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Reporter who questioned Rep. Nadler about Antifa violence in Portland speaks out

2020-07-29 | 🔗
Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler told YouTube host Austen Fletcher that Antifa violence in Portland is a 'myth.'
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Try wet jet with a moneyback guarantee Ainsley, as attorney General Ainsley, as attorney General Barr, testified before the House Judiciary Committee yesterday. He emphasized that Antifa is indeed real. Contradicting claims from committee Chairman Jerry Nadler over the weekend, violence across the whole country. You denounce violence happening by Antifa in Portland, thatS, a myth being spread only in Washington D, DOT C about Antifa in Portland. Yes, sir, there is videos everywhere online. There is fires and riots. They are throwing fireworks at federal officers DHS. Is there look online crazy, Mr Nadler Ainsley im joined now by the man questioning the congressman in that video Youtube host Austin Fletcher, Hey Austin, Hey Ainsley, thanks for having me Ainsley, you are welcome. Your view has been all over the place. How did you get that interview?
To be honest, I was driving an uber with my friends and I guess Mr Nadler was waiting for his uber outside and he was probably outside for five total minutes. We happened to be passing at that time. We got out had a game plan took a picture and you know did the interview, just as you saw it Ainsley. Sometimes this is how careers are made. What is your platform? What do you do? Im a youtubeer. I started my channel three years ago, Fletcher talks. I startedtalk Fleccas talks giving automatic credibility to the protesters. I never saw many people going out and actually asking them to explain their positions and the first video I made went pretty viral. The right was pretty starved of this type of content. I found my place like an advocate political advocate, but also a person who could encourage others to get involved as well very low production. Making. My videos is very easy. I use my phone,
so I wanted to kind of encourage people to take the power of the media away from the corporate establishment. Ainsley. Okay, so lets talk about what Nadler said he said. Antifa is a myth and you said basically, its all over the internet. You can see the fires you can see the organization. Were you surprised by his response I was. I was because, at the end of the day, political violence should be disavowed by both sides. It shouldnt be a partisan issue. Hearing Mr Nadler say its a myth. It really made me question his motives and honestly his agenda. We see the for the last sixty plus nights. We have seen the footage online, its going viral. I think the echo chambers are the bigger problem here. The right is sighing the fires, the Molotov cocktails, the fireworks, the attacks on police. The left is seeing the other framing of it, where its veterans and mothers getting tear gassed by storm troopers. The reality is somewhere in the middle. Mr Nadler, in the situation, is relying on echo chambers to keep
the people. To be honest, the apolitical people asleep and assuming yeah im center center left still a Democrat. The bad guys are the other side. We see these videos going viral the daily caller crew. Those people have been in Portland in the action in Seattle, showing us on a daily basis. Whats really going on here, Mr Nadler say its a myth. I thought it would be better if he would have said hey im, not doing interviews today Ainsley as soon as it turned to.
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