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Rep. McCarthy on Operation Legend, next phase of COVID-19 relief package, holding China accountable

2020-07-23 | 🔗
House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy joins 'Fox & Friends.'
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Brian Ainsley and Steve Brian all right Kristin, thanks so much lets bring in Congressman Kevin Mccarthy, congressman good to see you theres one thing: a common thread: all these liberal mayors who are standing up to the president are not liked by the protesters, including the one in Oakland. They wanted to actually attack her house and defile some of her property. Would the president be better off just letting the people speak and letting the evidence be the carnage and chaos that theyve allowed to take root? You know, politically, you wanted to do that. Maybe that would help hum, but this president cares too much about the american people. He cares about safety and security. He cares about why its named operation legend a 4 year old boy, killed in his sleep in Kansas City, Brian, she says thats a political stunt, the mayor of Chicago. No, what a political stunt is that is shocking and astonishing to me is that Democrats continue to shrug their stories and say people will do what people do. This is an opportunity to bring
law and order and justice back to America, those people who are living in those cities in the autonomous zones and others they cry for the idea of justice. They cry for the idea of freedom and security and safety, its unfortunate that the president has to do what hes doing. Why have we gone so far? These mayors, their political beliefs, are so great that they dislike this president and you and I and our beliefs so much that theyll allow weekend after weekend, young children to be murdered upon numbers that are astonishing for this nation that they wouldnt work with the federal government to bring security and safety back to their own streets. Steve leader, Mccarthy, Kristin Fisher, just set up weve got two different kinds of operations going on in Chicago and in Albuquerque and in Kansas City, its operation, legend theyre surging officers to where the crime is really bad, but at the same time youve got the federal agents up in Chicago rather up in Portland over one hundred federal
agents, and they are simply e there to protect federal assets. What an upside down world are? We living in where the localities will not protect the federal assets to the point where weve got to send in reinforcements and then the locals say get out thats astonishing to me thats why I introduced a bill that could withhold funding for these local localities if they dont, protect the statues and the responsibility of what they had, because I know firsthand ive had a dear friend that her brother was killed working for the federal government, protecting the courthouse in one of in Oakland California, during one of those protests, pulled up in a van open it and shoot Officer Underwood, simply because he was an officer standing in front of a courthouse that is the America that we see under these cities and thats. Why? I applaud this president for protecting american citizens, regardless of what these mayors political beliefs are
its a responsibility that we bring safety back to America? Ainsley many Americans are watching from afar or but they are upset about whats happening in our country. But this all stems from the shooting of George Floyd and then before that people were trapped in their houses because of corona youre. Talking about a sense, a relief package for individuals and everyone wants to know: are they going to get another check? The republican senators are revealing their bill. Do you know the answer to that? Do you think that there will be another bill and how much will people get well? The important part is they will get their unemployment. The addition from the federal government is not one size fits all remember when we crafted that bill its China lying to us, not knowing how long covid would be with us is so we crafted something quickly, but one size doesnt fit all the same from Bakersfield California to New York. We want to make sure it helps the individuals who are unemployed and also brings people back to work thats. Why im focused on liability protection is so were
not suing the schools. These trial lawyers or small businesses help those small businesses that need that PPP to continue to grow. To get out of this and lets help people get back to work. So what about those pro growth ideas that brings that supply chain back to America? Did we learn nothing from China? Its very concerning to me- and I dont know what the Chinese have on the Democratic Party, but they have a China problem. They will not hold China accountable. They will not even bring bills up on this floor that the Senate has passed. I worked with the speaker for more than a year to get a bipartisan before Covid committee dealing with China an equal number of Republicans and Democrats. They agreed, but right before we named it, they said no, they will not uphold the accountability to China, Brian Brian. They closed the Houston consulate. A lot of people say if you really want to get to China close the San Francisco consulate, because its right near Silicon Valley
do you believe that, like the Russians in two thousand and sixteen, the Chinese are fomenting some of the unrest through social media in american cities? I believe in the end, when we study all this, you will find that there are foreign agitators that are part of this that are helping Brian. Is it China, I think theres a number of countries doing it. I think from the standpoint. Why do they go after our founding fathers? Why do they go after the foundation of what makes America great? America is exceptional, theres, no other nation in the world that is conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that were all equal thats. Why? When America leads the world is safer Americas more than a country Americas, an idea it would make people in Hong Kong rise up. They will even rise up in Tiananmen Square at the goddess of democracy. That looks like the I statue of liberty to crave the ideas of freedom that America stands for, that shining city city on a hill thats, why we cannot allow whats happening in Portland, Chicago and others, while
innocent Americans are being killed, because these mayors want to play politics instead of standing for the values of what this country believes in Steve. You know and leader Mccarthy, given the nature of the polarization in the country, its not surprising that, according to a brand new Cato poll, nearly two thirds of Americans are afraid to share their political views, theyre afraid they might lose a job, they might lose some friends when you look at the breakdown. Seventy seven percent of conservatives are afraid to share their opinion and fifty two percent- that should say centrist, liberals are afraid to so. You know weve heard about the secret trump voter, who was afraid to say, is yeah im for Donald Trump, because the poll taker would think. Oh that guy is such and such, but over half of centrist democrats. Liberals are afraid to reveal how they feel what are they afraid to say, and what do they worry? People will think of them
its not just what you worry about, whether youll be able to keep your job. Weve got a football coach that simply wore a t shirt. Maybe it was on top of the pile to take his kids fishing. He lost a million dollars in his contract. People said he should be fired. These are the same type of marxist tactics, weve found used in communist countries as well to demonize individuals for individual thought in America. We believe the individual can have differences of opinion, but today in this culture they want to dehumanize you. If you have a difference of opinion, I think thats very unhealthy and we should not be afraid to give our values our thoughts, our positions, our opinions, but a lot of this is beginning to look like two thousand and sixteen, whereas they thought the Democrats that they were just going to win. I know theres a silent majority out there that believes in the cornerstone and the Foundation of security and safety that they want to rebuild, renew and restore this nation to the greatness that we know we can
be that tomorrow is better than today, and I know those people are going to support the Trump administration because hes willing to stand up for you, the american public, and not afraid to tell you his beliefs, Ainsley, maybe thats, why those centrists are too afraid.
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