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Robert Wolf reacts to Trump saying ‘Biden’s gone further left than Sanders’

2020-08-09 | 🔗
Former Obama Economic Adviser Robert Wolf joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Biden is totally controlled now by the Bernie Sanders left wing of the party and in fact, hes gone further left than Bernie Sanders ever dreamt of going so obviously other than Bernie have brought him left Griff. That was president Trump yesterday calling out Joe Biden, accusing him of moving even further left than Bernie Sanders here to react. Former economic add vise, tore President Obama, Robert Wolf, Hey Robert Good Morning, to you good, to see you Griff Griffs has Biden lurched so far left he cant correct course in come on. You know. Those comments by President Trump are ridiculous. Joe Bidens, not a socialist, so lets just look at the facts. His proposals are both progressive and moderate, depending what you look at
hes, not for Medicare for all but hes for people being allowed to keep their employer based insurance hes, not for the green new deal but hes for climate action hes not for defunding the police hes, not for a wealth tax, but trickle down. Economics is not working and on issues where all Dems are unified, as well as the majority of the United States, such as gun reform and supporting immigration reform and systemic equality, hes the guy whos going to unify our country so and by the way. If you look at Chris Wallaces Interview, we know the stuff the president was talking about on this, so called manifesto. He was making stuff up that wasnt even in the manifesto Griff. Let me bring you back, though Robert, because this is a campaign season like weve, never seen before. The old adage in politics is campaign left or right govern
in the middle, but what we saw in the very first debate of the democratic premauer theyre all for giving health care to all legal immigrants. It was a starting point that was so far left. My I hear you debunking the presidents claims about whether or not Biden signed on to the Bernie Pact and these other things, but if Biden isnt there will the Bernie Bros and that faction of the Democratic Party not vote for him. I mean its clear that this is very different from twenty. Sixteen, the motivation for the Democratic Party to vote is the highest its ever been. We saw that starting in the blue wave in the twenty eighteen, midtermses and weve, seen it ever since, where were winning governorships weve flipped, seven or eight governorships. So this idea that theres a lack of motivation to vote and that Joe Biden isnt going to be able to unify our party is just inaccurate and the issues that we talk
about theyre not far left issues, gun reforms, not a far left issue, Griff Robert, just in the seconds weve got left. Do you believe that the running mate choice, which were going to get any day now will indicate how far left hell govern? I dont, because I think that if you look at the people who are up for it, Kamala Harris Susan Rice, Karen Bass, theyre President Bush, I would say theyre pretty much. I would say pretty much somewhere between progressive and moderate laughter, Griff well, depending on how progressive or moderate that person is, I think, its going to.
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