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Rob Smith on violence against Trump supporters: 'I’m not seeing any unity or healing'

2020-11-17 | 🔗
Author of 'Always A Soldier' Rob Smith argues Biden has not condemned violence enough after Trump supporters were attacked at 'Million MAGA March.'
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Cheers Brian there you go, we have been telling you about Trump supporters targeted by violence this weekend attacked by fireworks and glass bottles as they attended a million Maga March in D, DOT C Steve yesterday, in a statement issued through his spokesperson, Joe Biden says: he continues to quote: denounce all acts of violence actually without mentioning Antifa or black lives matter or any of the rioters or groups by Name Ainsley, Ainsley, thats right, our next guest was at the march. His name is Rob Smith. The author of always a soldier and host of the Rob Smith, is problematic, podcast and joins us now rob. What do you think is that enough for him to release a statement saying I denounce all acts of violence. Well, its a weak statement just is, unlike Joe Biden, is a weak person overall, its not if you have to put out this statement after some of the more popular people in the party have pushed forward this you know stay in the street narrative for the past couple months. You had Kamala Harris smiling
when people were out in the streets. Rioting had you, people is unlike Ilhan Omar, who said that this was a quote unquote. Clan rally- this is just not enough from Joe Biden, especially when some of the more popular people in the party are basically saying that this violence is okay, and you know, even outside of the violence is unlike. I think that we talked a lot about the violence that happened at the million Maga March, but even outside of that before night fell. This was a very positive group of people Steve you were there right. I was there and during the day you had black people, white people, whatever american flags, trump flags, pride flags, because the g dot op has basically created this sorts of multiracial working class coalition. The episode of my podcast today is called the Maga movement isnt going anywhere. These seventy million people that voted for President Trump are not going to go anywhere. We are not going quietly into the night and disappear because the left wants us to. It was a very strong show of
support for not only the president, but for the movement that he has created. Brian, hey rob the Womens March got so much publicity after President trumps inauguration right. This was bigger. This was peaceful and you would think that maybe one politician is unlike Joe Biden, would go. Okay. Seventy two million people didnt vote for me, its an all time record and that March is for a guy that is fighting to win in two or three states so clearly have to win people over is the way to win people over to say I denounce all violence generically and get back to his basement. No thats, not the way to win people over honestly to be truthful. I dont think they want to win people over this unity and healing im, not seeing it im, not seeing any unity or healing. The only thing I see is the Steve and Blm wars angry at Trump supporters, women being attacked and children being attacked. Some of the stuff that happened after the sun went down on Saturday night in D, dot C was
really disgusting and its not only on Joe Bidens to just kind of release this statement condemning it. You also have Muriel Bowser. Where was she? Where were the leaders in d dot c to help protect people that were there to exercise their first amendment rights? Steve speaking of leaders, the governor of the great state of California is Gavin Newsom and he has imposed more restrictions on people in advance of Thanksgiving and, as it turns out not long ago, he went to a birthday party at the World Famous Napa Valley, french laundry, where I think dinner starts at three hundred dollars a person and while this particular outdoor dining event did not violate the restrictions at the restaurant per se, they violated what he has been pushing on people, and yesterday watch this, Mr Smith, he actually apologized watch as soon as I sat down at the
larger table. I realized it was a little larger group than I had anticipated and I made a bad mistake. The spirit of what im preaching all the time was contradicted, and I got to own that I want to apologize to you because I need to preach and practice not just preach and not practice, and I have done my best to do it. We are all human, we all fall short, sometimes Steve. Well, you know he saw the table, he could add them up in his head, but he still sat down. I still sat down. Is he not apologizing? Because is he sorry he is apologizing Brian because he got caught because he got caught, whether its Gavin Newsom, whether its Andrew Cuomo, whether its Lori Lightfoot, whether its Gretchen Whitmer? You have all of these authoritarians trying to place limitations on the lives of Americans so much as to even tell us that we cant have Thanksgiving dinners, but yet they are not doing as
they want everybody else to do so it is the height of hypocrisy. And do you really think that Lori Lightfoot or this guy do you think they are going to miss their thanksgiving dinners? I dont think so is. Unlike I said, he is only apologizing because he got caught. I dont think he is very remorseful. I dont think he is sorry. I think he will probably do it again, but he will just make sure that it doesnt get leaked Brian, as he drops his kid off to private school. They dont have to do remote learning. He can afford to send them to private school. Of course, Brian unbelievable. Their checks are still clearing the businesses they destroyed and boarded up. They have to find a way to make money themselves.
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