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Rep. Mike Johnson provides update on coronavirus relief bill

2020-10-04 | 🔗
Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., tells ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ he tested negative for the coronavirus.
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Jedediah president Trump Hard Jedediah President Trump hard at work from the presidential suite at Walter Reed calling for bipartisanship in Covid 19 relief talks tweeting our great USA, wants and needs stimulus, work together and get it done. This coming after House Democrat S, pass their own two dollars and twenty cents trillion bill, but without support from Republicans here with an update on where talks stand, Louisiana GOP, congressman MIKE Johnson Congressman welcome to the show. So it looked to me as of this morning that there was yet another standstill. Has there been any progress? Well, unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi has weaponized the stimulus bill. You know they passed. It tried to pass it along party lines on Thursday night this past week, but eighteen Democrats voted with us on the republican side against it, because its two dollars and twenty cents trillion its not targeted and focused as it needs to be, and her bill mentioned the word cannabis more than it mentioned the word jobs its not what the american people need, but many many people
are in desperate situations and desperate times and thats. Why? The president, the White House and all Republicans in Congress are continuing to push this. I hope Nancy Pelosi will heed that and will get back to the table and get something done because it cant happen too soon, Jedediah so congressman. This is going on for weeks now and its honestly terrifying to so many people around the country who desperately need this assistance. It seems to me that someone is going to have to cave. I just dont see any meeting in the middle here. It looks like compromise is not happening, so whats going to happen here. If no one caves and do people not then get the relief, they desperately need its a terrible situation. Ill tell you Republicans have been working very hard. We have a discharge petition, as everyone has heard about on the house floor and that be to dislodge and authorize another round of the paycheck protection program funds, because that would help us save jobs and save these small businesses. People are really suffering. The White House has done its job and bent over Backwards
Secretary Mnuchin on Wednesday night before Pelosi, and the Democrats passed their bill offered. His offer went up to one dollar and sixty cents trillion thats a lot of money, and we do a lot of good, but they refuse to budge and ill. Tell you why its very simple Jedediah Nancy Pelosi made a political calculation. I genuinely leave. She wants to hold out on this because she believes its inflicting political harm on the president that somehow people will blame him for the impasse, and I think the voters are going to see through this and its going to back fire on them. Jedediah yeah many have argued and seen it that way and that be despicable. Frankly, if that were the case, given how many people are suffering around the country, something has to give congressman, and hopefully it gives soon because people are in desperate need of help. But I want to shift over to Covid 19 for a moment with you, because you attended that White House ceremony at the rose garden for Judge Amy, Coney Barrett. We now know that at least eight people who were at the ceremony did test positive for Covid 19. So have you been tested and what precautions are you taking right now? Given that you were in attendance
yeah, I learned about some folks testing positive, Senator MIKE Lee when I landed home after final votes on Friday here in Louisiana. So I called my physician immediately. We know the protocols we all take. This very seriously went and got a rapid test and tested negative, thankfully, but per my physicians, orders like some at that event ill be self Isolat ing at home, quarantining for another week, because we need that 14 day window from potential exposure, so I wont be out of my quarantine until Saturday, so ill be working from home as well. Jedediah yeah, I think, thats, a very smart decision on your part. Were you surprised at all by the news that when you saw that so many people, eight is a pretty large number and more may emerge tested positive? At that event, you were at. Was that surprising, very surprised? There are really extreme measure s taken at the White House before you can enter the White House complex. You have to go across the street to the Eisenhower building through a medical regimen and get your
temperature taken and test taken. We all tested negative or we would not have been allowed on to the complex. So I think it is a big surprise, im, not sure im, not convinced, yet that it is that event that is the cause so well see. Jedediah. There have been a lot of questions that have risen about the rapid testing and whether or not that adequately shows whether asymptomatic people are carrying virus. Lots of questions still remain to be answered. We appreciate you being here and I think its very smart. The precautions that youre taking- and I appreciate.
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