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Rudy Giuliani sends letter from Trump campaign to request fourth presidential debate in early September

2020-08-06 | 🔗
President Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani joins 'Fox & Friends' to discuss the campaign's push for an earlier debate against Joe Biden, concerns over mail-in ballots, and New York City's crime wave.
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Individuals if he sees fit Brian PETE, Ainsley Ainsley, thank you Griff. We will bring in President trumps attorney good morning to you good morning, Ainsley so much to talk to you about whats, going on in New York the debates moving up the debates. First, I want to get your reaction to that Senate. Testimony of Sally Yates yesterday, zero coverage on ABC Cbs and NBC. I mean its a height, its corruption. Actually, what the media has gone from is being highly biased to beings involved now in corruption. I cant go through all the things they have done. You know them. How do you not cover that unless you are part of the Democratic National Committee and absolutely disgusting Yates testimony very very valuable? I only disagree with my friend Lindsey. I would have asked her. Didnt Comey go criminal thats what he did. He became a g man who became a crook and its disgusting,
probably the worst thing ever done by an FBI director, disgraceful episode in FBIS history, PETE, Comey and Mccabe may go before that committee soon, Mr Mayor, we will see if there is any network coverage of that and if there are any regrets for the fraud they put on the american people, I have to ask you. Yesterday we had your boss. The president of the United States on this program asked him about the debates. He said he was hoping. He believed. One of the debates, at least, should be moved up before early voting starts. Of course, PETE, which is in the middle of September, makes sense to us. Formally, you sent a letter on behalf of the Trump Campaign Commission on debates requesting either a fourth debate that happens earlier or moving the last debate forward. How likely do you think this is? It will happen. I think there is a good chance. It will happen. We have been negotiating this for four weeks now and we wrote the letter really because we have been through a number of different possibilities. Its my this is my personal opinion, not the president.
The Biden people are wrestling very hard, whether they are going to put him out there or not. They are worried he could blow up and that you cant spin away from if he doesnt show up two minutes, cant think behalf to say it would be hard to lie about that. In any event, we have to have a debate before the voting starts. I mean those schedules were set. Thirty years ago now, half the people vote by the middle of October. Two of the debates are after half the people vote thats just not fair to anybody. So originally we asked him to do all the debates in September. Lets use the first Wednesday, the second workers compensation the third Wednesday and get them over with, and maybe then we do one last one in October sort of as a reminder for everybody, of course, the Biden people they are having a hard time with one debate. Imagine adding, I think the president originally had me go in with six. I think they fainted
Brian, Mr Mayor Joe Biden, said and Jill Biden says he plans on debating right now. If we go on September 29th with week, one with debate, one sixteen states will have already have started voting. If we wait for the vice presidential debate, you will have twenty million Americans in twenty. Four states have already voted. If we wait for the last debate, twenty nine states have already started voting thats. Thirty, nine million people have no idea what these men are like head to head on the issues that will affect all of our lives. This is not a hard one. This should not be political, no, it isnt a hard one. This is logical, I think if they dont do it, it really riewnsz the whole rationale for this commission. They really have to go. What about the right to know? You mentioned all those those people have a right to know. Why are we having these debates? We are having these debates to inform the electorate we might as well have them after the election. I mean this is like sticking to
a rationale: thats thirty years old that has no application to today and it undercuts the entire mission of the commission usually means you know unless they can figure out how to become inaudible. Ainsley tell us more about this commission because it seems like common sense to most Americans. You have the debate before you pass out ballots. There is only one reason you wouldnt do this. You wouldnt do this, because you think that one candidate has a real chance of making a total idiot out of himself in the debate, and the american people may actually find out that he has an illness which is being hidden by the Corrupt democratic Ainsley. The commission, isnt biased, I dont, know, lets find out if theyre biased, if they are not biased, they cant possibly want to deprive sixty percent three zero percent. Fifty percent of the american people of the information they need to vote PETE. Of course, why make themselves irrelevant? Mr mayor refresh your recollection, going to insist
also that the two men are in the same room that the vice president is not going to Milwaukee? Of course PETE we have heard reports, potentially they want to do it remotely. Sometimes, if you want to do a separate interview, I will tell you all the excuses they have come up with. I have negotiated everything imaginable, including death sentences. These people are very worried. Their candidate is going to blow the election by either not the election by either not debating or having a mind dysfunction. When you watch him every two minutes, he changes the direction of his sentence. The non sequiturs are unbelievable and the things he cant remember, I think we all know people with this illness, Brian moderators matter too, im anxious to see who emerges and how okay, the president of the United States is really concerned about mail in ballots, and I dont know if you have heard got backed up by what happened in New York.
They estimated after weeks of delays after mail in ballots. Now that Carol Malone has won this election guess what twenty six percent of all the ballots mailed in were not counted, because something was wrong with him. So out of the four hundred and three three hundred and eighteen thousand really decided this election. What a mess does this underline? Your greatest fear? Yes, my greatest fear of all. You know we are saying this every four years, but I think we all know that this election is very consequential. It is the most important election I think, of at least my lifetime and I have been alive a long time. Whoever wins this country is going in two dramatically directions: either going to remain a free enterprise country or become some kind of socialist country. Black lives matter wants Antifa Sanders Biden has agreed with it and he is too weak to oppose it. He cant oppose anything. He looks like he cant make a decision
so thats, where we are going and thats where they will go because thats the way they are going to get reelected. If they get elected, they will say we have got to go further left to satisfy our base, so were headed for pure socialism. We are head for the he could of private education. We are headed for a drastic reduction in churches and want ability to go to church Brian military spending. They are dead opposed to the military they want to do away with the police. This is no longer America. This is some other country. They are literally trying to overthrow our way of life. We cant have that happen with a phoney election. The american people want that they darn well better vote for it. I dont think they will, as they learn more about the agenda. Just go: read the two or three backup documents for black lives matter: black people get salaries for the rest of their lives,
nobody else its a very, very strange society. They want to set up, and so far they havent said a single word, even when the terrible violence taking place by Antifa or by inaudible, both of whom are domestic terrorist groups. Without any doubt, do you know who knows that best african Americans? Why arent think classified as a terrorist group just because they are black and nobody can say it? Two of the people instrumental were big shots in the weather underground. They are convicted terrorists, one of them had fifty eight years in jail and Bill Clinton, let her out in 16 and she vazzing their money. Susan Rosenberg, when she was sentenced said. I only regret that I wasnt able to kill the cops that arrested him. Brian right thats, who is running now, stop the nonsense, stop the nonsense. These are killers and people who hate white people. They are people who hate white men in particular, and they want to do away with a mother, Slash Father, family.
They dont think fathers are necessary. This is what we are talking about, not the bull that you get on silly telly, Ainsley important to point out. There is a difference in the slogan black lives matter, and the group that is yelling fry them, like bacon, totally different. Thank you so much for joining us, one hundred percent Ainsley thats. A very very important point- needs to be made over and over again Ainsley. You are welcome, say, prayers for this city. You cleaned it up PETE. He did absolutely.
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