees while maintaining physical distancing. Nowhere will the number permitted to attend be fewer than ten, but many locations are allowing more than that. Are you satisfied with that and have you heard back from the v dot a
secretary? I know you sent a letter to Robert Wilkie addressing this. I havent heard back from Secretary Wilkie im, going to hope that we do speak later this week. Im well aware. In many cases they are going based on local guidelines, of what different counties are saying for social distancing and other places. These veteran cemeteries. They are federal property, they need to go out there and say simply listen. If somebody passes away, they are a veteran, they are military. Everybody that wants to show up, even if its the entire community can show up and celebrate that persons life. There is a lot of space in cemeteries. I havent been in a crowded one, yet I think we can make that work. Pete. We saw days of protests whether it was George Floyd or, as you talked about John Lewis, I can go in Walmart and wait for a half hour to buy a floaty. I cant go to the cemetery to honorable a dead veteran, its amazing. Thank you for highlighting this something not enough. People are paying attention to its a sad hypocrisy, Ainsley hes, a veteran he would know.
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