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Rove: Biden moved left to unite the Democratic Party

2020-08-18 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Karl Rove and Fox Nation host Lawrence Jones break down top takeaways from the first night of the Democratic National Convention.
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Large, it has worked ooption im. Sorry, we must have been record that lets bring in Fox NEWS contributor, former senior advisor and chief of staff for George W Bush on top of his resume is Fox NEWS analyst right now, and that is Karl Rove Lawrence Jones is also here, Karl for you, its a first for even a guy as experienced as you. What did you think of night, one, the virtual dnc? Well within its limitations? It worked. We are no longer participants, even though we sat in our living rooms and n past year and Wachingsd Quengszs, the fact there was a crowd and audience and speeches- and you know the back and forth between the commentators about the latest gossip on the floor of the Democratic National Convention felt like participants, four just sedate observers. I did. It was an effective night though they had two messages were a United Party and Donald Trump is the problem and were not Donald Trump, now their weaknesses on that going forward, but it was an effective first night. It
had its moments of humor too. I enjoyed being lectured about coronavirus by the governor of New York, since more people have died in New York than in California, Texas and Florida combined, and I also liked Bernie Sanders talking about Authorism defended Fidel Castro and Honey Miewnsd in the Soviet Union. Now lecturing us about authoritarianism a little bit of humor there, Steve Lawrence, I heard you were in Wilmington you crossed with one of our correspondents on the ground there, so you were able to watch a bit of it. What did you think yeah? It was interesting to me because I agree with Karl and I disagree with him. They presented Anti Trump message seemed like progressives the night. They are the only ones who laid out for I think its, that that wins, the elections right there
and so the progressives and the moderates are going to have to decide what message theyre going to go with going forward. On the other hand, I was disappointed when John Kasich gave his speech okay to be anti Trump and disagree with the president. It seemed like he wanted to blame just specifically on Trump. Instead of Republicans like him that set it up for Trump to be the nominee, obviously the leaders in the Republican Party went somewhere wrong thats. Why people sent a Donald Trump in there disagree with him, but there has to be intellectual curiosity to say what can we do differently to readjust the party he didnt present that he acted like a child? He got defeated by the Democrats. He got defeated by Donald Trump and he took his toys and went to the other side. I think thats, very lazy. Ainsley Democrats were there attempting to unified
the president was out on the campaign trail in the battle ground states. This is what he said in Oshkosh. Wisconsin Biden is just a trojan horse for socialism. He is just a trojan horse. He has no clue, but the people around him are tough and they are smart, but we disagree with them very, very strongly. They are mean and theyre angry, but these are people that are seriously radical left. Joe Biden is nothing but their puppet. So, Karl you remember, the Greeks hid inside the Trojan horse that they built pushed it inside Troy and then the men get out and they win the war. Is that what he is saying is he saying they are going to use Biden to use the Trojan horse to get them to d dot c and progressive, also jump out? Biden has been very accommodating to the left. He won by being the traditional Democrat thats how he won the nomination im, not one of those people on the left of the party, then after winning the
nomination thinking that he had to do so. In order to unify the party he moved left and endorsed a series of left wing politicians. I thought Bernie Sanders remarks were clear effort stated by Biden you promised with these working groupings that produced one hundred and fifty page paper. You promised to support all of these left wing. No Sir strips im going to list them off for you laying down a marker for Biden, saying if you get elected, expect my and the people arranged to live up to each one of these promises that may be find at the democratic convention come to Texas and say we are going to get rid of your right to work law go to Houston and say we are going to get rid of your fossil fuels and raise your utility bills and erase power plants and power plants and make you depend on more expensive sources of energy to power your homes. There is lots of bad stuff in there for a general election
lots of good stuff for a democratic convention cant. Have it both ways? One agenda cant be a moderate and say Bernie. I will do everything you want or some of what you want. Big story is Joe Biden and he is the person believe it or not. Even though it took thirty minutes for his name to come up last night, he is the person really being interviewed to be president of the United States. I understand Lawrence that you went out and about to talk to people about Delaware to find out what he actually accomplished in their eyes. If you can name one accomplishment of Biden, what would you say? Is he a Democrat thats? It policy? Oh gosh, there have been so many I cant. Just one laughter feel like he has accomplished anything in the forty seven years of politics. Not really
