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Rep. Scalise: Unbelievable that mayors will sit and watch their cities burn

2020-08-31 | 🔗
House Minority Whip Steve Scalise addresses the violence rocking U.S. cities on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Or on the books or how it looks at the top of their resume, Ryer Steve Scalise joins US congressman good to see you. I know, Louisiana has been slammed lets talk politics for a second, because if you look from Oakland to Kenosha to Washington D, DOT C last night riots are everywhere: they arent protests. They are riots. Five cops got hurt, and here is what the president is saying about all of this, because suddenly it seems Democrats and Joe Biden seem to see a difference between protests and riots. He says when is slow Joe Biden going to criticize the anarchist S and suggest bringing up the National Guard and into crime infested democratic cities and states he cant lose the crazy Bernie Super liberal vote. Jerry Nadler said its a made up. Antifa is a made up Washington thing. How concerning is this. President Trump has been very clear from the beginning. You can
peacefully protest, but you cant go and burn down buildings and attack police officers, and yet Joe Biden continues to denounce President Trump on things like bringing in the National Guard and wont stand up to Antifa. This is a serious, serious concern in every city across the country that people have and for whatever reason Joe Biden wont stand up against it, but President Trump has and President Trump is going to protect people and their communities. These mayors have been letting their cities get out of control, its unbelievable. They are okay with the mobs. They are angry about President Trump coming into the city, to try to bring some kind of civility, but then you know they will literally sit by and watch as their cities are being burned down. In some cases, its unbelievable Steve sure you know congressman Scalise, I know a number of Republicans and Joe Biden says he would defund the police that was after he did an interview with somebody who
was asking him some questions about police brutality and funding of the police, and things like that. This is the exact quote. From the original interview with Joe Biden on July. Eleven from now this watch theres a whole range of things that we can do. The idea of no knock warrants for drug cases is bizarre. We dont need that it just in sites trouble theres. A need for fundamental change in us being able to have transparency and access to the records of police when they have misconduct charges against them. We can agree. We can redirect some of the funding- yes, absolutely Steve, okay, so youre taking some heat over the weekend from Twitter because you took the last part of that, but you added from earlier in the interview, the police and put it right in there and you were accused of manipulating a video.
What do you have to say about that? Well, you know look it shouldnt have been edited, but at the same time the comments were always about. In fact twice in that interview he asked Joe Biden if he was for redirecting money away from police and in both times Joe Biden said yes, and you saw that last response, Joe was excited about saying, yes, that he would redirect money away from police. So you know look we sent out the video again, the full video. In fact, if anybody wants to see it with that full interview, but again multiple times, Joe Biden has asked if he supports redirecting money away from police and Joe Biden says yes redirecting and defunding, the police are the same thing if youre a police officer and theyre redirecting money away from you, doesnt matter, where else its going its going to make it harder for those police officers to do their job safely and to keep those communities safe beings, and so this is serious issue in this campaign and Joe Biden, for whatever reason has taken that position that hes okay with redirecting money away from police and look at whats going on in some of
these cities. They need maybe stronger law enforcement presence. Surely they dont need a weaker law enforcement presence, congressman wed love to get your thoughts as well on the White House, chief of staff, blasting Pelosi for rejecting the Gops one dollar and thirty cents trillion Covid 19 stimulus plan over what he calls Pelosis fantasy. It was on meet the press, take a listen. I had a conversation with Speaker Pelosi and even on her two dollars and twenty cents trillion counter offer. She cant tell the american people nor me what is in that she puts forth a number suggests that she came down and yet shes willing to turn down one dollar and thirty cents trillion of help. That goes to the american people, because she would rather them have nothing than to give way on what her fantasy might be. What are your thoughts on that and what is going on behind the scenes and
what undoubtedly can only be your level of exhaustion at the inability for these two parties to get together? Look president trumps made multiple attempts to negotiate. In fact, Mark meadows was down at the capitol a week and a half ago when Speaker Pelosi brought us in on a Saturday not to help the families or the small businesses, but to give another twenty five dollars billion to the post office. At a time when they said they couldnt even spend the twenty five billion they already had in the bank and in access to a loan. So speaker, Pelosi didnt want to refresh crate to try to help those families or small businesses. We were all there that day and there wasnt a single bill. She brought to the floor to impede the impasse. So President Trump said: okay im going to go help those families anyway, and he is but its a shame that you dont see the speaker engaged in a serious negotiation. She wants to bail out failed states like New York and California. Clearly, theres no support on our side for that, but at the same time helping families and small businesses
president has always been there. Mark meadows, as chief, has always been there and she wont negotiate on this. So this idea of hey just give me two trillion three dollars trillion. For goodness sake, where is this money coming from China is going to be were borrowing from China. If she continues to support China, she wont confront China by the way on the house floor. We ought to be doing that Brian, but congressman people are really hurting out there and to continue some of these programs that have been effective, be in the best interest of the american people. So what are you doing to give? People hope that something could get done. Is that it that half hour conversation between meadows and Pelosi is that all were going to have is anything else on the docket? Well, theyve continued to try to negotiate, but in the meantime, what President Trump did is take action. He actually said were going to put up an extra three hundred dollars a week for people who are unemployed due to this crisis. He did that on his own through a different mechanism with FEMA, but at the same time you know
the ability has always been there to negotiate a bigger package, a larger agreement. The speakers for whatever reason said she kind of my way or the highway approach and, like I said, were not going to go and change voting laws to undermine states ability to run a safe and integrified election. We have to make sure this idea of mailing ballots is a crazy idea and thats something the speaker has tried to do in the past relief packages. Luckily, weve kept that out. Why dont we focus on helping families and small businesses, unfortunately thats, not where they are Steve, youre, helping small businesses and families with regard to Covid and how theyve been impacted, but down in your home state. You were talking about FEMA a moment ago. Fema is there in Louisiana after Hurricane Laura ripped through with devastating winds, came a shore with 140 mile per hour winds. I want to play a sound bite for you, congressman of a
bridal store owner talking about the challenges she faces, and so many others do in your home state watch this. What we see now is the worst disaster that I think Louisiana has ever seen. Theyre telling us it could be up to four weeks without water we have no water. We have no electricity, theres, no n 95 masks for people to get into their homes to try to save anything. Thats left people are scared to evacuate because of corona. They dont have money because of corona they dont have the funds to be able to get out of here. I just really need to plead with our community and with our nation people dont realize how bad it is here, one out of every five people I know, have nothing. They have nothing Steve that just breaks your heart. What is Congress going to do yeah its really devastating down there? In fact, I went and did an aerial
tour last week and was with President Trump on Saturday with our local delegation. Clay, Higgi NS represents that area in Congress and our Senator John Kennedy, so the president made it clear were going to have all the help we need to rebuild right now they are working with the mayor on the water supply. The entire watt r system was knocked down. The power was out because so many lines were knocked down and substations. This was a strong category four when it hit ground so over 150 mile an hour winds in most of these places. So you have tremendous damage that was done. President Trump came Saturday and said were going to do everything we can at the federal level to make sure people have help that they need to get these communities rebuilt, and you know some places its going to take time. Clearly, weve seen this before, unfortunately, but people are pulling together yet the Cajun Navy is on the ground, working with United Way and local faith based organizations to help families as well. So everybody is pitching in and youre going to see all hands on deck effort from the
federal level on down to the local level to help people get back, rebuild their lives, Steve Scalise House, minority whip, our thoughts and prayers are with you and the great state of Louisiana. As you guys get back on your.
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