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Retired officer on Dallas police chief resigning after criticism: The department needs leadership

2020-09-10 | 🔗
Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall is one of many police chiefs stepping down from her position amid the growing unrest; reaction and analysis from C'mone Wingo, retired police officer, on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Ainsley, the first Dallas police Ainsley, the first Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall resigning after a three year tenure hall, joining a agreeing list of police chiefs stepping down across the country calls for unrest and police reform. Si money, Wingo worked with Chief hall and spent twenty nine years in the Dallas police force and Jinsz joins us now to react good morning to you good morning. Ainsley. Thank you for having me. Thank you for having me Ainsley. You are welcome. Ainsley every day you get up, you cisz your loved ones, goodbye you put your uniform on and badge on and face the unknowns. What exactly are officers and police chiefs going through well in for chief hall? I think that you know she started the class of leaders, it wasnt just the leaders, but the very officers who served under her leadership. You know from the beginning, from the beginning,
she came in agenda in her agenda. Didnt include the most teble youred commanders on the department. She demoted a lot of them and it didnt go over. Well, I think the beginning of her decline was when hundreds were arrested, including those who marched on the city bridge during the George Floyd protest. Most of them were charged and then the charges were immediately dropped. This made the city look really really bad, and everyone knows that politicians hate to look bad, so I think, under these circumstances, its just time you know it looks like these officers need someone to fight for them. They need to fight for each other. The Dallas police Department, as well as all the law enforcement profession as a whole, they are under attack at this time and saved Dallas police officers are looking for a leader who can take on the role and fight for them. They want a lead, tore leads from
the front and the city is facing historical. You know, murders, robberies, violent crimes, and you know just as you said, when an officer puts on their uniform and their badge and they leave their loved ones and families at home. They are facing the unknown. They just want to know that they have someone thats going to have their back under these circumstances. Chief hall, she has done the best that she can, but she has faced a lot of adversity, and so I think that she feels like its time to you, know, pull out because its the best time Ainsley she is not alone. She wrote in a letter. She said that the city has dealt with unthinkable events, series of events and she added that she was proud of implementing her reforms and she resigned like I said she is not alone. Thirteen police chiefs have stepped down three in Texas, one in New York, three in South Carolina Illinois, Washington, two in Virginia one in Georgia and one in Oregon. So when were looking at replacements for these individuals, what exactly who
needs to have these leadership roles? Well, I think leadership. They need to be someone who is strong, who is not afraid to voice their opinions? Who is going to have the officers back ultimately thats what the department needs? They need one going to take on the role of leadership. Who is not going to be afraid to stand up to these politicians and say absolutely not? Who is not going to be afraid to write letters and to say and come to the table in respect of the police officer and say hey? This is what we need. Officers are needing that because they are bailing left and right. Officers are leaving these large cities and going to smaller cities where they are appreciated because they feel like they need to be appreciated. So does the chief they feel like this is the time to bail, because the appreciation isnt there Ainsley is that how you felt when you retired, when I retired, let me tell you I left I called in on Christmas day and said you know what this is my last day,
they thought. Are you going to go on vacation? I said no, this is it for me. I just felt it. I knew it was the right time and thats exactly what I did. I Ainsley thank you so much for welcome us. Thank you for your time and duty and protecting the wonderful.
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