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Rudy Giuliani says Joe Biden dodging Supreme Court packing question is 'arrogant'

2020-10-11 | 🔗
Former NYC mayor sounds off on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Hillary, I want to thank four Hillary. I want to thank four law enforcement and I want to thank everybody in the community and the community drive in law enforcement, were here today to deliver a united message to police officers, all across our great land in American, every American, every race and color. We love you every race, color creed. We support you, we honor you its a dangerous profession, theyve been doing an incredible job PETE. That was the president yesterday at the White House, for a peaceful protest here to comment on that and more lets bring in Rudy Giuliani. The presidents attorney, as well as former New York City Mayor Rudy, thanks for being here this morning, appreciate it thanks for having me PETE. Of course, we always love having you. We had you on last Sunday and you clarified and talked with us about the presidents condition here. We are a week later feels like a world away the president about to hit the trail again. Yes, PETE talk to us about where we
are and where were going well, I think I have good news this weekend, too. Ive talked to him a lot during the week. I dont think he had any kind of problem all week. I mean he could have done this three four days ago and I think hes taking it and I think hes taking it doctors, he just happened to have recovered very, very quickly, a testament to the medicines maybe or also to the fact that he is in fundamentally really good health. I know people its a little bit funny because the doctor originally put out hes like a 40 year old man or whatever look. I work with the guy five months in a row. Twenty four hours a day and I am known for not sleeping and having tremendous energy and he outworks me and hes got nor energy than I do its rational hes. Just like that, you got to buy it and I think he feels uplifted by the fact I dont care what the polls say. Joes on the ropes you dont do something stupid like he did yesterday and youre asked a question doesnt. The
public deserve to have the right to know if youre going to pack and ruin the Supreme Court, and he said no, they dont have the they dont deserve to know. Youre right, you cant, say youre in your right mind. If youre running for office of the President of the United States, the Supreme Court doesnt belong to Joe Biden, hey Joe its the government of the people for the people by the people, Abraham Lincoln, not your government belongs to me, belongs to the moderators, belongs to everybody out there, and we dont have a right to know when you are going to fundamentally alter one of the three key branches of our government. I mean when Franklin Roosevelt tried to do this. We almost had a revolution. Democrats opposed him because we had Democrats who loved America, then more than their greed, for will. You know Rudy its outrageous outrageous will. It is outrageous Rudy and we do have a right to know we do deserve to know. He clearly doesnt. Think, though,
hes going to pay the price for not telling us, I want to tell you about this. Rudy will im hesitant to even play this, to be quite honest, but I dont want to give it air. I dont want to give it airtime, but I think the real question is: is this indicative of a growing vindictiveness and anger in our country? Keith Olbermann is back right, hes back in the political sphere, hes on Youtube, a show on MSNBC. He said that I want you to listen to this. I believe we have a clip on his new online show where hes talking about not just President Trump, not just those who support president Trump, but people like Amy, Coney Barrett as well, and I want you to listen to the rhetoric he and his enablers and his supporters and his collaborators and the MIKE Lees and the William Barrs and the Sean Hannitys and the MIKE Pences and the Rudy Giulianis and the Kyle Rittenhousees, and the Amy Coney Barretts must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society. While we try to rebuild
it and to rebuild the world, Trump has nearly destroyed by turning it over to a virus. Will Rudy thats unhinged its insane unhinged? Will what im asking you, though, is it a growing sentiment? Is it beyond Keith Olbermann? Yes, it is. Ive talked a little about it. I think im going to write about it, a bit theres, a hatred in the Democrat Party that is beyond anything ive ever seen in politics. You know weve always had disputes and whatever, but I mean I have friends. I had friends who were Democrats. I probably had more democrat friends than republican friends. When I was mayor, I had a city, forty five members of the City Council Dems, six republicans. I passed a lot of legislation, groundbreaking legislation. I needed the Dems, they were good friends, we could talk, we could talk hatred, they let the hatred get out of control, Pelosi, Schumer
