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Rep. Stefanik reacts to Cuomo's '3 strikes, you're closed' threat

2020-07-18 | 🔗
New York Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik weighs in on Gov. Cuomo's coronavirus policies.
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Of the aisle we want to bring in one his colleagues, New York, congressman Elise, Stefanik congresswoman good morning to you a somber moment as we reflect on the life and legacy of John Lewis. What are your thoughts? It was an honor to be able to serve and walk the halls and be on the house floor with an iconic leader who is so widely respected from both sides of the aisle, like John Lewis, what an extraordinary life every American mourns his loss and we are praying for his family. He has been a tremendous leader for racial justice and has just lived an extraordinary life Jason Congresswoman. This is Jason Chaffetz. Thank you for joining us this morning. He had a message of peace. The sound that we heard from him just a few minutes ago was about we all live in the same house, but when you see the violence thats happening in Chicago in New York and other places, that message seems to be getting lost.
John Lewis did have a message of peace. He was a leader who always reached out to others who always sought to bridge divide. Hole always spoke about. The prosecuting attorneys of peace and working together. That was one of the reasons he was so widely respected on both sides of the aisle. When he took to the house floor, you could always hear a hush. Everyone listened to what he had to say. Even if there were policy disagreements, he just is a bee con of light and unfortunately, as we are turning on our tv screens, we are seeing violence. We are seeing targeting of law enforcement, we are seeing New York City, historic levels of deadly shootings and we need to work together and support our law enforcement outreach to our community to bridge the divide that exists, but there is no excuse to target our hard working public servants who are law enforcement officials, Jedediah congresswoman. You mentioned the violence and I
want to shift over to Chicago where a lot of violence unfortunately, is happening right now. Eighteen Chicago officers injured as rioters launch fireworks hurl rocks at them bottles at them, neither Columbus statue this week. What do we do here is the question, because you have this ongoing battle, where people feel that law enforcement doesnt represent them. Where law enforcement feels like hey, listen, we are trying to keep the community safe, oftentimes we cant get into these zons to do just that is a disconnect here. That needs to be fixed. What do we do? Well, we have a lot of work and there are proposals that have been put forth. Tim Scott has been leading the justifiable act which im A co sponsor of. We need to increase founding for training outreach to the community. What is not the answer is defunding our police. Our police are needed in the communities that are being hurt, the most right. Now, where you are seeing the most violence. We need to defend the police, not defund the police, and look at
how we can have positive change and thats by increasing our training and increasing our community outreach, not turning our backs on hardworking law enforcement. There has been footage of the horrible horrible statements made to our african american law enforcement officers. There is no tolerance for racism in this country and we absolutely need to root out bad actors. Like the case of George Floyds murders. We shouldnt be turning our backs on police, which, unfortunately, we are seeing in New York City today Congresswoman. We are also seeing a number of back the blue rallies in support of law enforcement across the country. I believe you are going to attend one today I am, I am going to back the blue rally. I am excited to announce that I have been endorsed by the police conference of New York, the first member of Congress in the delegation. We are seeing widespread grass root support, standing up for local law enforcement, standing up for these hard working men and women who put their lives on the line every single day to ensure the
safety and security of every community and every individual and every family im so honored to have earned the endorsement of the police conference of New York, which represents police departments all across my district and the state Griff all right, congresswoman.
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