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‘Republicans across the country’ are counting on Georgia voters: Rep. Nunes

2021-01-05 | 🔗
Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., discusses the importance of the Georgia Senate runoffs, weighs in on why he is challenging the Electoral College results.
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We have had fun doing our Martha impression, very good Ainsley lets bring in Devon Nunez of the House until good morning to you good to have you one. What is your reaction, two thousand and seventy in Georgia and the implications it has for the country? This is a big day, our Republicans across the country, conservatives counting on people in Georgia to get out and vote. We need a big turnout election day and hopefully that will him efficacious was the ramifications of a loss are multiple. This will justify the election and use this against Donald Trump and say there was no voter fraud and, secondly, the balance of power in the Senate. Fifty two seats controlling the gavel, everything I worked on the last four years to expose malfeasance
and corruption in the city. We wont have Senator RON, Johnson or Grassley able to subpoena people and think how bad this will be, how they could cover this up if they get rid of the Durham Investigation, Steve a lot of Republicans one hundred plus and on the Senate side, a dozen TED Cruz want a ten day pause to examine what happened in certain battleground state, but a lot of allies of the president, not on board Senator Tom Cotten, Senator Braun Senator Portman, Senator Lee of Utah who helped the president during impeachment. During impeachment. This should be a formality.
When I leave here, I will walk to the capital and all the Republicans are getting together in the house to get on the same page. We have a two to three hour meeting. Dont know if it is possible because republicans are independent thinking. People on all sides of this issue makes a lot of sense to answer these questions these ballots and we sit and count ballots mail ballots to everyone. Ive, never seen ballots brought out in suitcases run through the machine. There was a lot to do with the supposedly phone call bombshells. This is Watergate. The Secretary of State from Georgia couldnt answer the
president as he was asking where those ballots come from. Those are the questions they want to know those answers and we should all wants to have free and fair elections and the institutions will survive. So people respect the outcomes. Ainsley. The president presented you with the presidential medal of freedom for pursuing the Russia hoax at great personal risk. It is not been easy for you. It is not been easy for you. We had a nice ceremony, the we had a nice ceremony. The constituents receive this award.
There was a staff on this Russia team republican members of the Intel committee. It takes a group and a team to expose the biggest political scandal in american history that we havent seen that justice has been.
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