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Robert Cahaly: Polls are overlooking 'shy' Trump supporters

2020-10-25 | 🔗
Trafalgar Group Chief Pollster Robert Cahaly who accurately predicted the 2016 presidential election claims President Trump will win again in 2020.
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President Trump we had polls come out very strong polls Trafalgar. He called it very accurately last time that were two up points in the Michigan in the Trafalgar poll, which is a very accurate poll PETE President Trump touting polls of our first guest this morning, one of the only pollsters who accurately predicted two thousand and sixteen election. He says the president is on the way to win re election on the shy voters. Robert. Thank you so much for being here. What are you doing? What did you do in twenty? Sixteen, and what are you doing this year to other pollsters are not doing that? Make your polls accurate. Well, we are employing methods. What is called the shy trump effect or the social desirability and thats peoples unwillingness to express an opinion if they think well make them look at in some light to
the person asking the question that is not favorable and it is in way we do it with insuring a little more an themty. We use a mix of all kinds of digital platforms as well. Quick questions. People participate are some of the keys in doing that. Will PETE shorter poll questions so people dont hang on the line, larger sample sizes, the mainstream pollsters dismiss what you do they get it wrong. Do they know that theyre missing these voters that youre talking about I dont know the answer to that. It seems rather strange to me they havent learned any lessons. They say they corrected things. That is nonsense about adjusting their sample for education weighting. Yet when we have again in place in Florida, Gilliam Desantis race last
year, two thousand and eighteen, they were all wrong again, we were the only ones right too PETE. The governors race in Florida take one place in Michigan. It has Trafalgar race in Michigan President up one percent real, clear politics. The famous aggregator has the president down eight points. That is a nine point gap. You have a strong Senate candidate there in John James, when you look at a race like that in particular. Are you confident that the presidents ahead there right now? You know I really am. I look at three factors. One. There is a lot of folks who are absolutely enthralled with John James as a candidate. He is also kind of coming in as outsider, which makes his message mesh very well, giving some strength to the ticket. Also, we cant there is no one that Trump can be more appreciative of than Gretchen
Whitmer, because she is single handedly created environment, where people in Michigan back to business, and that is also an advantage for the president. There PETE yeah a lot of key contrasts there in Michigan. Listen, I for one hope your polling is correct. I think people should be paying a lot of attention to it as POE Es toddies missing it Robert. Thank you. So much for being here pay attention to the polls.
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