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Rioters destroy Kenosha business owner's family store

2020-08-29 | 🔗
Kenosha furniture store owner Scott Carpenter lost his family's business in the riots that followed the police shooting of Jacob Blake.
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Plus zero percent interest for sixty months on all smart beds ends Monday message to rioters next PETE a family business burned to the ground in Kenosha this week, torching b and L offers furniture and several other businesses in response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake. The business was started by the carpenter family forty years ago. They are now vowing to rebuild joining us now with is Scott the manager at B and l thanks for being here, im sorry for what happened. You noted that on Monday, when you locked your doors to your business, you thought it might be the last time you would see it and unfortunately you were correct talk to us about how you begin the process of rebuilding. How did this happen? The process of rebuilding? We have customers that have to be taken care of theyre depending on their furniture. You know as crazy as it sounds.
Their business still has to go forward being in this for forty two years, you just cant fold up and shut the doors and say oh well, im defeated im not going to let this defeat us. We need to push forward if we show that this defeated us, the people who did this they won. You know PETE Scott. If you saw this coming, which you felt like, did you? Why didnt your political leaders, mayor governor others? Why didnt they step in the national guard? Is there now but thats too late for you, its foot that should have been taken care of a long time ago? I feel that comments that our governor had made were fueled the fire by him, not accepting the fact that our President Donald Trump was wanting to send. You know a greater amount of troops in and he turned it down. I dont know how that all works
out, but I just think that that was just a political bone. Headed move PETE. You know how to t works out because it is political. You are precisely right, whats your message to the rioters: they dont know you, they dont know your political beliefs, but yet they burned your furniture store down yeah. My message to them is: you are defeeding the cause that you know the protesters you are defeating. The protesters cause the rioters its just hatefulness. I dont understand where that hate comes in somebodys heart that they want to destroy that they want to destroy peoples. Businesses. In my personal opinion, you will get further with love than this PETE Amazing Dispotion, for what you and your business have gone through. If you want to help Scott and their family rebuild, find go fund me page on Foxnews DOT, com.
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