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Rep. Scalise: COVID-19 testing on Capitol Hill has been offered to Pelosi, she turned it down

2020-10-03 | 🔗
House Minority Whip Steve Scalise weighs in on 'Fox & Friends' about lawmakers' push for coronavirus testing on Capitol Hill.
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Speaker Pelosi has shown zero willingness to even talk about what a testing regime could look like this isnt just about members of Congress, its a tragedy that Speaker Pelosi has decided not to implement some of the things that we have even researched for her to be able to do Jedediah. That was the top Republican on the House Administration Committee, calling on Speaker Pelosi to implement coronavirus test for lawmakers on Capitol Hill. This comes after two republican senators, Thom Tillis and MIKE Lee joined the president in testing positive for Covid 19 joining us now Louisiana, congressman and House Minority WHIP, Steve Scalise congressman welcome to the show. So you know I listen to that, and it seems like a no brainer to me that everyone, regardless of your political ideology, would want testing for senators for members of the house for staffing for staffers, for everyone who comes into contact with people in the capitol whats. The holdup here right and a good morning good to be with you, Congressman Davis is exactly correct. I mean these protocols have been
out there and the testing capabilitiescapabilities have be for a long time. They were offered to the speaker and she turned it down- think its something that should have been in Congress Sphosh a few weeks now, ultimately thats. What the speaker decided to do. Jedediah, yeah and the question is: if she turned it down, is there somewhere else to go to get this confirmed if her office is not replying to calls? This seems like a necessity, particularly with the news front and center with the presidents positive test, result shining light on this even more. I want to get to the Scotus nomination. Now the g dot op is vowing to press on with that nomination. Some democrats have pushed back one of the concerns that has been expressed. I was reading a good article in the national review this morning is Senator MIKE Lee, who has tested positive and was at Judiciary Committee meeting just a few days ago. I believe it was on Thursday, and there was some concern about contact he may have had with other senators. Is this a concern of yours and how do you see this playing out?
Well? First of all, there are hearings going on in Congress. Every day we had one yesterday in a select committee im on some Mexico were there in person some members met. Virtually those capabilities have been in place throughout this whole pandemic. You know, one of the things you have got to watch is that, as you see Democrats going to selected states trying to change state laws, not in their legislature but in their courts, they are trying to push this election into the courts. If thats the case, then do you really want a 4, 4 Supreme Court thats? Why its so important that as we approach this election, if the Democrats continue to push more election decisions into the courts, then that means you need to have courts that are capable of handling case. You dont want a supreme court that could be divided in an election like this thats. So important congressman remains to be seen how this will unfold.
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