do the gaffes concern you maam sure, because it makes me think. Maybe everything is not all right. Do the gaffes concern you of Joe Biden? No him not remembering certain things. No, I have been around a long time, joes gaffes and gaffes, but he still gets the job done. Hes, not a young man anymore and as you grow older, you start losing your faculties a little bit Brian Lawrence. We saw what you came up with. Did you find people wanted to talk to you about Joe Biden? They, like him yeah, I mean even some of those people. That said they couldnt describe what his one accomplishment. They were supporters of him. I mean these are the people that should know him best. I mean he was elect to the Senate at thirty. He has been in policy for thirty seven years and they couldnt name one signature piece of legislation or anything that he has done for them. I think thats, where the message is going to be very problematic for Joe Biden. Not only does he not understand where hes at today- and I mean when it comes to the policy
decisions, it seems like the progressives, have taken over his campaign choices and where he stands on the issues, but they really cannot name. What is that? One thing that Joe Biden is going to go out every single day and fight for thats going to be the problem with the democratic party? It cannot be just Anti Donald Trump message, yes be against Donald Trump. That is your prerogative. What roux going to do to move the country forward? They dont know what that is. Progressives have a message going around the country I reported on that they know what they stand for the democratic party. Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat, he caucuses with them, but is he not a democratic? They dont know where they stand. As a party Steve, the reason we are having this kind of a convention is because of the coronavirus not much we can do other than we we are doing right now. Regarding that there is something we can do about law and order. You see whats going on in
Americas cities, and we ran that horrific video guy being Draxdal dragged out of that truck out in Portland. There was no mention at the Dnc last night talking about the violent protests across the violent protests across the country. Things like that. You think we will hear it on day, two or three or four, or is this a subject? Donald Trump wins. I dont think we will hear it its amaze ago, big majority in this country and refer to you see it in a lot of polling. I refer to one of them reporter up Sis poll, one of the first to come out and in the immediate aftermath of George Floyds death, the poll found. Seventy three percent of the people found that the peaceful protest following his death were justified and seventy nine percent said that the violence connected with some of those protests was not justified under any reason, and I couldnt know mined dishonored
George Floyds death. We have between three out of four or four out of five Americans saying the protests are justified, but violence is not Joe Biden. Cant bring himself to condemn the violence. I seen one instance in which he had like four words that condemned the violence other times in the midst of this violence. He is either silent most of the time or occasionally talks about peaceful protesters. I think he would have a lot to gain if he would condemn the violence we saw in Seattle and places like Chicago. He just wont. Do it and its inexplicable to me touch gain and little to lose. Is he creating an opening for the president if the issue comes down to who, as president of the United States is going to stand with, the blue line, stand behind the men and women in police departments and be in favor of the rule of law? The answer is going to be Donald Trump at this point, not anywhere close to Joe Biden,
Steve all right Lawrence Jones comes down to safety. The Democrats are making this very unfair for the american people. They want alternative. You have other people on the other side of the aisle, forcing people to choose their safety over every single issue. There are people who have genuine critiques of the president, but when it comes down to it, a lot of the Democrats are also upset about whats happening in America as well. I have tons of liberal friends. The majority of my friends are liberal, even though im on the right- and they say they are sick of it. They are sick of the cuomos of the world. They are sing of the De Blasio I donts of the world sick of what is happening in Chicago its been going on for a long time. It seems to me that the progressives put gasoline on a fire. People will choose their safety every time over every single issue.
You cannot have liberty. If you dont have life, you cannot choose education and what people talk about when it comes to environment policy or the economy. If you arent safe and people again will choose their safety every single time.
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