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Rob Smith on Herman Cain's legacy, Black Democrat Trump supporter calling out MSNBC host

2020-07-31 | 🔗
Iraq War veteran and Turning Point USA spokesman Rob Smith discusses what he calls the double standard and hypocrisy facing Black people who support the president.
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A wonderful man and a deer, a wonderful man and a deer frienddearfriend of Mine Herman was a very special person PETE President Trump among the many, including our next guest, paying tribute to form everywhere. Presidential candidate and Rnc Co Chair Herman Cain, Brian Rob Smith joins us. I understand had you interaction with Herman Cain and he gave u some advice. Yeah I did. I was down in Dallas for the premier of the documentary called Uncle Tom. Its an oral history of african american conservative Herman Cain was featured very prominently in this documentary. Just his life story was so incredible from growing up in a three room house, his mother was a domestic worker. I believe his father was a limo driver and to have risen up to become the ceo of godfathers. Pizza for a decade is really quite remarkable and big part of that documentary.
I met Herman. He was so warm and friendly and generous. I remember he told me and a lot of black conservatives that were there for that event. He just said keep on going and just work harder. I think that is what his life was all about, and he was such an amazing guy and im so glad that he was so featured in that documentary, because its going to have his story in time and perpetuity so for and more people can discover it rob. He was a bold antiestablishment conservative voice, black American who said hey it doesnt matter what my skin color is it matters? What I believe another someone similar to that is a representative. A democrat name is Vernon Jones. He has been on our show multiple times, open, outspoken supporter of the president. He was on another network yesterday and here is the exchange that he was confronted with. Are you a paid campaign surrogate? Are you being compensated? Let me be clear: you get paid to shape a liberal narrative.
You get paid to attack this president. I dont get a dime from this president. I dont get a dime from the campaign. Everything I has done is me and based on my principle, thats a problem when an african American that is sir, did I not raise. Let me finish: let me finish. No, no. You are not going to imply. I asked that question because you are black, so dont ask me that you only asked me that, because I dont fit your narrative, Herman Cain didnt fit a lot of peoples. Narrative too rob. Why did he confront that kind of question? Why did he get it? Thats, one of the most delicious television moments I have ever seen in my life Melvin was shook. So look the thing about fraternal trump supporters is that there is a double standard right. If I were on one of the other networks- and I sat here and bashed the president every single day, like their revolving cadre of black liberal commentators, do nobody would question that when you are an african American, you get people calling you a drifter and saying
you are getting paid. Whatever representative Jones made a very good point in highlighting that double standard and hypocrisy. So when I decided to start supporting the president, I was supporting the first step act that freed a lot of criminals that were in prison for nonviolent offenses, ninety one percent of whom were african American. I was voting for permanently funding. Historically, black colleges and universities right: this is what the president has done when I decided to start supporting the president. This is things actually done. I write about this. Always a soldier chapter called Kanye effect. Why black Democrats are leaving Democrats behind? We are leaving them behind because we know they traded us for illegal immigrants and standing up against this old structure. That decides to tell us who we are or to smear us or to call US drifters or whatever, just because we are not Democrats thats. The reason why I wrote always a soldier Ainsley. Do you think that there are a lot of african Americans
that are supporting president Trump more so than we know, and they just are afraid to talk about it? There was a recent study that was out and said that sixty two percent of Americans dont want to talk about who they are voting for right now, yeah. I think that I think there are a lot of black Americans that are out there that are supporting the president and other republican candidates, and the thing about it is that what these people to do black entertainers athletes, actors, whatever they want to shame people for their vote, particularly black people, that support the president. So I think that there is a large amount of people that are out there that are just staying silent. That will pull the lever. What I will also say- and I write about this- in always a soldier as Well- is that there are black trump supporters that have faced actual physical violence. I write about multiple examples of this, and that is another thing that people are weary about as well. These are african american black Trump supporters that were physically attacked for wearing
make America great again. Caps were physically attacked for wearing clothing that supports the president, so that is a thing that people are very weary of, as well. Brian one just got stabbed in Portland. He was on with Tucker last.
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