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Rob Smith: Biden's comments show how Democrats really feel about Black Americans

2020-08-07 | 🔗
Joe Biden says the Black community lacks diversity of thought compared to the Latino community; Rob Smith, Iraq War veteran and Turning Point USA spokesperson, reacts.
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Ainsley all right, thank you, Carley Brian, over to you, Brian Joe Biden, facing backlash after making this comparison between African Americans and Latinos. What you dont know. Unlike the african american community, the latino community is with incredibly different attitudes. You go to Florida. You find a very different attitude about immigration in certain places than do you when you are in Arizona so its a very different, very diverse community Brian here to react. Turning point spokesperson, the author of the new book: always a soldier Rob Smith Rob how did you handle that comment? Look every once in a while, the beneath the veneer of top inclusivity, slip and Democrats, let you know who they really are and how he had feel about black Americans. Joe Biden, saying black Americans too stupid to have diversity of thought.
Is he saying community is not as diverse in thought than other communities by the way this comes a few months after he said that you aint black. If you dont vote for him, this is what he truly thinksthink african Americans, its offensive and gross. Let me tell you something: I have a chapter in my book. Always the soldier called the Kanye effect why black Americans are leaving Democrats behind. This is why black Americans are leaving Democrats behind. We are tired of being manipulated and lied to say by the way we are tired of being traded for illegal immigrants. He had another interview yesterday where he said that illegal immigrants should have the same rights as everybody else, and this proportionately effects the jobs and the skills and the wages of black Americans. So how I would respond to this is to tell Joe Biden that black Americans do have diversity of thought. We have always had diversity of thought and you need to stop hanging
around these black liberal, Leftists Inleftist and the MSNBC. You are hanging out with and get out in the free world and hang out with real african Americans that have very different viewpoints about a lot of different things, Brian told by Char La Main, the God. If you arent voting for me, you aint black char la main, came back and said I wish Joe Biden would shut up blank forever and act like is he starring in the movie quiet place? He gets the african american community worried because they didnt come out for Hillary Clinton, the numbers they came out for Barack Obama, so you can sit there and wait for Joe Biden to screw up. But if you are president trump you cant just say, I funded black traditional black colleges, you cant just say I have empowerment zone enterprise zones. What could he do to show the black community? He is a legitimate alternative.
I think that this is the same. What he can do to show the black community that he is. The alternative is the same thing that he can do to show all Americans that he is the person that is going to bring our economy back to at least something close to whether a it was before we had the greatest economy in the history of this country before the coronavirus pandemic, and this is something that benefited all Americans, and particularly African Americans. So right now you have Joe Biden who people are not particularly thrilled with on the left black Americans in particular. I do not believe that they are going to show up for him. So what the president needs to do right now is to tell african american community that I have done all of this stuff before with the economy. Can I do it again? I am the one and honestly Brian. He just needs to play those comments about Joe Biden talking about illegal immigrants. Black Americans are waking up to
how we have been traded for illegal immigrants by the left. They realize it. They see it in their own communities. They need to underline that and if they do that, if the president does that, if the Republican Party does that, then they have really put forward a very clear demarcation between President Trump and Joe Biden, and I think that if, if they do that effectively enough, then more black Americans will go for Trump Brian Rob Smith its interesting, because Joe Biden seems to be making the black community rethink their allegiance to him because he keeps showing himself over and.
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