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Rep. Stefanik: RNC a smashing success for Republicans and the Trump campaign

2020-08-27 | 🔗
New York Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik weighs in on success of the RNC, issues with DNC speeches.
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We will bring it to you, LIVE Steve, Ainsley, Brian back to you, Brian Mean Wheel, congresswoman, Elise, Stefanik, with a strong warning against the Biden Harris Ticket and far left agenda. This election is a choice between the far left, democratic socialist agenda versus protecting and preserving the american dream. I believe in the american dream, because I have lived it like millions of Americans. I grew up in a small business family where I learned the values of hard work and determination. I was the first personal in my immediate family to graduate from college, ran for Congress to serve upstate New York and im. Proudly the youngest republican woman elected to Congress in history, Ainsley g dot, OP congresswoman, Elise Stefanik, joins us now with more of that message good morning to you good Morning, Fox AMP, friends, Steve Good Morning, Ainsley did you great last night what are so takeaways after you look at
it and see all of the speeches. I think this has been a smashing success for Republicans and the Trump campaign. They are earning votes across the country, the stories of real people, the sense of optimism, its a real contrast to the doom and gloom. We saw the democratic convention. I think another key contrast is we heard a lot from Hollywood at the democratic convention, Buff, not a lot from every day. Americans. This week the Trump campaign has highlighted how his policies and record of results have truly improved the lives of every day. Americans. This election is a clear choice, and voters are seeing that Brian, I dont think we would have seen Joe Biden come out and make his remarks yesterday about the unrest in Wisconsin if he didnt feel as though he was losing the argument on law and order, which seemed to be absent from the Dnc. What are you seeing about that, because I watched Mayor PETE Hop on television yesterday and say this? Is president trumps problem its his problem with the unrest in the inner cities?
It doesnt seem like the american people are buying, that the american people are not buying. That and silence is deafening. You didnt hear once during the democratic convention. Any of the speakers condemn the rioting and looting and arson that we are seeing in cities across America, not just New York City, not just Portland, but places like Kenosha Wisconsin and President Trump has provided support in terms of working with governors trying to work with elected officials to provide federal law enforcement support to ensure we have rule of law. This is a real, clear choice and I agree with you that Joe Biden is too little too late. He has been silent for two and a half months. They are now talking about this because they know, as voters are watching tv screens and concerned about the safety and security in their community. This is going to become one of the key deciding issues as people head to the polls this November. In my district, we are seeing that, as we poll top issues, crime law enforcement continue to be to grow as one of the
top issues that will ensure people make the decision for who they vote for this November. Steve sure, because people are worried about what they see in the cities spilling over into the suburbs and about personal safety. You know I will hand it to the other channels congresswoman. They are running a lot of the Rnc and on some of those channels their viewers are probably like hey. This is the first time in three and a half years. I have seen anybody say anything nice about Donald Trump. I think that is exactly right, Steve and its unfortunate that for the past three and a half years, we have only heard negativity and there seems to be within the beltway bubble. That is out of touch with real every day, Americans and I feel that at home, in my district, my district overwhelmingly voted for President Trump, but importantly, it voted for President Trump, so its a swing district, but President Trump continues to poll higher and higher. Because is he delivering real results and thats? What we focused on during this weeks convention- and I just think its a success
that most importantly, its winning votes and its winning those independence, as viewers heard from Lee earlier in the show Ainsley right, congresswoman.
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