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Rep. Scalise: Biden hasn't solved any problems in 47 years

2020-08-21 | 🔗
House Minority Whip Steve Scalise reacts to Joe Biden's DNC address on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Learn more at cosentyx dot com. Let me take this moment to say something we dont say nearly enough. Thank you, Mr President, you were a great president, a president. Our children could and did look up to. No one is going to say that about the current occupant of the White House, the president takes no responsibility, refuses to lead, blames others cozies up to dictators and fans the flames of hate and division. I see a different America, one thats generous and strong, selfless and humble Brian. I dont know if the president refusing to lead, or is he a dictator its hard to imagine to get that straight? Congressman Steve Scalise joins us now house, minority whip congressman Joe Biden, is getting high marks for pulling off the speech last night. What grade do you give him? Well its good good morning, its good to be with
you all of you. First of all, I guess you could give an m for misleading, because there were so many points in there where they just left out the facts. Joe Biden literally said that he wont let Russia interfere with the elections under his watch. It was under the Obama Biden Administration, where Russia tried to interfere with the election. In fact, it was an FBI official under the Obama, administration and Biden Administration who just pled guilty a few days ago to trying to spy on the Trump campaign. All this happened under Joe Bidens Watch and by the way, its been Donald, trumps leadership that did the travel ban on China stopping flights coming in from China, Joe Biden said he was against that Joe Biden criticized President Trump, who led and said were going to ban flights coming in from Europe to stop the flow of Covid, Dr Fauci, by the way testified under oath that President trumps decisions were the right decision and president trumps decisions saved american lives. Joe Biden would not have saved those american lives, so lets fact check
this. Lets. Look at those details because the details really do matter when Joe Biden is embracing the far left agenda that includes defunding the police. You had that segment earlier about the violence in some of these cities across America, its coming because they are trying to defund police, Joe Biden sells. He wants to reallocate money away from police. Does he not think that we understand what that means? Defunding and reallocating are the same things. He is going to take money away from our police. We need safe streets. I know first hand how important it is to have law enforcement and the important job they do, keeping us safe Ainsley. So we had Lee Carter on who was looking at the polls and polling people as to what they thought about what happened last night in these speeches and Brian interviewed her, and she said you really have to look at the independents. The Republicans are going to vote. The way they are going to vote. Democrats are going to vote the way they are. What about these independents, who are still not sure, yet they like the policies of Trump, they might not like the way that he tweets and whatnot. They like Joe Bidens story, pulls at the heart strings, but
they are not sure about the progressive agenda. You know him. You worked there in Washington with him. He has been a lifelong politician. Forty seven years, who is Joe Biden Well, Joe Biden, is somebody who has been on the wrong side of a lot of issues. You know and he might put his arm around you and laugh and chuckle and of course we have seen thats gotten him into trouble too. Ultimately, have you got to look at what he said and has he delivered for all of the list of things that he said he would solve? Every problem in the world is going to be solved. He hasnt solved any of them in forty seven years in political office. I do think that matters results matter, and so you look at President trumps record in just three years. He has delivered on all the promises he has made. Look if you didnt vote for him four years ago, because you didnt like the fact that he was going to restore law and order and going to bring back jobs from China. President Trump was doing all of those things. He was getting regulations under control, so we can actually build America back up again. Every income level was benefiting by the way lowest income workers were
benefiting the most. We need to rebuild our economy now from Covid who, better than Donald Trump, to do it. Who already did it once not Joe Biden who was part of so many failures? We dont want to go into Usama Bin Laden might still be around today. If he was the one making the call Steve yeah. He said he dngted think it was a good idea to go. Congressman apologies. It sounds like you have to work tomorrow, because Nancy Pelosi dramatically last week called the house back into session sounds like there is going to be a vote tomorrow on the postal service and its crazy that this is now a political issue. It all started with the postmaster general sent out a letter and said: hey attention all states, because you in some cases have crazy rules where people can request a ballot on the Thursday before elections day. We dont know that we can get the ballot out and get it back in time to count, and now its become a big thing, and there is all sorts of money being talkinged around, which is
unusual, because the Post office in financial filings has made it clear. We have enough money to run right through two thousand and twenty one yeah. This is such a fabricated crisis, its a typical move by Nancy Pelosi. To try to divert- because you know in the middle of their convention, you would think they would be talking about their agenda. They didnt mention their agenda at all. In fact, in the Democrat Party platform they mention Donald Trump, almost twice more than they mentioned jobs or confronting China, because thats not what their focus is. They hate the president more than they care about people or rebuilding this country, but look at the post office I mean they have said they have enough money to run through the middle of next year. If we dont give them another dime, they just turned down a ten dollars billion loan request and Nancy Pelosi, saying give them twenty five billion of your hard earned dollars, or else the election wont happen and, oh by the way Nancy Pelosi wants to mail ballots to everybody on the rolls, including people not legally, on the rolls thats what they want to do. I think people are going to see through this, but it shows you where
their priorities are and not focusing on jobs right now, thats, where we should be focused Brian, the president is mad at you guys. How can you let Nancy Pelosi to do this? Why didnt you shut her down? I know you are in the minority. Does he have a point, no protest about bringing this in and foster and allowing the flames to burn on this controversy? Well, first of all, she is speaker of the house thats why we are working to fire Nancy Pelosi as Speaker in November, when, when we get the house back, we will be focused on creating jobs again getting our economy back on track. Lowering healthcare cost Brian. What about the president being angry at Republicans for not standing up for this whole situation? Look I talked to the president two days ago about this, and I agree with the president that this is ridiculous. That Nancy Pelosi is wasting the houses time on things like this things that arent a problem again, they have got enough money to run through the middle. You have next year without another dime and they should be focused on jobs, helping reopen schoolings safely, but thats. Why we have got to get rid of Nancy Pelosi as speaker,
Brian, no skinny bill. Look. The post office has enough money again, they will create a crisis and let the media run with it as if you know as if the Post office is going to shut down thats, not the case and by the way when they end their convention, say: oh, they dont want you to vote. Who are they? We are trying to make sure every vote counts, but we dont want millions of ballots fraud, electricity out on the streets rampant for voter fraud,.
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