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Rep. Waltz rips for Pelosi for 'politics at its worst' in stimulus talks

2020-12-21 | 🔗
Congress agrees on $900 billion coronavirus relief package; Florida GOP Rep. Michael Waltz says the win is 'way too late' on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Fox amp friends starts right now, PETE. We begin this Monday morning with a Fox news alert its a deal, a recall expected today on nine hundred dollars billion relief package. Ing Emily includes six hundred dollars. Stimulus checks and supplemental jobless benefit also extends the paycheck protection program, as well as housing assistance. Brian wait until the last minute. Both parties are blaming each other for the delay. There is no reason why this urgent package could not have been signed into law. Multiple months ago, the democratic side decided that presidential politickings were more important than getting urgent and controversial relief. This bill is certainly not everything we wanted. Our republican friends stood in the way of so much Brian. There you go. The president is expected to quickly sign it into the law. The president guys is really response sick for the direct
checks to Americans. He said: listen. You have got to get these people right. Money rig away, lets wring in by the way hi Emily Emily good Morning, its an honor always to be in for Ainsley PETE. Good morning, Emily Brian, I said it first PETE let the record show lets bring in Colonel Michael Waltz Member of the House Armed Services Committee, congressman who gets credit who gets blamed. You know this has just been swamp: politics, d, DOT, c politics at its worst. You know speaker, Pelosi and Schumer are right to some degree. We have rejected a lot of what they wanted in their multitrillion dollars will Heros act. They passed back in June that was full of the progressive wish lists everything from undocumentedding aliens to this whole progressive piece on corporate boards. How we vote
all kinds of things they tried to throw in there, but meanwhile Brian, as you I and I have talked about, there was one hundred and thirty eight dollars billion left over and unspent from the paycheck protection program. We tried nineteen times to say fine. We can argue about all of those other things, but please let businesses have access to these moneys and Pelosi refused, because she took you know her way or the highway or or nothing approach. Now we have gone over three trillion down to two. Now, down to nine hundred billion, it looks like were going to get an agreement on. We have an agreement on and heres what I want people to understand. Five hundred billion of that nine is left over moneys. We were able to re purpose, so you know there is some fiscal responsibility in this package, but- and it is now targeted on programs that are going to help people get through this pandemic, and I will think at the end of the day, this is a win for
people who have been suffering, but it is way way way too late. Pete colonel, it is amazing, almost feels like we are right back where we started on a lot of these items. You mentioned the speaker, though Nancy Pelosi Heres a couple of clips one from yesterday and another from early December of her take on this covid 19 relief bill. Listen so long because we could not get our republican colleagues to crush the virus. Why would they not want to invest in the science that has told us so importantly, that it required testing tracing treatment? Separation, sanitation, Joe Biden, committed to ending and crushing the virus. What was then before was not more of this. This is this, has simplicity its what we have had in our bills, its for a shorter period of time
but thats. Okay. Now because we have a new president, PETE, so much serious talk and so many words, but ultimately she revealed right there at the end, the motivation behind delaying all of this yeah, the bottom line is she did not want to give President Trump a win, and meanwhile the american people were losing. You know you are right. We did reject some things. Main thing we rejected was a bailout to a lot of the blue states who have mismanaged their funds, and I cant responsibly vote for floridas taxpayers in a state that is managing it budget to bail out New York and bail out California and a lot of other northeastern states. So we did reject that. But meanwhile we were asking her to at least let businesses have another bite at the apple at moneys that were already appropriated. It just fires me up every time I get a phone call from one of our businesses that are going out forever and she wanted to play politics until she could see if
she had a new president again politics at it. Worst people have really been hurt. Emily congressman switching topics. Here we want to get your thoughts on the incoming White House Press secretary, who is talking this weekend on Fox NEWS Sunday about the Hunter Biden. Probes, take a listen. He has been elm emphatic that that person will oversee an independent department. He is looking for somebody at the highest level of integrity that person whomever it is will be overseeing whatever investigations are happening at the Department of Justice, Hinghewill not be discussing an investigation with his son with any attorney general candidates. He will not be discussing with anyone. He is considering for the role and will not be discussing it with a future attorney general Emily. Can Americans count on the neutrality that the speaker is discussing there. This is a classic trust. Us
