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Restaurant owner on winning $10K for helping veterans

2020-08-22 | 🔗
Rosako Bailey, chef and owner of Rosako’s Soul Food & BBQ, joins ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Come at a better time he is owner manager and chef of rosakos soul, food and barbecue in Texas. He joins us now good morning good morning will so tell us how you got started on this project. What an amazing project, by the way very hard time for everyone, including yourself, tell us how you got started on this project. Well, when I first opened my restaurant, I noticed that somebody was cutting open, my garbage bags, so I started doing some investigation and then one night inaudible, so I ran outside to find out who it was and when I actually took off running to a car, and so I followed him, and I noticed that a couple more boxes on his front seat. I tapped on the window and asked if he was okay, he put his head down. I saw that he had food boxes. I was like sir, you dont have
to eat out my garbage. Can I will feed you. He said thats, okay, I said no, sir. If you are hungry, he said no iyou are packed. I will make room for you. He come in. I made him a bunch of meals and he started to cry, and so one of my customers in the restaurant he was like whats wrong with him. I was like well, he is a vet. He lost his job, he living out of his car. He is having a rough time. The people in my restaurant was like put together money for him. Whatever you put together im in, I ended up adding four hundred dollars. He started crying profusely. I said: what can I do to help vets, so I started my pay. It forward program inaudible, my son Apartment
restaurant and we turned this corner and it was like hundreds of people laying on the ground in Fort Worth, and so my kids asked me: what are they doing? They were like. I was like they are homeless. My son looks at me dad. Can you help them? I son thats too big of a project thats too many people. My son started to cry. I said son whats wrong dad. I know you can help them. You own, your own restaurant. You are always helping people, you are always helping people, so I went home talked to my wife, wife, Jedediah Rosako. I hate to interrupt you, its an amazing endeavor. Have you done such an incredible time when so many people are struggling? Always love gestures made like this large for veteran? Thank you so much for everything you do. I wish your business the best of.
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