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Rob Smith reacts to AOC calling for new Democratic leadership

2020-12-19 | 🔗
Turning Point USA spokesperson Rob Smith provides insight on ‘Fox and Friends Weekend.’
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Politicians in the days before his diagnosis will PETE Comrade Cortez might think she knows whats best for the Democratic Party. I do think we need new leadership in the Democratic Party im, not ready ha ha it cant be me. I know I couldnt do that job. Are you ready to say Pelosi and Schumer need to go? I mean I think, so we need to shift power. We need to make sure that we have a transition of power in the leadership of the Democratic Party PETE. Well, her push to shift the party even further left may have just cost her a seat on a key committee, a mod accurate Democrat who defeated a candidate, backed by Comrade Cortez, telling his colleagues im, taking into account who works against other members in primaries and who doesnt we all know who he is talking about here, to react. Turning point: u dot! Sa spokesman, author and host of Rob Smith is Robbatic podcast, thanks for being here,
ultimately, two up for consideration for that last seat. On the Energy Committee there was a secret vote taken amongst Democrats, Cortez lost 43 16 on the secret ballot. So is she as powerful, as the media makes her out to be, I dont believe so PETE at all, and that is quite the lopsided defeat. I think whats going on here is very indicative of a trend that we have seen for quite a while now with the Democratic Party, and this goes even back to when Joe Biden got the nomination, the democratic nomination for president- and this is moderate Democrats and centrist Democrats freezing out these far left radicals of the party who seem to be a lot more popular on Twitter and on the cover of vanity fare than Theyfair thanthe halls of Congre. This new Biden, administration, thats upcoming- you can look at it in the types of people they are picking. We are seeing lots of Obama era swamp creatures. We are seeing some young fresh faces like PETE Buttigieg, who is
very much a moderate to center right Democrat, but we are not seeing people that the far left darlings would hope to see, and some of the people on the far left are very upset about this. I think that AOC being tee feeted for this slot on this committee is very indicative of that trend. Honestly PETE, I like it because these comrade Cortez these people are insane laughter. There are people on the left even on Democrats, that are Democrats that you know we knew that Democrats were before if they are keeping these people out of power all the better for it im totally here for it PETE. You are right. There are Democrats who actually believe in capitalism a few are still around, whereas this new crop says we are all in for socialism and they are trying to hold the hoards off on that. Well part of the one of the groups. Fighting against socialism is turning point and youve got student action summit, which I believe is where you are right now. Sixth annual summit whats the theme for all those students coming down to Florida. This week
you know, look PETE. The theme is the fight against socialism and look. We have to continue to engage our younger generation in the fight against socialism, teach them about conservative values and teach them about how great capitalism really is, and even though you know, we are going into a place where, like I said, AOC is not having a lot of power in the halls of Congress, but these people and the squad are very popular on social media. They are very popular on digital media. God knows they have the entire entertainment industry. What we are doing at turning point? U dot sa is. We are leading the charge against socialism and trying to teach the youth that socialism is bad and we have a lot of amazing speakers. We are trying to think about new fun and different ways to push that message, because we dont have the backing of Hollywood and the entire media in had the entertainment industry behind us. So we have got to get a little more creative and thats. What the all about PETE whats happening in K through twelve classrooms and
universities, embracing soft socialism or straight out Marxism. I will rob actually be joining you down there in a couple days. As a speaker at the summit, I will see you down there absolutely PETE.
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