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Rubin: Nancy Pelosi either didn't know her policies closed salons or she doesn't care

2020-09-02 | 🔗
Pelosi faces backlash for visiting shuttered salon; 'Don't Burn This Book' author Dave Rubin reacts.
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Steve despite the fact that San Steve, despite the fact that San Francisco hair salons, have been closed, locked up for the most part since the month of March, that is Nancy Pelosi in the smock right there, shes being followed by a man in San Francisco at 310 in the afternoon at a place called e salon, even though nobody could legally get a hair cut or any sort of treatment at indoor personal care facilities. There is the speaker of the house, seemingly breaking the rules and not wearing a mask lets bring in Dave Ruben author of dont burn this book. Thinking for yourself and an age of unreason. He joins us from California, hes not wearing a mask either Dave. What do you think about the hypocrisy here? Well that little video should be the video of twenty twenty, because that sums up with no audio it sums up exactly
what the Democrats have decided to do, which is do, as I say, not as I do shes now claiming she didnt know what the policy was. You think that the speaker of the house might know what the policy is, but this stuff is not a joke because it is destroying peoples, livelihoods, as youve done in a couple segments this morning. You know im here in California and im fighting to try to keep a same California, because weve had a same California in the past. Lets not forget that Ronald Regan was once the governor of California, and I have two friends actually who are hair stylists here, in LOS Angeles, both of them have closed their salons. I get now. What I assume is an illegal hair cut in an open air garage from one of them whose out of the business altogether and shes just doing me a favor, and I have another one whose got some makeshift thing out of her house and has one person at a time and knows that she cant continue to make a living this way. So when you see Nancy Pelosi, do this its very reminiscent of just
what two months ago, when shes standing in front of her twin sub zero fridges with her tons of ice cream and shes, really at the let them eat cake phase which is shes going to live. However, she wants and her constituents will live another way. Brian dont, you think Dave its time for all these hair salon owners to just start opening up thats their green light. The speaker of the house just mocked the suffering they are going through by saying im going to do whatever I want, and now all these people got to go out of business. They should just open up in mass. How could they stop all of them? After all, it has worked in other states even in this state which lives to hamstring people. Here is what dont you think that that might be an option now. Well, I think its an option not only when it comes to hair salons, but restaurants and everything else and thats not to minimize the reality of covid. But what that is is to realize its to minimize the reality of
the policy. The arbitrary policies that theyre putting in place. I mean, if this is Nancy Pelosi- is pretending that she either didnt know what the policy was, that she helped put into place or that she didnt even know that the salon was closed. Just for her I mean she didnt think it was odd that nobody else was. There were realizing that we have a political class who wants to operate one way while the rest of us are going to have to Scrou Nge for our survival, and that is not a good recipe for a functioning society. Jedediah yeah Dave on that note of her claiming not to know we have a statement from drew, ha MIL her spokesman, and it says the speaker always wears a mask. No, she doesnt and complies with local covid requirements. This business offered for the speaker to am could in on Monday and told her they were allowed by the city to have one customer at a time in the business, the speaker complied with the rules as presented to her by the establishment. So clearly, this is untrue. You know she didnt have a mask on she wasnt following the rules. This was very, very
clear now that she thinks theres a separate set of rules for her and its interesting too, because shes been on tv for months now talking about how she takes the virus seriously. President Trump does not- and here she is no mask in an establishment that is supposed to be closed, its utterly ridiculous, but Dave we want to move on to another topic, because this is fascinating to me, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have released this video. I find the video very odd I want you to weigh in they are talking about the decency of Americans and whats. Important to note is this: was taped August released? Take a listen. I really believe that the vast majority of the american people are truly decent. I think they are angry right now. I think they are fed up and I think theyre looking for some authenticity and some honesty were better than this. We are im real excited, youre willing to do this. I am very excited about. It were going to get this done, Joe
Jedediah Dave. Did this strike you as odd yeah? Well, authenticity, if you think youll get that from these two youve got another thing coming. This really is a match made in hell and I think most people have to understand if youre supporting Biden or if youre voting for the democratic nominee, you really are voting for Kamala Harris and you only have to go back a couple months when Kamala was still in the race against Biden and theres a truly telling moment everybody needs to see. Over and over again when Joe Biden was asked about an executive action on guns, and he says it has to be constitutional meaning you can only do an executive action if its constitutional, the executive branch cant just decide to do something against the legislative branch thats the way the system works and Kamala Harris laughs in his face and says Hey Joe cant, we just say: yes, we can and thats where the energy of
the left and the Democrats is. It has nothing to do with the constitution. It has everything to do with just exercising power, whether its opening up a salon for yourself or taking guns away, if thats, what you think is right or letting people burn down cities and the idea that they are the authentic duo in this race yeah. No, it is not the case. Steve all right, Dave Ruben, as we just heard, gets his hair cut in Somebodys garage Dave.
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