you know in the situation involving billions of foreign money, our greatest adversary, we have ever faced China that clearly has a massive influence operation underway throughout our politics. Trust us dont worry about it. They are clearly relying on their friends in the liberal media to continue to not cover it and brush it under the rug. If there is anything that I have ever seen, that qualifies for an independent investigator, an independent prosecutor, its this that clearly affects the son of someone who is on the verge of possibly becoming president and possibly that individual himself, Joe Biden and the rest of his family, but yet no problem, nothing to see here. We will take care of it. Dont worry about it. I dont think so. We need- and I hope the President moves forward with a special prosecutor to see this through, keep in mind that U Dot S attorney that is overseeing this investigation can also be
replaced by a Biden administration. So we need someone independent. It fits every definition in the book Ing Brian, maybe Joe Biden, wont bring it up with a attorney general candidate, but RON Kayleigh Mcenany was lets talk a Propublica story to define something in detail that we already knew. China lied about the virus. We still dont know how it started. We still dont know what the strain looks like where it emanated. We still dont know why the w dot ho wasnt, clone and didnt come clean on it and why they sold out to China. We thoroughly understand that they lied to Us Cnn discovered that two weeks ago, and now we have details Heres a quote: China curbs on information about the outbreak started in early January early January thats, before the novel coronavirus had even been identified definitively. The documents show this. When infections started spreading rapidly a few weeks later, the authorities clamped down on anything that cast Chinas response in too negative of a light. Think about how the CDC had the wrong test. Think about how we were told the
wrong information, the things that we could have done to prepare us for the poisoning of the world thanks to China. If this does not warrant a fiscal retribution, I dontt KN what does well yeah. I couldnt agree with you more Brian and look remember. They kicked out our journalists. They have arrested their journalists, they have disappeared. We still dont know where they are, in addition to their doctors, who were trying to inform the world and then immediately, you know, influence its friends within the w dot HO whose job was to make sure that the world is prepared. Meanwhile, they are overseeing this army of bots and online cyber warriors that are spreading misinformation, all over of the global internet and one of the biggest pieces. One of the key parts of their campaign is making sure it was not called the China virus or the Wuhan virus that we all kind of fell in to this bland Covid 19, which we have
so they have been successful in that right. Those of you was that were trying to remind the world and remind Americans who started this and where this came from were pillaried in the press. Why? Because they wanted to make sure that the focus stayed on President Trump in a campaign year. All of this coming out after an election shouldnt be surprised whether its it New York Times, CNN or others. China will pay. We had a task force in the house that was supposed to be Republicans and Democrats. Speaker Pelosi pulled her Democrats at the last minute from participating looking across the board from the economy to the healthcare to the military, because she said it distracted from the president trying to divert attention to China. The Democrats have a real problem with China and its all getting wrapped into this PETE colonel. You are so right. We have a massive China problem, yet the examples, especially on the democrat side of the aisle
dont, give any inspire any confidence for anybody. So you have got the potential presidents, son, embroiled with the communist chinese office mates with an energy company over there, take Nancy Pelosis husband who does business in China, take Dianne Feinstein all of these establishment elite members of the Democrat Party have personal fiscal connections to cheap goods and business in China. What expectation can regular folks, workers in America have that Washington will actually step up and confront the communist Chinese in a way thats beneficial to us in a way thats meaningful? That is not a smoke screen. Well, its just one more reason: we cant lose the Senate, and the Republican Party certainly has had a wake up. Call II have talked to a number of Democrats who understand. Whats going on democratic leadership has not, and some of these politicians that they are spotting and assessing early in their career. You know they are not trying to put you know on the shoe Shine committee. They are putting them on armed
