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Rivera rips NYC officials' 'arrogance of power' as public schools close again

2020-11-20 | 🔗
Fox News Correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera reacts to New York's second coronavirus shutdown on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Hope you are too you and Erika. What do you think? No national shutdown but hes, considering still on the table that mandate to wear a mask, everyone has to wear a mask. Is that a good idea? Geraldo, I dont know I dont know what they should do and what they shouldnt do. I think wearing masks are polite, whether they work or not its so far beyond debate people should just wear a damn mask whats the problem I was sitting here Ainsley. I was distracted, the old saying of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest of those it might have been so watching the guy from Pfizer saying that hes going for the emergency use authorization today. What if it was three weeks ago that he had the same announcement, how different world history would be if Pfizer and Moderna had announced that they had the fabulous vaccine and our issues, our problems were almost over and President
Trump would because he was the architect of it. He would have you know benefited. I think the election would have been entirely different story. If but for timing, I had an idea with the world so divided and everybody telling him he has to give up and time to leave and time to transition and all the rest of it. Why not name the vaccine, the Trump make it have you gotten your trump, yet it would be a nice gesture to him and years from now it would become kind of a generic name. Have you got your trump yet I got my trump im. Fine, I wished we could honor him in that way, because hes definitely the prime architect of this operation, warp, speed and and but for him wed still be waiting. You know into the grim winter for for these amazing, miraculous breakthroughs. While we wait for the cavalry to come and third vaccine to
come, and we will have a great two thousand and twenty one in the meantime, shutdown after shutdown, business after business going belly up in New York, they are shutting schools in California. The governor goes out and does what he wants. What about the shutdowns? We already know it didnt work the first time and destroyed the economy in the process, even though the vice president, and if he becomes President im not going to have a shut down, you might as well youre doing the same thing again. Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom are similar personalities. They are larger than life. I want things the way they want things. What happened in New York yesterday showed arrogance of power that I thought was really very untoward and unfortunate when they shut down public schools again when they shut
down the public schools. Again one point: one million young people now released on to the streets of the city. A lot of them have working moms, you know with other small children at home. You know, homes are stressed single family Brian. The rate is below two percent. Its a joke. Geraldo seems to me that egotistic attitude is driving rather than science. He said no doubt about it for K through twelve weve examined. All of the data safest place for children is to be in school in person in school, and why dont we get that. Why are we afraid of teachers? Union is that what it really comes down to as something so common? As that I I hate that I think its a terrible, terrible idea and for me to come
home for me to be here in my hometown and to look around. You know the avenues and see all of the plywood and closed hotels. Im the only person in my hotel, big, high rise, hotel, famous hotel, the bars have been broke off Brian. I know its so sad. The city needs Brian. The governor writes a book on the good job he does Geraldo. Your daily briefings are a huge hit. The reason they tune in is because they hate Trump and they look for him to jab trump and the result is people ultimately look at the emperor and he has no clothes on and right now. Andrew Cuomo has a lot to answer for nursing, home infections and a lot of other things that did not go perfectly well that were
maybe submerged because of politics Steve, I think youre, probably right speaking of politics Geraldo, we heard before the election that the the plan of the progressives and including the squad is so called squad of Freshmen Congress. People was to get Joe Biden elected as whatever he wanted to be centrist, moderate whatever, and then they would drag him to the political left because they have an agenda and yesterday, as you can see in the images yesterday from the steps to have Dnc, they were out in force and they were reminding Joe Biden. You won because of us, and we want you to make sure that you incorporate folks that we want on your cabinet, and the green new deal is something America has got to have here are those people I was talking about yesterday directly talking to Joe Biden
thats. What our next move is to make sure that the Biden administration keeps its promise we have to organize for it. We have to bring the heat for it. I urge you all to continue raising this issue, because we hear you we are here with you and we standby you. We are going make sure that the Biden administration sticks to our timeline and moving towards our timeline, and so I ask all of you: do not move from the needle do not Steve. What do you think Geraldo? Do you think theyll be effective? Would they be able to drag him further to the left than he is comfortable with Geraldo? You know, Steve having an agenda is different than having a mandate. They have an agenda. I agree. They have an agenda whether its green new deal. You know critical race theory teaching whatever they have an agenda, but the results of this election Steve indicated that there is zero appetite for that agenda in the
United States. Today we are a conservative nation and in many ways I dont mean conservative politics. We are slow to change when he want consensus. We go with the flow and we have an idea. We go with it: theres, no kind of consensus, theres, no ground swell of support for the green new deal or any of the other activist programs. This this crowd is totally out of touch. They better check with Nancy Pelosi, because the last time I looked, the democratic majority in the House of Representatives had been wheedled down to 5 6 members, a couple of defectors, a couple of them being conservative Nancy Pelosi may have a very difficult time controlling her own house, caucus much less passing sweeping legislation that changes the way. You know people do business in this country, Ainsley yeah. I have to imagine shes walking on egg shells and.
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