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Rep. Nunes on ex-FBI lawyer expected to plead guilty for falsifying documents against Trump campaign

2020-08-16 | 🔗
California Congressman Devin Nunes weighs in on former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith expecting to plead guilty to making a false statement in U.S. Attorney John Durham's review of the Russia investigation.
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Will its the first criminal will its the first criminal case, brought by John Durhams Review former FBI lawyer, Kevin Klinesmith, expected to plead guilty for falsifying a document to justify surveillance on a former Trump Campaign Advisor PETE here to react? Ranking member of the House Intel Committee GOP congressman Devon Nunes Congressman thanks for being here, youve been ahead of the curve on all of this. Since the beginning, you took a ton of criticism when it first started now that theres this first guilty plea in the Durham probe put us under the hood. Should we expect more? Well, we sure hope. So I want to make sure everyone knows that this was one of the main attorneys that was involved in all of the different aspects of what happened during this russian hoax that was perpetrated on the american people and on the Republican Party and the President himself and his team its important to remember that this is the attorney that I always called the french speaking attorney. He was the one that said, viva la resistance that was asked when he was going to quit, and he was also very
concerned about whether or not that his name was on a lot of these document. So he clearly knew that he had a problem right after the election. I think that Durham is letting him off extremely easy theres, multiple indictments that could have been brought, probably including conspiracy and including destruction of evidence. So my guess is: maybe hes going to cooperate, maybe hes not, but this is a good first step Jedediah. What do you anticipate congressman coming next? Will there be more revelations of deceit? Whats, your guess? Well, if you listen to what Attorney General Barr said the another night on his interview with Mark Levine last Sunday about a week ago, he said something on the lines of theres a lot of conspiracies here that have to be tracked down and thats. What people have to remember this was the corruption here was so wide and broad based. It
stretches not just from the FBI and the Department of Justice, but also stretches back to the Democratic National Committee. The Clinton campaign, many operatives foreign spies, the mainstream media- continues to talk about Russia, Russia, Russia, well Theyvelaw enforcement- also implicated. In this fiasco. Also they were involved and receiving the dossier theres. Also, a very popular left wing think tank in Washington, D, DOT C called the Brookings Institute, and they are knee deep in this. The department of Defense was funneling money over to a group in Cambridge. That was actually spying on the Trump campaign, so theres a lot of moving parts. Here I hope before the election, we get a full report of everything I laid out so that we know at least exactly what happened and from there. A lot of people need to be brought to justice for this, but the main thing, because is we need the truth, will shifting topics for one moment congressman. I want to ask you about a proposed law in your home state, a wealth tax in California. It be the first of its kind in
the United States. Under this proposal, residents who leave California move out of the state could be taxed for up to ten years on their wealth. Does this have any hope of passing in California? What do you make of this proposal? Well, what youre watching is, California was really the first state that went into socialism into one party control. Essentially, a bureau took over the Democratic Party and you move people like Kamala Harris whose really never run for anything shes never had to run one time she got on to the stage as a front runner in the democratic presidential candidate she flamed out. She was so embarrassed, didnt even wait for Iowa, because she was probably going to finish last. So this is a party that has moved toward socialism. Now what youre seeing is the next step, which ultimately is communism, because they dont have enough of other peoples money to pay for everything, so what theyre talking about doing is theyre talking about going through and assessing everyone and its taking part of that money. Now, surprisingly, the people
that they are going to hit the hardest will be the Tech Oli Gahchs that live in Silicon Valley, which, by the way they dont vote for Republicans youve, already seen Elon Musk Tesla moving his operations to Texas. My guess is hes out of California. If this gets anywhere close to passing what youll see even their best supporters, they will leave, they will leave California and they wont be back, and so this is not a solution, but its what happens when you make the transition to socialism to communism, PETE yeah theyre flirting with the idea of kicking out their tax base, which means they cant do anything, will its not kicking them out, PETE, clawing them back after they move away. Pete thats true, I stand corrected Devon Nunes. Thank you. So much.
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