services, they are putting them on the intelligence committee and others that they are influencing look at the end of the day we, the Chinese Communist Party, is in a cold war with the United States. We need a wake up call across the country and it need to be coming from their elected leaders, and I really fear its not just those leaders that you pointed out. Bidens son look at some of his picks and some of these nominees for cabinet positions and, though all have bought into this notion that the rise of China is a peaceful thing. No problem, no big deal nothing to see here and thats exactly what President XI wants us to believe until its too late Emily. We are just two years into this Dojs China Initiative, Congressman in which there were countless prosecutions and convictions of chinese operatives, espionage and sabotage here. So my question is: do the american people can they expect that this will be extinguished,
that under the incoming administration? All of our formal counter terg efforts will be wind away? Yeah well, im, certainly going to do everything in my power to not let that happen remember. We have had the head of Harvard arrested professors at Emory University at Texas, Aampm, the Moffit Cancer Research center. In Florida, the Department of Justice has said they have dozens and dozens of individuals under investigation that have taken money from the Department of Defense, taken taxpayer, grant funded research from health and Human services NIH, and then they are shipping it wholesale over to Beijing and what Beijing calls that is their civil mill program, where they take these civilian technologies, materials, robotics jet engines and flip it right over to their military guess. What now they are rolling out the most advanced stealth fighters,
rockets missiles and others that look exactly like ours? I have very little confidence that a potential Biden administration sees this for what it is and is going to aggressively go after it like the Trump Administration has and like the president, has whether its closing down consulates that are serving as spy centers like he did in Houston, putting people under investigation the four hundred thousand chinese students that are here siphoning out vacuuming up technology. This is across the board Brian Right, its from Wall Street to NBA to Disney. You know. Reportedly, the head of Disney is under consideration to go to Beijing as the ambassador. We have really have to understand the depth and breadth of this, and I dont think the Democrats are calling it out for what it is. They are not even close Brian. They want Wall Street executives to help them out with the will trump administration they changed. Hollywood
apple never has a critical criti to write in news service about them. Taken our fighter. Jess only thing you can see is the decal can see is see. The it will glue marks probe, looks like ours are, are push in the Biden administration to use cooperation as we try to get to Mars. He yeah lets work with China. Why make them hack when we can just share and bring them over to the office? Space lets go make some keys. China has had more launches than the rest of the world, including the United States, Brian Unbelievable, combined into space thats. Why we need a space force to defend our assets up there. Im not confident a Biden administration will continue to support that either Brian. Can I real quick on Florida? You are in Florida and been in d, dot C and New York. The difference is floridas governor and their leadership is saying. We know the dangers live with it. The best you can let the free market decide if your restaurant is going to be full and your beaches are going to be owmg
as opposed to New York. You are out of business. Ive got your back, but I will destroy you along the way. How do you handle the criticism? Thats constantly constant const coming floridas direction. The results speak for themselves. Our schools have been open since back in August, thanks to the leadership of Governor Desantis. What he did was. He took a fundamentally different approach. He said families you make the decision. Youve got an inschool option. You have a hybrid option. If have you someone thats vulnerable back at home, a grand parent? What have you, then? You can have the virtual. He made families the decision maker for their lives, not government, not Washington, D, DOT, c or a state capital like Cuomo is doing thats. The fundamental difference. Business owners dont want to get people sick. They dont want to. You know, have to go out of business. If that happens, so they are going to take appropriate measures. We are taking an approach where we trust individual citizens with their liberties with their health to make the right
decisions. Do you know what in the statistics are showing? We are relatively flat despite being open when it comes to hospitals and comes to unfortunate deaths, not case numbers that the mainstream media likes to focus on so thats, just a very different approach, looking at individual liberty versus government mandate and government shutdown, and it comparatively as we all fight through this, its working PETE, its called common sense, and you have got a lot of it congressman and concerning Michael Waltz thanks so much for being with us at the top of the hour. We appreciate it im pushing for Fox amp friends. Florida come on down PETE, I many a too Brian. I know, wife have a bureau when you can.
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