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Rep. Stefanik on what’s at stake for Supreme Court

2020-09-22 | 🔗
Senate leaders spar over the Supreme Court vacancy; reaction and analysis from Rep. Elise Stefanik on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Wherever you stand on that issue, is that an issue to bring an election lets bring in e lease Stephanic Congresswoman welcome back good to be with you. Brian. Are you in support of what seems to be an all out push to confirm before November? Three? Absolutely we need to fill that seat and, most importantly, we need to follow the constitution. The president has the constitutional duty to put forth a name, and the Senate can advice and consent. This is incredibly important to make sure that we follow the constitution and we fill that seat, particularly going into an election year. That is unprecedented with the amount of new decisions at the state level. Regarding mail in ballots, you can not have a 4 4 Supreme Court going into the election year. I think the three names that have been publicly released are incredible women. I think they will be constitutionalist. Judges on the Supreme Court and just feedback from voters, as I was in my district this weekend knock ing on doors getting out the vote. Voters are paying attention and
they want to see this seat filled. They want to see us following the Constitution Steve. Well, you know the two chambers of Congress, as you know, have unique duties in the Senate. They get to confirm after a little confirmation, hear ing judiciary nominees over in your chamber in the house. You get to do things like impeachment. The Senate gets to vote, but you actually get to impeach. Well, yesterday Nancy Pelosi reminded everybody she can impeach the president anytime. She wants listen to this podcast im going to press you one more time. What is your power to do this? I get the election, but you can get up more. You can speak out more. You can do more impeachments things like that. Do you have enough power? Well, we can impeach him every day of the week for anything he does in fact two hundred thousand people. Why not? Well, because look american people want to know what were doing that effects them directly:
okay, Steve so shes combining the pandemic with the bank, but also yesterday, congresswoman on MSNBC. She said that, regarding this particular pick and what the Republicans are trying to do. Ultimately, the Republicans are trying to what Brian mentioned a moment ago: get rid of the affordable care act, remove womens rights, they want to takeaway clean air and water, and she also said the Republicans are coming after your children protect your children, so it sounds like its a full court press on the left side against your right side. Absolutely- and sadly, I am not surprised. Democrats have been talking about impeaching, the president since the day he was elected and I think were going to hear more of that between now and the November election this year. It is sad again we need to follow the constitution. The constitution is very clear and presidents of both parties put forth Supreme Court nominations in an election year,
and if you look at the historic precedent, many of our justices, including the late Justice Ginsburg, were confirmed in a shorter period of time than this time between now and the election day. But im not surprised. Democrats have been obsessed with impeachment. I lived through that on the House Intelligence Committee, its increasing desperation, the american people want to make sure we have a functioning government. That is following a constitution, and the president has that constitutional authority to put fourth a name, and, of course the Senate will run through the process to advice and confirm Steve Congresswoman. Yesterday, at exactly twenty four hours ago, the president was on this program and he essentially, you know, heard about the suggestion they might impeach him on the democratic side and he said bring it on. Essentially, he was daring them to do that because he said that will destroy them. Just as people go to the polls and he will get re elected and then your party would sweep the house he is right. I agree with the president again. The american people want to stay in this election. The fact that the Democrats rammed through a faulty
impeachment this year, when the vast majority of people according to polling, wanted this to be decided at the ballot box. I agreed with the President s statement, but I think hes going to win either way and momentum and energy is on our side, particularly with the stakes this high. When it comes to the Supreme Court. I think what is particularly interesting and hypocritical is Joe Biden still refuses to release his names of potential Supreme Court nominated in sees the american people deserve transparency on an issue and on the nominations of this importance, Ainsley Elise, you share a name with my mom, her middle name and my sister and you all are smart women, women. I respect so when I talk to you about Womens, Issssu, Megan Mccain was on the view yesterday. Talking about how Kavanaugh really changed. Republicans like herself said, accusations were completely baseless and it showed Democrat S on their side will do anything and everything to smear, a conservative and there seems to be real bias against the women. The woman who has seven children is a Catholic, and I just dont want her to be Kavanaugh, because I dont think
its fair. If she is president trumps choice, she has seven children adopted two from Haiti. One has special needs. How do the Democrats handle this? Will they attack her? They are already attacking her for her catholic faith, and my question is what, if it were a Democrat, a woman whose a democrat from a different faith, why is it okay to attack if youre a Christian, but they would never touch another faith? And what does this look like down the road? Its? Not okay, Ainsley and Democrats, love attacking conservative women thats, something that Megan Mccain has experienced its something I have experienced so democrats have to be very careful. They should not run into these smearing politics the way they did with Brett Kavanaugh, and I think that Megan Mccain is spot on saying that watching the political of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and the baseless accusation that backfired and voters of this country woke up Tick, Harry Reedily women. Voters as they excited to see these womens names be put forth. This is the
highest court in the land, and these are extraordinarily accomplished. Women, wonderful mothers and Democrats should not smear their character and again follow the constitution and play the advise and consent role, Brian, so Elise Congresswoman. I should check in with you on this too, because the President of the United States has been told by Joe Biden. This is the Trump years dont blame me for the anarchy in these cities, but most of them are demanding things from their democratic mayors who are allowing it to go off the reservation and erect these urban environments, as well as the governors, so the President put in federal agent and that was ridiculed and targeted in Portland. So now hes doing something else. The attorney general to the Judy Miller is doing this. We cannot allow federal dollars to be wasted when the safety of the citizenry hangs in the balance. It is my hope. The citys identified by the Department of Justice today will reverse course and become serious about performing the basic function of
government and start protecting their own citizens. What happened is he named Seattle, Portland and New York and said in your state youre, not protecting the people im not going to give you federal dollars until you start doing it. Has he overstepped his bounds? No, we have seen a lawlessness in New York, city and cities across the country, and the fact of the matter is New York. City has threatened and is slashing their supports and funding for law enforcement. They are trying to defund the police weve seen an extraordinarily sad skyrocketing of crime, of shooting of rioting and looting. The president has every right and the Department of Justice should make sure that our cities are investing in our law enforcement to have safe and secure communities. Just look at the facts. The fact that Mayor Deblasio has verbally attacked law enforcement has allowed this to happen. The department of Justice should make investments in cities that are holding up their end of the bargain, which means invest ing in law enforcement so that we have the rule of LAW Steve well. The attorney general
certainly has gotten their attention with the anarchist.
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