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Rep. Zeldin on Israel-UAE peace deal, stalled COVID-19 stimulus talks

2020-08-14 | 🔗
GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin, member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, joins 'Fox & Friends' to discuss the historic peace agreement involving Israel and Democrats' COVID-19 relief demands.
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After forty nine years, United Arab after forty nine years, United Arab Emirates will fully normalize their diplomatic relations, they will exchange embassies and ambassadors and begin cooperation across the board and on a broad range of areas, including tourism, education, healthcare, trade and security. This is a truly historic moment, Steve. It is historic, because yesterday it was announced that the Trump team helped broker a deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, normalizing relations, its first arab league country, to recognize Israel in twenty years. It is a big deal, thats why we are bringing in Lee Zeldin member of the House Committee and Co Chair of the republican Israel caucus in the House congressman good morning to you Steve. It is a big deal. What is the chances of giving the Nobel
the chances of giving the Nobel Peace Prize to him as they did to Barack Obama before earning it? The prospects are ahead. So the president made a decision withdraw from the iranian Nuclear deal. We moved the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, the President recognized israels solvency on Golan Heights. What we saw yesterday was a big development because Israel, surrounded by all these different countries, many of whom dont even recognize Israels dont, even recognize Israels right to exist- have having one right to exist, have having one nation put their neck out there, tourism and everything that comes with it. Hopefully, what it leads to is other countries in that region. To do the same thing. Have you two different elements driving these dynamics? Bun is a concern by many countries in that region by iranian aggression.
They are realizing that their real threat, their real existential threat to the country, its not Israel, its IRAN. It started last administration where the administration was kind of treating Israel like IRAN and IRAN like Israel. The iranian aggression piece is a part of it, especially after the nuclear deal. The second part is that the Trump Administration, whether its President Trump Jared, Kushner Avy, Berkowitz Secretary Pompeo, David Freidman. They have all told all of these different countries that huge priority of theirs to be able to improve relations with Israel to improve the, U Dot S, Israel relationship, but also israels stability in the Middle EAST. So I think those two forces are leading to yesterdays positive development and others to come, whether that earns the President, a Nobel Peace Prize, that, unfortunately, I think we are dealing with a different reality where President Obama earned it just for showing up and getting elected Brian by not being George Bush, Joe Biden came out and said this
a big deal, but this is the result of work over many administrations. Not just this one. Really, his administration did any work to get UAE to recognize a country they were basically ignoring in Israel yeah, so the Obama Biden Administration, literally as they walked out the door, the highest profile. Foreign policy item- was really turning their backs stabbing in the back Israel, with: U Dot N Security Council resolution, two thousand three hundred and thirty four, that was December of twenty. Sixteen, where the? U DOT N Security Council, had this resolution that passed, calling it a via a little of international law and Israels activity in this disputed territory of Judea, Sumaria, West Bank and Jerusalem and John Kerry for those? How remember it was about a hour and a half long speech. Essentially, lecturing Israel, you had dynamics between President Obama and BB and of
course you had the IRAN Nuclear deal. So I dont think that Joe Biden has anything to brag about as far as the Obama administrations trajectory in the: U Dot S, Israel relationship and the President Trump came into office and he has been scoring win after win. So instead of it treating Israel like IRAN and IRAN like Israel, now we are treating Israel like Israel and IRAN like IRAN and understanding adversaries. Dont expect weakness, respect strength and positive progress is one that we should not turn the clock back on, where we are reentering into deals where we are delivering pallets of cash to IRAN in the middle of the night and other bad foreign policies that set us back and our our allies. You read the joipghtsd statement from the you will Supreme Commander of the eae. They gave credit to Donald Trump in their statement. Think say: this is a diplomatic break through at the request of President Trump
lets talk about stimulus money, though the house they are going to have a month long recess, yall are and the Senate not back until September stimulus talks. Does this mean its going to drag on? I guess it means they are going to drag on for weeks. Nancy Pelosi is now calling for two dollars trillion. Listen to this. We said two dollars trillion and then we can sit down at the table. Perhaps you mistook them for somebody who gave a damn that isnt the case Ainsley your response. They believe they have a lot more leverage than they actually do. They are putting forth asks completely unrelated to Covid 19, whether its providing by the way stimulus checks to people who are illegally in our country, mass prison release, nationwide ballot, harvesting nationwide ban on voter I dot D. Then you look at the cost of what they are looking for.
Their starting point is a little divorced from reality. Take the battle over state and local government funding. They are actually insisting on a position to give state and local governments more than there are even asking for. There was a point in time where, for example, New York was asking for sixty dollars billion partly of this five hundred billion dollar national. Ask even New York State right now. They are asked that they submitted a couple weeks ago was, for thirty, all of the non states, the local governments they put all rallied of behind a two hundred and fifty billion dollar ask well. The house democratic bill was for three hundred and seventy five billion more than they were even asking for they had your own reality track, because the president, when you talk about a trillion dollars, thats real money and they are willing to help out with state and local government funding, but giving more than they are even asking for, is insane Steve. Well, there are people hurting across the country, and a lot of people are looking to Washington. We hope that you guys can get something straightened out one these days when everybody comes together,
Lee Zeldin from the great state.
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