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Retired Marine who marched into Portland chaos with American flag says he was attacked by Antifa members

2020-07-24 | 🔗
Gabriel Johnson tells 'Fox & Friends' what happened when he tried to bring a message of unity to the protests.
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Steve Ainsley and Brian back to you Steve. Thank you very much. Meanwhile, after eight weeks of meanwhile, after eight weeks of unrest in Portland, a local vet decideded to March right into th chaos hoping to talk sense into the protesters, if you stand for justice, come here and stand for me, im here for justice, im not hear to tear down not here to spray paint its going on every day, Steve the Portland Native says. His call for unity was only joined with more violence, retired Marine, Gabriel Johnson, Gabriel. Good morning to you good Morning, Steve Steve. In that introduction they said you there were to talk sense into the protesters. Is that what you were trying to do? What I was actually trying to do is just take the american flag and use its symbol of unity
so bridge the divide, possibly start a conversation with some of the protesters that are down there to let them know that what is going on is beyond the message. I think the message has been lost at this point with the onslaught of Antifa their tactics. This has to stop Steve. I know thats how you feel so Gabriel. You walked out with the american flag and you thought you were going to get one response from the people there and what do they do to you? What do they say? I was called the n word. I was called a coon. I was called Uncle Tom all by blacks. I was attacked and when I say attacked not only verbally, but with a baseball bat
Steve, you were attacked with a baseball bat. Yes, I had Antifa members come at me with a baseball bat and two civilians stepped in the way. I was very, very surprised. Probably the most inspiring thing was. I saw that whole night was the fact that these two was the fact that these two people came to my call for turn. They came and protected. Me Steve calls for social justifiable in the wake of the George Floyd killing. But since then- and you saw this with your own two eyes- you feel that Antifa has infiltrated this movement and you see the coordination and you see that these are anarchists and they are not. They are using using Thi moment and this movement to do what they do. I wouldnt call them
anarchists. I would call them terrorists thats exactly what they do. They have infiltrated black lives mattered. Antifa woman that followed me that showed me. The video all day long was in a black lives matter, t shirt, black lives matter, face mask and hoodie, with Antifa pin on her sweatshirt and radio in hand. If that isnt a coordinated effort, and if those people arent infiltrated involved, CO opted this moment, then I dont know what else to say: Steve there you go. The president has sent some federal officers into your town to protect the assets there. You know every morning we wake up and we show these images of the protests, and you know, tear gas and stuff like that. Have you thought about moving out of Portland?
This is my city I was raised here. I will not let a bunch of terrorist thugs run me out of my city. I completely understand you tried to make a statement last week with the american flag and the baseball bat and Antifa what a story you have got. Gabriel, Johnson, a retired marine, thank you for your service and thanks for getting.
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