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Rick Harrison shares perspective on Trump message, Las Vegas coronavirus lockdown recovery

2020-09-13 | 🔗
'Pawn Stars' host Rick Harrison joins 'Fox & Friends Weekend.'
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President Trump, no time before President Trump no time before, has there been a clearer choice between two parties or two visions: two philosophy: two agendas for the future. There has never been anything like this on November 3Rd Nevada will decide whether we will quickly return to record prosperity like we had. We had the greatest economy in the history, not of our country in the world. Will President Trump promising record economic growth, warning Nevada, voters against the Democrats, economic socialist economic agenda, our next guest lives in LAS Vegas and will be attending the presidents event today. Pawn stars host Rick Harrison joins us now, thanks for being here really appreciate it break down Nevada for us right now, the presidents there and dedicated to winning it. You were there in twenty sixteen. Does it look different this time it looks way different, remember two thousand and sixteen Donald Trump was still a politician with a bunch of promises and no track record, and you know, quite frankly,
most people were sitting around thinking well, thats. What every politician says theyre going to do this this and this, but Trump actually did it. He literally did just like he just said, made the greatest economy in the world, and you know four years ago you didnt see that many trump signs I mean yesterday I was out, and there was it looked like two thousand votes and a Trump boat parent trade. I was talking to people out there talking to a woman in in her 40s, never voted in her life and registered to vote voting for Trump, and I think hes definitely got. Ah. I think the polls are skewed polls dont work, the way they used to because lets face it. Ninety of the people they get that call on their cell phone. They immediately hang up PETE yeah its, not clear, theres a whole lot of accuracy. There ive heard reports that LAS Vegas is still struggling in the middle of covid. Here is it? Is it not? Will that help hurt whats your take? Well, no, no Vegas is deeply
deeply struggling because we have a governor who doesnt you know. Hes turned Covid political, and you know I mean the entire LAS Vegas economy is based on tourism. My pawn shops based on tourism, my restaurant, my bar all of the showrooms on the strip, are dark PETE, but do they pin that on the president or the governor? How does that break? Most people in the state are pinning it on the governor. I think hes handled this terribly and people in the state are not happy with the governor. I dont think he has a chance at all of getting re elected, PETE. Well, Rick, Harrison. Good luck enjoy the day today. Keep us posted. We appreciate your time.
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