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Rep. McCarthy: Joe Biden can't handle the tough questions on COVID-19

2020-08-14 | 🔗
House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy hits Joe Biden for not taking questions on his calls for a national mask mandate and accuses Democrats of putting politics first in COVID-19 relief talks.
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President, I would have the whole country wear a mask for three months everywhere I like to bring in minority leader, California, Congressman Kevin Mccarthy, and not only was Joe Biden, not the president, which made it surreal, but he didnt want to play it all out, because usually a president would take questions after making an announcement like that to defend his mandate. This is the way Jobes presser ended. What do you think about that? Pure trump? Okay, guys, he doesnt want an election. Okay lets go you guys come on with the small press corps, one just asked a question and they were thrown out the door. How long can this go on Kevin? Mccarthy? Well, the one thing you should say: if Joe Biden was president, we would still be debating whether planes from China should be coming to America. Instead of discussing
the six vaccines, we have about ready to go through Barda and six hundred therapeutics about to come online thats. The fundamental difference, Joe Biden doesnt, want to take the questions. If you ask him the tough questions, he was opposed to stops those flights from China that saved thousands of lives in America. This is a really difficult problem for Joe Biden, especially if you ask him any questions or if he came out of the basement, Ainsley whats, going on with the next stimulus package, so many people are not able to pay their bills and House and Senate not back until September. This is so frustrating, but remember this is something that Nancy Pelosi has done every step of the way. If you go back to the Cares act. Remember that moment in time when we were about to vote on it and she flew in at night and stopped the process for more than a week to get more money for the Lincoln Center or the Kennedy Center, or remember the time that we had that money for small business, the ppp that would pay for those workers that was, it was so popular that we were going to
run out of money. So we warned ahead of time lets put more in and she stood in front of a refrigerator and said no every single time. The pattern is she wants to stop any legislation from moving forward to harm the economy, to try to win an election instead of putting the american public first, she is putting her politics. That is wrong, and that is really the stumbling block. Her own. Her number two Steny Hoyer has said many times. This is not the red line. When you are talking about unemployment insurance, but then Nancy Pelosi says it is she wants to make the threshold so high that you cant get something done thats? Why? I applaud the president. He wont play that political game. He took action when Pelosi wanted to continue to stop it, so he made sure those people and prioritizing their paychecks instead of the pot that Nancy Pelosi wants to see in her legislation. Steve, of course, leader Mccarthy, the biggest story this week is Kamala Harris was
selected by Joe Biden to be his running mate that stunned a lot of people, because she has really crushed Joe Biden over about the last nine months before the primaries in soundbites, like this on the hide amendment. Vice president, where you made a decision for years to withhold resources to poor women to have access to reproductive healthcare, I believe him and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it. Do you believe that the vice president should enter the race he is going to have to make that decision for himself? You also worked with him to oppose busing, and there was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public school and she was bused to school every day and that little girl was me Steve. She was very effective at that particular debate and people went. Oh lets see what happens
now. We know after she said all those things he picked her yeah its amazing. You wonder how bad she wants the job or she cares about her own philosophy or principles lets first, look at who Kamala Harris is im from California. I watched Kamala Harris glow up. I watched Kamala Harris glow up. I watched her be a attorney. If you look at San Francisco sky, high tax sanctuary city sidewalks, people dont want to walk in because of her policies. People are fleeing the city today. That is, could be the results. Eight years from now also remember. There were things that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden did agree upon on that stage. They both raised their hands to take away your private health insurance. They both believe that they could take that health insurance and give it to an illegal instead of an American. So she was rated the most socialist member of the Senate more than Bernie Sanders more than Elizabeth Warren.
That is the Kamala Harris that people need to understand. Those are the policies that she implemented in San Francisco. Those are the problems that we see coming forward with America and she doesnt even respect the person from the fundamental principles of what she said on the campaign stage of Joe Biden. She questioned whether he should even stay in the race based upon believing the women. So how can she even support this man, but her own policies is not something we want for America, it would not only dismaget and destroy they want to defund. We watched what she has done with the police officers and the rule of law. We are watching whats happening looting around this country. We dont need that to go further Brian. Lastly, just in the last few seconds, Nancy Pelosi goes from three point: four to two trillion shouldnt, the Republicans move too. They were at one trillion. Well lets actually talk about that, because there is more than a trillion dollars right now that has already been appropriated that hasnt been Outlaid wouldnt. You want to do the smart thing
wouldnt, you want to not waste money. If there is already a trillion sitting there, thats more than one hundred billion for the states. Why wouldnt you use that or more than one hundred billion for small businesses? Is it because the trial lawyers do not want to see liability protection for the schools and the small businesses that you would make an excuse to hold it up? One more time remember when we had to get liability protection for 3M just to sell us masks. The Democrats said not first time she held that up. Even every single time. There has been a common denominator in every bill. We have done to protect us from Covid and its been Nancy Pelosi holding it up, be it her refrigerator, be it her flying in on a Sunday night it be standing with the trial lawyers. She is doing it one more time, even though we have a trillion dollars sitting there, that we can take that we have already appropriated to meet her number. Even she refuses in Washington.
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