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Retired U.S. Army Captain Chad Fleming profiled in new book ‘Modern Warriors’

2020-11-29 | 🔗
Fleming joins ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss his military service and transition to civilian life.
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Pete another edition, a special episode of modern warriors set to air tonight on the Fox NEWS Channel, highlighting four soldiers who made unimaginable sacrifice on the battlefield and inspired countless Americans as they made the difficult transition back to civilian life. Our next guest is one of those heroes. He served six tours in the armys Elite, 75th Ranger Regiment, even returning to combat after he lost his leg, to serve again joining us with his incredible story: retired Army, Ranger, Chad, Fleming Brother Good morning. How are you doing brother PETE Good morning? How are you doing PETE Great man a month since I saw you in Texas, shooting guns? Everybody knows this. Shad is much better shot. We had some fun if you would deployed six times five after losing your leg wounded, multiple times what motivates Chad phlegming to keep going back, served in the greatest country in the world teammates
to the right and to the left the bond with the people. There is nothing like it when you deploy to a foreign country, and you have to defend this country and so really was easy decision to make PETE Chad. I mentioned you redeploying, after losing a leg, lets play a clip. A portion of tonights episode. Well, get you to respond on the other side, the first time going back over after this injury. You know I, as I was coming off the aircraft. I was smelling the same smells that I smelled when I was being put on the aircraft, which was a medical aircraft to get out of there. Youre just overwhelmed with thoughts, youre overwhelmed with emotions, because you have a daily reminder of what happens if something goes wrong. Pete, Chad, it is an amazing episode. Your story is incredible. How did you very rare thing for someone to lose a leg and then go back and pull the trigger again? How did you make that happen?
It wasnt. Just me t was the people that were around me. We all like to think were superhumans and all that good stuff, but were really not. It is about the people that support you once I made the decision to go back to continue to serve one is was fairly easy. It is something that I always wanted to do. It is in my heart, its a passion that I had and once the people surrounded me to make that happen, there was no stopping at that point, something I had to do. Pete I Wilill say Chad youre the closest thing to superhuman I witnessed in person no doubt about that the enemy looking around. We thought we had that Guy Robocop is back. How is he back stoking fear into the minds of the enemy? One other thing we talk about. Chad. A lot is transition back to civilian life. What has your advice been? Your experience been taking the uniform off and coming back I tell all the veterans PETE as a military veteran. You have so much to offer the civilian world civilian world.
Everything from easy things like punciality to you are highly sought after in the civilian world. Dont sell yourself short, go into the mind, set understand that I have something to give back. You have done it once volunteering for your country. Now you have the opportunity to go, give back in a different role: PETE, Chad, real quick. You do a lot of motivational speaking were in one of those moments, whether uncertainty, politically Covid 19. What is your advice to people who are being told were headed into a dark winter? Not every day is good day, but look to find the good in one day. Well, wake up at some point. We think the end of the world is coming its not the fact you woke up took a breath youre fifty percent of a good day right there find the rest of it and run with it were never guaranteed anything
in this life. Pete Chad, when the end of the world does come, make sure youre on my side. That is all I ask well be there. Pete Pete Chad came out in the book modern warriors named after the series Chad Phlegming in the Republic of Texas, thanks for being with us this morning, thanks PETE see ya.
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