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Republicans need to ‘go out and vote’ in Georgia Senate races: Kayleigh McEnany

2020-12-06 | 🔗
The Trump 2020 senior adviser discusses Georgia runoffs, presidential election lawsuits on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Why did you come here to see? Why did you come here to see the president today? I just wanted to see the president and support him and let him know that America stands behind him. We appreciate how much hes fighting hes the best president. Ever we love him very much and we believe that he loves our country and its very emotional. For me, I dont think ive ever been emotional about any president, but Donald Trump. I think in Georgia its real important to get everybody motivated to get out to vote. We do need to get this Senate back in republican control, and hopefully we can win the election here in Georgia PETE. That was our own Griff Jenkins yesterday in Georgia, outside the presidents rally where he was in familiar form sounding off about the Senate race there, as well as the ongoing legal challenges, lets bring in Kayleigh Mcenany Trump, two thousand and twenty campaign Advisor Kayleigh Good Morning. Thank you. So much for being here talk about both of these things. If you will, that can be done at the same time, motivating supporters to come out and maintain control of the Senate, while at the same time finding every legal vote and challenging
irregularities where needed. Im so glad you brought that up because a New York Times reporter tweeted last night that somehow the two notions are in compatible. Make no mistake. That is a leftist trying to get you not to vote. These things are entirely compatible. We can look at a fraudulent system where you have mass mail in voting which even Jimmy Carter submissions found that mail in voting is the most subject to fraud of anything weve known this. For a long time, we can investigate that. We can call on Georgia to have a special legislative session to fix signature match for both the two thousand and twenty election and the January five runoff. But we can also say this look if theres a problem right now, if signature matches making sure that fraudulent votes are being counted. Well, guess what lets overwhelm the system with Trump votes, show up every single trump voter in the Trump base. Every conservative in Georgia show up cast your vote. We have to overwhelm the system with in person voting and counter the mail in voting, so both can be true, and anyone
telling you not to vote is not having the right motives here, go out and vote on January, five PETE, with the amount of mail out voting and the lack of republican oversight in many key democrat cities. It does raise a lot of eyebrows. Now when I talked to Jenna Ellis on the program earlier, she said a lot of the prime minister. Legal team focuses, as you mentioned, to state legislators to putting their evidence in their hands thats. Ultimately, who makes the call about electors? What is the Trump legal team? What result are you hoping from that strategy? Yeah they do the legislatures do make the ultimate decision under article one section iv, so were showing the evidence up to them to make the determinations, but I think right now what is most paramount right now, Governor Kemp went on Fox NEWS, and he said this. He said im now convinced that theres a lot of evidence here. So we need to have signature match. The Stacey Abrams deal should not be the law of the land, but im powerless to do anything. Thats. The secretary of States decision false governor Kemp.
You have the power to call in a special legislative session, because, right now, if we lose these two Senate seats, guess whose casting the deciding vote in this country for our government, it will be Kamala Harris call for the special legislative session. Governor Kemp can also threaten the budget of the Secretary of State theres plenty he can do, but when we take legislatures right now, PETE, what the is paramount. Is Georgia right here right now making sure that we hold this branch of government PETE a signature match makes sense in Georgia theres also, potentially, a Supreme Court challenge in the state of Pennsylvania, and then we just learned this morning. Dominion voting systems in Wisconsin or in Michigan will have a chance to review those as well. What else is on your horizon? Just real quick. As far as you advanced this on the field, I think the biggest lawsuit to watch the one that has the most chance of prevailing right now is in Wisconsin, where they clearly have Wisconsin law. The supreme Court basically looked favorably upon the merits of the case and just said, work
your way from the lower court up so Wisconsin is the state to watch Nevada too theres an appeal. Those are the two but weve got to fix mail in voting for this election and the future PETE. There is no doubt about that: Kayleigh Mcenany. Thank you. So much for the update and your.
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