Biden, Hillary. They drove the hatred beyond anything cause theyre using it as a political weapon and its completely unjustified disagreement over his policies. Fine hatred of the man I mean: what does he do? Makes you hate you dont like the way he talks its ridiculous to hate a man? They hate him because they have such greed for that power and frankly, some of them make a lot of money when theyre in power, like Joe Biden, family, makes millions. So does the Pelosi family, so its a greed for power and money, and he stands in the way of it. They let the hatred grow and then they do irrational things and mean things and horrible things. Keith Olbermann should not be on the air. I think he was taken off once because hes so hateful hes, not even a political commentator. He was a half. Excuse me he was not a very good sports reporter I mean I love sports and I listened to him on sports and I had to put him off when he was
doing sports, because he wouldnt cover sports hes rip into players. Rip into fans rip into umpires rip into this man probably has his own personal issues very, very sick guy, but hatred is its a horrible thing. It eats away at you and it makes you become completely irrational, thats how they can do things like you, dont deserve telling the public of the United States you dont deserve to know about the highest court in your land because it doesnt belong to you pal. It belongs to me im an arrogant Democrat. I can do what I want ill. Tell you when im ready to Jedediah yeah, I mean Rudy. Things have gotten so personal and I think we saw an ugliness emerge like never before. For the first time at least I did in those Kavanaugh hearings. I was blown away by what I had witnessed: the character attacks, the personal attacks Jedediah. It had gone to a new horrible place and since then couple that with social media and a lot of other social media and a lot of other deeply personal in an deeply personal in an
unfortunate way. But I want to ask you about a topic. There has been some good news that weve seen with respect to Covid 19 this week, first off with President Trump, but secondly, with former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who has said that hes left the hospital he has received his treatment there. He seems to be doing well. Do you have any updates you can provide for us on his recovery yeah? I just got a text from him. Just got a text from him, which means hes up early right. He says hes doing great hes doing fine, and I talked to a lot of friends of his too. He is doing fine. It was really he would not have gone to the hospital, but for the fact, the underlying issue of asthma. If that had not been, it is case, he would gone home and recovered nicely. It was just a case if he needed oxygen or something else with the asthma. Almost like the president. I think the regular person where they werent taking extra care, neither one of them, would have ended up in the hospital, but thank God they did and theyre coming out of it and looks like the presidents
totally out of it, and I think Chris is a day or two away from being totally out of it. Pete thats great to hear Mr Mayor Jed mentioned it. Kavanaugh weve mentioned this morning: Amy Coney Barrett Coming Coney Barrett coming Unconstitutional, whats being unconstitutional, whats being done. You can address that if you want as well, which is ridiculous. But what do you anticipate? You know this time during Kavanaugh they were already making outlandish accusations against him. We havent really seen that. How do you feel about this week will go? Are Amy Coney, Barrett well theyre in a box? Really, she is a very very I mean she could come from central casting as a candidate. Its like Mr Smith, goes to Washington. She seems like a person that wants to do it for exactly the right reasons, and she has exactly the right background. The group that she belongs to a
catholic, evangelical group and even the New York Times, who did even the New York Times, who did happy? Oh my god, theyre happy, oh my god, theyre happy, which would get the New York Times. People very upset because theyre all very unhappy. Do you notice. I used to be a person who used to say, Democrats and Republicans. Weve got our good ones and our bad ones, and neither one has a multiply on virtue or vice. This is different. The Republicans dont hate I dont hate president doesnt hate. I dont hate them I can deem with them. I can negotiate with them, theyre the ones who hate and its really really deep within them right now, and they it almost has to be exorcised. You know I studied to be a catholic preach for a while, never became an exorcist or id do it for them. The devils got to get taken out of them. It really does and weve got to get back being able to talk to each other, and I have the answer to the exorcism like beat em by twenty points
that will straighten themselves out. Believe me that will straighten, will thats a fascinating story. You told us mother, Democrat friends than Republicans forty five Democrats versus six Republicans, but not that kind of collegiality anymore. Thank you for that and your.
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