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RNC guests harassed by protesters as they left the White House

2020-08-30 | 🔗
Insight from Libby Albert, executive director of the WalkAway Foundation.
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More fox, amp friends, next PETE, the Rnc highlighting former Democrats, former socialists who walked away from the party and are now supporting President Trump Liberalisms changed and I dont fit there anymore. Im a Democrat. My parents are Democrats, Democrats sort of get people hooked on this drug of free money. Basically saying: if you want your fix, you have to keep voting for us. His entire campaign works for all Americans. It was a turning point for me. You can actually go from being a democratic social. U dot S to a Trump supporter socialist to a Trump supporter PETE. Our next guest was in that video and then was attacked by protesters on Thursday upon leaving the White House joining me now. Is the executive director of the hashtag walk away, Foundation7Rggq2O34 Libby! Thank you. So much for being here, I loved that portion of the video. Where you say hey, you can go from being a Bernie Sanders supporter to a Trump supporter. How does that happen
break down? They feel like very different views of the world. Absolutely one hundred percent- and I want the let people know- and I want the let people know this didnt happen overnight by any- is stretch. So I was a hard core Bernie supporter in two thousand and sixteen even after the Dnc railroaded him in the primary. I wrote him in on the general election. I was not giving up. However, my husband, who was also a Bernie supporter, switched to being a trump supporter at the time. I didnt think anything of it because we werent being fed all of the false narratives from the media as we are now, and so we just kind of went on, but eventually the talking points started being fed to us and I fell for them hook, line and sinker and began to believe that my husband was some monster, but eventually, after probably eighteen
months of us in some very awkward conversation, a little rjn dot, Phlwxfgdcys Bitzc began to make me open my eyes to perhaps not everything is, as it seems, and in June of two thousand and eighteen I had found brandons original viral walk away. Video watched it and immediately felt a connection immediately felt a connection, because one of the biggest concerns I had is. I had denounced the Democrat Party that all of my black friends and family, my gay friends and family, would suddenly believe I was this closeted racist home phobe can homophobe, and when I saw this, it spoke to me so I created my video testimonial and put it onto the Facebook group. Brandon actually saw it and we got in touch with it. We became friends. I started volunteering for the cam campaign
and by the time the end of twenty eighteen came around. We had filed to become a nonprofit and he asked me to come on PETE and two years later, Libby youre in one of the most powerful videos in the Rnc on the White House lawn, but you walked out of the gates of that amazing event. Very dle3 did that affirm for you why you walked away one hundred percent, but you know I wanted its so its indicative of such a bigger issue. Even though, even though my this is not even though my this is not about emotional scars, this is indicative of mob rule with impunity. This has to stop and unfortunately, its going to get worse and worse and worse until democratic leadership, steps in and takes a stand, PETE Boy, they have not its a sad situation, PETE they havent at all Libby Albert Congratulations again, thank you for that powerful testimonial and your husband.
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